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With Social Networking websites having emerged as the most common and popular way of communicating and making new friends, Long Distance Relationships have also started working out! But can a relationship work if you fall in love with a person ‘online’? Know the story of Kavya and Ishan, who meet on Facebook and fall in love…

Chapter 1 – Hail Facebook!


‘Hey, have a look at this, I met him on facebook!’ Kavya was showing pictures of some hot dude to her friend Disha, in college.

‘Wow! He’s hot, where does he live?’

‘I don’t know, he has updated his current city, New Delhi, and he sent me request 3 days back, you know Aishwarya?’

‘Aishwarya? That nerd from New Delhi?’

‘Exactly, she was the mutual friend, so I accepted, and this guy looked exceptionally hot!’

‘Agreed!’ Disha let out a cold sigh.

‘Don’t you stare at him that way, he’s totally mine!’ Kavya giggled.

‘What’s his name anyways?’

‘Ishan, Ishan Rao’ Kavya acclaimed with a broad smile on her face.

The college was over, and Kavya was excited to rush home, to have a chat with her new formed friend on the most popular social networking site ‘Facebook’. To her surprise, the hot dude was online.

Kavya: Hey! Sup?

Ishan: Hi! Nothing much, you say?

Kavya: Just came back from college.

Ishan: Oh! How was your day?

Kavya: Umm…fine, yours?

Ishan: Tiring, just returned from gym.

Kavya: Oh! What do you do?

Ishan: I’m a gym instructor.

Kavya: Okay, if you don’t mind, may I ask how old are you?

Ishan: 27, and you? You are in college right, and a man shouldn’t ask age from a lady, I’m sorry! :-p

Kavya: LOL, It’s totally ok, I’m 21, and in second year, doing BA, here in Chandigarh.

Ishan: Chandigarh, cool, clean and pleasant city, I’m in a polluted city of India, Bangalore!

Kavya: But you have updated New Delhi???

Ishan: Oh, that, I forgot to change that, I shifted to Bangalore just a few months ago.

Kavya: Okay, listen I got to go, catch you later 🙂

Ishan: Sure, bye!

Kavya felt so strangely awkward after that weird chat. The guy had updated wrong information, he was elder, and he seemed to have updated his old pictures, from the pictures on his profile, he looked hardly 22, and not 27. She felt sceptical in moving forward with it, the guy maybe a fake?

‘I got a wonderful idea!’ Disha said with gleaming eyes.

‘What?’ Kavya was staring at her with ugliest expression.

‘Video-call! Just insist him for a video call, and you’ll get to know who he really is, and how old is he. Don’t worry, we’ll do it together! I’m coming to stay at your place tonight, and let’s find out what that guy actually is…’

Kavya was satisfied with Disha’s plan. A video call was a good idea to find out the reality and to know the truth behind Ishan Rao.


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