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Chapter 2 – Truth Concealed!


Kavya: Hey! Sup?

(Kavya typed her first message of the chat, with Disha sitting beside her, and Ishan Rao, online on facebook)

Ishan: I’m great, you tell?

Kavya: I was thinking to try this new feature on facebook.

Ishan: Ahan? What’s new?

Kavya: Video call 🙂

Ishan: Oh…umm, I would have definitely tried, but I guess it’s not the appropriate timing, because my web-cam is not working properly. I’m sorry, I’ll get it repaired tomorrow for sure, and then we can have a video call.

Kavya: Ok. Sure. No problem!

Ishan: Listen, I’ll catch you later? Bye, take care!

With this, Ishan signed off and both Kavya and Disha were left confused and muddled. They could not figure out the real side of the guy who claimed to be a 22 years old, Delhi-ite.

‘Listen, Kavya, you got to call him up once, he must have uploaded his number on facebook, just check it. Or else, just unfriend this fake bastard! There’s no use of stretching things anymore when the guy seems to be a fake!’

‘Hold on, Disha! Let me check for his friends, and let me find some mutual friends, so we can know the reality without making a call’

Kavya added some of his friends, and to her surprise, two of them accepted her friend request within half an hour. She began chat with his friends. After a general conversation, they came to the point and asked the whereabouts of Ishan Rao, from his different friends, and compared the results in the end.

‘Okay, Disha! Here we are. We have gathered all this information about this hottie’

‘Let’s see whether he’s a real or a fake!’

Kavya analysed three chats and made some generic conclusions, about the common questions that she asked in the different chats.

‘See, his age, 27, 26, and 27…average age 27, true. Check!

His name, Ishan Rao, of course. Check!

His current city, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur. Syntax Error! Something is wrong with the city.

His occupation, gym instructor, college student, gym instructor. Gym Instructor, Check!

His relationship status, committed, single, single. Doubtful!’

Disha was staring blankly at Kavya who was so lost in gathering information about that stranger.

‘Why Kavya? Why are you doing all this? Do you have any idea you’re wasting your time, energy and internet?’

‘Disha! Hold on! Maybe he’s destined to be the father of my babies? Who knows? Nevertheless, I fell in love with him at first sight, I need to do this, and I need to know ‘why’ he sent me a friend request at the first place, why?’

‘Maybe he’s kind of a guy who just randomly send friend request to any of the mutual friends on facebook? You never know whether there was a purpose behind it or not, so take it lightly!’

‘I can’t! I’m in love with him, can’t you see that?’

‘Ummm…unfortunately, I can’t ‘see’ the love anywhere…’ Disha blew air.

‘Stop it! And help me out, here…’

Kavya handed over the laptop to Disha who was forced to gather as much information about the guy as possible. They searched the internet for Bangalore, from Google maps, and Google earth, they even searched the location, which he claimed he lived in.

‘Listen, I’m very tired, can I just go to sleep?’

‘Yeah, Disha…but I’m not sleeping now, it’s just 2am’


A message pinged on Kavya’s facebook profile, and it was Ishan Rao, again.

Ishan: Hey, I’m surprised you’re awake at this time of the night?

Kavya: Ummm…was doing some work. Project from college.

Ishan: Anyways, I got the web-cam, wanna try that new feature?

Kavya woke Disha up with a jerk!


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