about me

Namaste / Hallo / Hoi / Hola / Bonjour

I’m Mehek, a designer, writer and a creative at heart. As a Product Designer, I believe that life exists in experiences, that have an impact on your mind.I am an avid-traveler, well I was, during pre-corona times at least! I did my internship in Bangalore, explored Mumbai during my thesis, worked as a Product Designer in a healthcare technology company (MedCords) in Pune for six months, and then moved to Hyderabad to work for Zen3 Info Solutions as a Product Designer. 
Right now, I am sitting far away from the bustling life of India, in the flatlands of Europe. I moved to The Netherlands in 2019 and currently I am working as a Product Designer for NextPax Travel & Technology – a channel management organisation in the sea of OTAs. I specialise in SaaS & B2B designs, solving complex, challenging problems for scaling organisations. 
I am also a top-writer in Design on Medium, a place where I frequently share my design-knowledge. I have also accomplished publishing one novel, and four short-stories in anthologies!

“Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” –Salvador Dali