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Chapter 5


Destiny is not something that happens, but something that is forced to happen. Behind every miracle that happens, there is someone who won’t give up praying. Behind every decision that went against the will of God, there’s someone who fought with the almighty till the end. That’s the power of faith and love, combined. Those who think miracles happen, have no idea how tough it is to make them happen.

I was on the verge of a mental breakdown when I found out that my entire family vanished in a single bomb blast. What if I hadn’t gone for the interview? I would also have died today. It was like another birth for me. But one thing was sure – God didn’t save me accidentally. I was here to serve a bigger purpose than a mere co-incidence. I didn’t know what would I do, initially, but as the fog cleared, I found my way. This was my way through which I could avenge my family’s death, the only way to get some mental peace and a sound sleep which I was missing since weeks now. Nightmares had made their way into my brain and I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but not anymore. I had found my path.

‘Good morning, Sir’ I entered into a warm cabin, mahogany floors and wooden walls, bonfire burning at a distance, it smelled strongly of alcohol, but then what else can you expect from a corrupt politician’s lavish office?

‘Don’t call me Sir, call me Zakir and please have a seat’ the narrow eyed man ogled at me with a serious look on his face.

‘So, what can I do for you, Miss…Miss Kavya?’

‘Kavya Shukla. I’m a pundit, Kashmiri. My mother died in the bomb blasts last month along with my siblings. I’m the only one left from my family…’

‘…and I’m really glad you decided to join our party, Miss Shukla. We need talented and hard-working girls like you who can represent the passion of Kashmiri Youth.’ he was continually folding some papers laid in front of him and reading between the lines. I was frustrated. I had no other job or way out, but this. I was ready to join his party as a low-level worker, which was my plan for now.

‘No issues with a Hindu worker in your party?’ I questioned. He immediately stacked the papers aside and looked me in my eyes.

‘Times have changed, Ms Shukla. We are in the twenty-first century now, and what else do you expect of modern people and educated youth? Someday somebody has to take a step to stop the war. I am more than glad to have you, we can show the Kashmiri-population that we want harmony, religious peace more than everything else, right now!’ he smiled. There was something mischievous about his smile.

‘I am happy to have you in my party, are you happy to be with us?’ he asked.

‘Yes, Sir.’ I murmured. I didn’t know what else to say, and had no idea upon why he had called me here today?

‘You might be wondering why you are here, right? Well, among all the members of the party who joined after the bomb-blasts, you are the only female Hindu candidate, and I really wanted to meet you to discuss some important, private business’ I eyed him nervously, ‘…no, not like that. Don’t take me like a sex offender or something, I just wanted to meet you to know why you are joining our party? What are you motives? I mean, we don’t see this kind of passion in girls here, especially Hindu girls, but you are different. That’s why I wanted to meet you. So, why Kavya?’

Revenge. Murder. Killings. All this won’t be a suitable or comfortable answer, so I shifted to something subtle, ‘I didn’t have anything else to do, honestly. I decided of joining politics because I really want to clean the filth that’s spread all around. I don’t want anyone else’s family dead, just like mine, and that too because of a political party.’

‘You’re absolutely right. I too condemn that, strongly.’ He sipped from a china-cup placed next to his chair on a little wooden table.

‘And I wanted to show the fellow people, that it’s not only Muslims who can be decision makers in politics of Kashmir. We have equal rights and we can join any party we like.’

He looked up at me from the cup, ‘Now that is exactly what I was wishing to hear. That passion, that fire, I want it inside you till the elections are over, you got me?’

‘Yes Sir.’ I nodded.

‘And one more thing, I have another question if you don’t mind…’ he placed the cup back on the small table, folded his arms and leaned on the bigger table in front of me. Coming closer, his voice lowered down, I was frightened, what was he going to ask?

‘Do you have a boyfriend…or…’

‘No’ I replied sharply, clearly and very quickly.

‘Well, thank you Ms Shukla, I hope your presence in our party encourages the Hindu-girls of Kashmir to be more tolerant and open towards politics. Thank you for your time.’

‘No problem, Sir. Thank you…’ I got up and walked out of his cabin. Once out, I let out a sigh of relief. The meeting didn’t go the way I had expected. I was thinking he might attempt to kill the only Hindu girl who recently joined his party after losing her entire family in a bomb blast that happened because of his party, but instead, he was nice and sweet. Something I never expected!

I walked out of the huge building. Men were guarding it at every step. It was suffocating inside. I drove my car back to what was left of the place I once called – home.

My plans were small, but not weak. I had my eyes not only on Zakir, but all his siblings and the entire clan of Hamidi family who had ruled Kashmir since ages. I was in no mood to let it go. My father had called me three days after the bomb-blasts, but I was in no mood to meet the unfaithful man. Neither did I want to know where was he, how did he look and what was he doing these days? The mere thought of my father standing in front of me, shuddered me to my core. I couldn’t face him, not after 15 years now!


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