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Chapter 4


‘Good morning, Mr Yusuf Khan, I didn’t recognize you yesterday. You look different.’ Sana pointed out at his shaved face.

‘Yeah, too many years with the beard. I just thought to let it go.’ Yusuf swayed his hand over his cheeks and under his chin. Sana leaned over the bed and kissed him gently on his lips.

‘So, Mr Husband, what would you like for breakfast today?’

‘Apart from you?’ Yusuf bit his tongue. He was one hotshot guy, Sana immediately fell head over heels for, and just couldn’t let him go. Their marriage was a result of Sana’s over-attachment and fear of losing him to someone else. Although she convinced Afzal to let her marry for his money, but the real reason was her obsession of him.

‘Oh no. I’m your permanent delicacy, but seriously I’m not in the mood right now. So, what should I get you?’

‘Well, an egg, sunny-side up, and toasts with some black tea would suffice’

‘Physically you have moved to Kashmir, but mentally I guess you’re still in London. Anyways, I’ll get you some of your English breakfast. I have mine being prepared by the cook already. Some meat and rice with tea, I love meat!’ Sana licked her lips and got up from bed, still wearing the lingerie from last night, and stepped into the bathroom five feet away.

‘I’ll be back Mr Husband, don’t miss me too much’ she blew a flying kiss and teased Yusuf, who rolled into the bed for some more sleep.

After ten minutes, Sana was out. Her hair, dripping wet from the shower and she had just rolled a towel that barely reached till her knees.

‘Do not tempt me if you are not going to do it, Sana’ Yusuf cried.

‘I’m not tempting you. It’s my bedroom too, where do you expect me to go for a change of clothes?’ Sana dropped the towel and roamed around in the room naked, hunting for clothes from the closet that laid on the right side of the room, while Yusuf watched her with lustful eyes.

‘What?’ Sana said, as she noticed Yusuf staring at her in a bizarre way.

‘Can’t I even look at my wife?’ he sighed.

‘Oh yes, you can, and you can do a lot more, just wait for my brother to win the elections.’ she kissed his forehead and walked out, dressed in black from head to toe. Yusuf also got up from bed lazily, it was nine thirty in the morning.

Khala…have you cooked the breakfast?’ Sana collected her wet hair and tied them up loosely with a hair-tie.

‘Almost there, dear. The rice need around two more minutes.’ Roza, the housemaid, examined the pot as Sana walked into the kitchen.

‘Alright, I’ll take care of the rice, you go and attend Yusuf and ask him if he needs anything.’ Sana broke two eggs in a pan and started making an omelette for Yusuf.

Sana’s life was as normal as of any other housewife in the country, but just her name made her different and vulnerable. Being a member of ‘Hamidi’ family wasn’t any less than a suicide-mission. She was always being watched over by Zakir’s men and she was also aware of the fact that her life ceased to be normal, the day she married millionaire Yusuf Khan. Being at risk all the time, was also one big reason of Sana, appointing a very limited staff at her home. Since she lived alone with Yusuf, so she managed all household chores by herself. Roza was their housemaid since Sana was an infant. She was a lady in her fifties and had watched over the brother-sister trio all their lives. After marriage, Sana fired all the employees of Yusuf and brought Roza along. Roza was someone she could blindly trust and assure that she would never sell herself off for any sum of money.

‘Sana, Yusuf is calling you. He said Afzal called up and he needed to talk to you.’

‘Oh, thank you khala, will you please take care of the omelettes and the toasts?’ Sana rushed into her bedroom.

‘Afzal called?’ she asked Yusuf, who was wearing his signature black jacket.

‘Yeah, he said he would need ten lacs for his next rally, he needed more security.’ Yusuf tied the tie across his neck and smiled at Sana who was looking at him with an anxious look.

‘What?’ he asked.

‘Nothing.’ Sana looked at the ground.

‘Hey…’ Yusuf held her face in his hands, ‘Afzal is my brother too, now. Besides, I also want him to win, and ten lacs is nothing. I have asked my manager to deposit the amount, why are you worrying?’ Yusuf kissed Sana’s forehead.

‘You might be thinking I married you for your money…’

‘What? No! I would never think that, Sana. I know you are an independent, smart woman, you don’t need a man’s money to survive. And I love you for the person you are. You think about your siblings like your children, which makes me respect you so much more. I love you my heart, don’t you ever talk like that again. Come.’ Yusuf embraced her into his arms, kissing her forehead and putting a flick of her hair behind her ear, he gently nibbled at her earlobe.

‘I love you too, Yusuf’ Sana kissed him on his lips.

‘Darling, I’m getting late now. Where is my breakfast?’ Yusuf looked at the watch, it was ten.

‘Hold on, I’m getting the breakfast and your black tea. Just wear your shoes in the meantime.’ Sana smiled and walked out.

Yusuf had his breakfast and the driver drove him away. As he was gone, Sana rushed inside and called Afzal hurriedly.

‘How many times do I have to tell you to ask ME for the money and don’t directly tell Yusuf about your needs!’ Sana barked at him.

‘Don’t be a kid now, Sana. You are married to him. His money is your money too, and it’s not hidden to him that you are lavishing out his money on us, he has eyes to see! He’s just too generous that he never points it out to you. Stop being a snarky wife now, and let’s get to business. Elections are hardly a month away!’ Afzal hung up without listening to what Sana had to say.

‘He’s getting on my nerves now, seriously he is!’ Sana thought as she indulged herself into her daily chores. Afzal was more demanding, and less obeying now. She was losing her control at being a big-sister. Maybe the elections and pressure to come into power, had drained Afzal of his mental peace. Whatever the reason maybe, Afzal was posing a threat for her marriage by directly asking for money from her husband. Today was one exception, but it couldn’t go on forever. One day Yusuf will flip out on her, and then what? The mere thought of divorce from Mr Millionaire made her skin crawl.


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