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Life Happened is a tale of school-time friends, who eventually become high-school sweethearts, and college-love-birds. Kavish and Anushka, who are adored by everyone, are forced to part their ways when Kavish’s family undergoes a financial crisis. Is money everything? Will Anushka stay by his side despite everyone’s opposition or Kavish will break apart to save her and her family’s reputation?

Chapter 1 – Messing Around!


I am so not going to leave you…come here you idiot!’ Anushka was running across the corridor of the school, chasing Kavish, her childhood buddy!

Liar Liar, ass on fire!!!’ Kavish said and teased Anushka with his tongue out! This enraged Anushka more, and she picked up a tennis ball, and threw at Kavish, but surprisingly, it hit Mr. David, their maths teacher.

Anushka Roy, Kavish Singhania, to the principal…now!’ he screamed out loud, both Anushka and Kavish were scared to death. They knew this time they would be definitely suspended.

Anushka and Kavish were family friends since a long time, knowing each other, practically since their birth, they were now like a family themselves. Anushka, born in December, was one typical Sagittarian, free minded, and open hearted, carefree girl, while Kavish, an August born, was a typical Leo with his own ego and his own set of rules to control his life. He was a man of word, daring, and very repulsive, but had a soft heart only for one girl, Anushka. Everyone in the school knew about his crush on Anushka, except for Anushka herself. She would always treat him to be a best buddy!

Kavish had always been caring and possessive for Anushka, but Anushka was always carefree, and she even tried her hand at finding a girlfriend for Kavish, but failed miserably, and the so-called-relationship soon came to a halt after the first formal date only, when Kavish screamed at the poor girl for almost nothing!

‘You hit him with a ball? What were you doing? And why were you running and screaming across the corridor? This is a school, not a playground!’ the principal was gleaming out.

‘Sir, it’s all my fault, I was the one who told Anushka to pass the ball to me, she is totally innocent’

‘You Sir, Mr. Kavish Singhania, you are already having a criminal record of your own…and you think I’ll believe you? You beat junior boys, senior boys, you are indulged in all kinds of fights, inside and outside school, and now you’re simply trying to defend someone at fault, you know how much can this cost you?’ both Anushka and Kavish shut their mouth after the principal started dialling some numbers on the phone. ‘They must be their parents’, they thought, and swallowed a lump of their own saliva in nervousness.

‘Yes, Mr. Roy, I was wondering if you could spare some of your precious moments for your princess, who has hit a teacher with tennis ball on his forehead…’

Anushka had a tear rolling down from her eyes. Kavish couldn’t tolerate it, he told the principal to please stop calling her parents, and call his parents instead. The principal denied to negotiate, and the call was made. Anushka’s father reached school in no time, and he wasn’t surprised seeing Kavish standing beside Anushka.

After a secret meeting between just the principal and Anushka’s father, the case was closed with a mere apology. Mr. Roy being an influential man, knew how to handle petty cases like this. Anushka had to apologize to Mr. David for hitting him, and the matter was resolved.

‘I promise, dad. I’ll never repeat it again…’ she hugged Mr. Roy, with tears in her eyes.

‘It’s okay darling…don’t worry, everything is alright now!’

Mr. Roy left the school, and Anushka wiped her tears off. Kavish came near her, and said a gentle ‘SORRY’. With tears in her eyes, she forgave him and tapped on his back lightly. Kavish was happy to see her smile once again…he could do anything for her smile! Being a strong and daring guy he was, the only thing he was scared of was losing Anushka…he just wanted her to stay with him always. The only thing that terrified him was Anushka’s carefree behaviour. He couldn’t tolerate any other guy even talking to Anushka. He just wanted her to be his, and his girl forever! But Anuskha was unaware of Kavish’s secret admiration for her…


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