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Chapter 5 – The Bold Confession!


Ishan was terrified by the mere glance of that old rusty Rifle, framed on the opposite wall. He just wished it was not in the working condition, else, his soul couldn’t be saved today!

Kavya’s father got up, and started walking towards the opposite wall. Ishan’s heartbeat was racing like horses! He could do nothing but just enchant a silent prayer in his heart, hoping for everything to be a dream! But to his surprise, even God failed to listen, and it was a reality that he saw Kavya’s dad moving towards the wall.

With every step he took forward, Ishan’s heart skipped a beat. Finally he reached near a wall and picked up the remote of the TV from nearby shelf, and switched the TV off. Ishan let out a cold sigh of relief!

‘Kavita, I want to talk to you for some time, ALONE!’ Kavya’s father glared out.

Her mother rushed inside the room, and locked it. Kavya could not understand the strange behaviour of her parents. They had always given her immense freedom, and even told her that when the right time will come, she can marry the guy of her own choice. They’ll support her fully! Then now, why this sudden drama?

After a few minutes, her parents stepped out of the room, and Kavya’s mother initiated the conversation.

‘Hello Ishan! How are you, son?’ by the mere word ‘son’, Ishan felt happy to be approved in Kavya’s family!

They ordered lunch from a hotel, and had a warm conversation all throughout the afternoon. Her parents approved of her relationship in the best way possible, and even acknowledged Ishan, of being their own son! The afternoon was spent lavishly. Everyone was happy!

Kavya’s parents sent him to their spare apartment in Chandigarh only, which was just 2 floors above their own apartment. They arranged everything for Ishan to stay and be comfortable for upcoming days of his trip.

At around 01 am, when everyone was probably asleep, Kavya sneaked out of her room, and entered Ishan’s room, in the spare apartment. Ishan was also deep asleep. Kavya hugged him and he screamed out, but Kavya shut his mouth with her hand!


‘Kavya? What are you doing here? In the middle of the night! GO BACK downstairs!’

‘Ummmm…I don’t want to! I want to spend this night with you, please! You are leaving a day after tomorrow, and then nobody knows when we’ll be able to meet. I can’t waste even a single moment of this trip of yours!’ Kavya lied down upon him, and hugged him. He kissed in her head.

They both saw each other, in the dim red light of lamp in Ishan’s room, Kavya’s face was gleaming and shining like that of a baby. Ishan couldn’t help, but kept on staring at her. Never did her find her so beautiful before! He couldn’t stop himself. He held Kavya’s face and gently kissed her lips. She couldn’t deny, but found herself flowing away with Ishan. She kissed back, and Ishan kissed her with far more passion, and love. She could sense how eager he was to love her. She felt as if she was the luckiest girl on the planet, who got her love, and an approval from her parents too!

‘What? What happened?’ Kavya got up with a jerk, when Ishan suddenly pushed her away.

‘I can’t do it, Kavya. This is wrong…’

‘Wrong? What’s wrong in it?’

‘I don’t know…but I can’t, I’m sorry!’


Ishan got up from his bed, and moved out to the balcony. He poured out some water in the glass and started sipping it. He gulped every sip down his throat as if it was a burden being forced upon him.

‘What’s wrong, baby?’ Kavya hugged him from behind.

‘Kavya, I need to tell you something. I’m sorry from hiding it from you. But now, things are getting pretty much serious between both of us, and I don’t want to hide it anymore…’

‘What is it about?’

‘It’s about me. My past. Something I can’t hide from you, anymore. You mean everything to me now, and I can’t take this burden of hiding the truth from you.’

‘Fine, Ishan. Release your burden, and tell me everything’

‘Promise me your reaction will be purely from your heart. No formality! And don’t try to please me, just say whatever you feel like, okay?’

‘I promise…go on!’


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