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Chapter 3 – Truth Revealed!


Ishan messaged Kavya to try that new feature on facebook, the video call! Kavya woke up Disha and they both geared themselves up, got ready, put on a little make-up to look presentable to the stranger, in the middle of the night.

They started with the video call. The screen popped up, it was all black initially.

Ishan started shouting, ‘Can you hear me?’

‘Yes, I can, and be a little gentle, everyone’s asleep at my place!’

‘Oh, I’m sorry. Can you hear me?’ Ishan whispered.

‘God! Not that low, be a little loud!’

‘Okay now?’ Ishan said politely, and the way he said it just melted Kavya. She could do nothing beyond sighing out loud. Disha was falling over Kavya in sleep.

‘I can hear you, but I can’t see you, dear!’ Kavya said lovingly.

Disha pressed her hand over Kavya’s mouth.

‘What are you doing, Kavya? Don’t flirt online! He maybe a jerk!’

‘Relax! I’m not going to show up myself until he starts with the video call from his side’

‘Do whatever you want to, but let me sleep peacefully!’

Disha dozed off on Kavya’s lap, and Kavya just pushed her aside. She was getting restless to see Ishan.

The screen started coming up, the black screen was fading away, and a little light showed up. Ishan was still hard to see. Maybe the clarity of his web-cam was not enough, or maybe the camera had a poor quality lens. But after a few minutes, Kavya could see Ishan clearly.

Kavya woke up Disha and pressed her face on to the screen of the laptop. Disha was mesmerized seeing Ishan. A perfect physique, looked barely 23-24, a slightly darker complexion, but silky long black hair, black deep eyes, and a smile that could steal hearts away. Disha literally woke up from her sleep.

‘He’s so hot!’

Ishan burst out laughing.

‘Disha! He is ONLINE! We are video calling, you idiot!’

Disha just ran away into the bathroom. Her first encounter with Ishan Rao had been so awkward and weird, that she thought, she may never be able to face him in her life!

‘Ummm…that was my friend, Disha, and I was trying to wake her up, so she could see you. We, actually, we both thought that you’re lying, and you’re a fake! And so, we enquired a lot about you…we’re sorry!’

‘Hey! You’re so sweet, and no need to be sorry. There are many fake people around, one has to be careful. And one always need to be sure, before commencing even a friendship. The world is a bitch, you know!’

‘You know, you seriously, don’t look 27! Mark my words, you look like you’re into your early twenties, and not late twenties’ Kavya giggled.

‘Thanks for such a beautiful compliment. And you know what, you look way more sweet and cute, than I found you in your profile pictures!’ Ishan gave her his best smile.

Kavya and Ishan talked for two more hours. Ishan was single, and Kavya was happy! Disha was still shocked upon how did Kavya managed a decent, good-looking guy, and that too, ONLINE?

Everything went on pretty good, and Ishan and Kavya came into a relationship within 3 months of their friendship, chatting, video-calling, that became their regular routine. It was around 6 months now, that they were in a relationship, and now, it was the time, for Ishan, to come to Chandigarh, and meet his girlfriend, for the ‘first time’, in reality!


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