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Chapter 7 – Delusion Vanished!


Kavya was angry for Ishan hid his past from her, but after giving it a deep thought, she forgave him. Kavya had a big heart, and she accepted Ishan with his past. Ishan’s reason behind hiding it from Kavya was also genuine, he never wanted to hurt her, and he never wanted to break up with her. He was afraid of losing her, and so, he hid it. But he couldn’t hide it lifelong from her, and now, when their relationship was becoming serious, he decided he would tell her everything, no matter what her decision will be.

‘Ishan, I’m glad you told me the truth, and one more thing, never hide anything from me in future, please! I can accept the bitter truths, but I cannot tolerate lies…’

‘I’m sorry Kavya, please forgive me!’

‘It’s okay Ishan, it’s completely okay’

Kavya hugged him tight, Ishan kissed her on her forehead, and their lips met for the second time, but Ishan didn’t resist this time, he let himself go with the flow…

That night was the night of love for both of them. With some past secrets revealed, their relationship was now at a new level and the intimacy between both of them, increased manifolds! The emotional bond that connected both of them well in the long distance relationship, showed its effect now, and they both sorted out their differences peacefully and maturely!

Kavya forgave him and Ishan was relieved for a burden was lightened from his heart. Never did he felt so relaxed in his entire relationship with Kavya, before. As the burden of hiding something, always killed him inside. He wasn’t able to near himself to Kavya and neither Kavya could understand the reason behind Ishan’s delusion. She always thought of herself to be at fault. She would do everything to make him happy, but hiding Tanika-thing from Kavya always had its effect on their relationship. It was the first time in their entire relationship that Ishan felt so close, and purely devoted to Kavya.

Kavya understood well, the reason behind Ishan lying to her. The fear of losing her dominated his inner conscience that always wanted to speak truth to Kavya. Kavya felt lucky and happy. Her guy was truthful to her, and she accepted Ishan the way he was, along with his past!

It was 4am, Kavya sneaked out from Ishan’s place and managed to slip into her bedroom before any of her parents could wake up. She was successful.

On her bed, at 06:30am, Kavya couldn’t sleep, she was tossing and shifting from one side of the bed to another and was thinking about everything, back from the beginning. The way she suspected Ishan to be a fake person, and how he managed to be so close to Kavya, and even came into a relationship with her. And now, the same person, whom she thought of a fake, was speaking out his secrets in front of him, the secrets that didn’t allow him to move on. Kavya felt truly blessed!

It was 07:30am now, that Kavya’s mother, Kavita entered her room.

‘Wake up Kavya!’

‘Mom! Let me sleep, please!’

‘Of course, you must be needing sleep, when you’ve returned at 4am from Ishan’s place.’

Kavya couldn’t believe her ears! She immediately woke up with a jerk! Her mother knew about Kavya spending the whole night with Ishan. She had no idea about how to confront her mother with the same. She thought for a long time, and kept on staring at her mother. Finally, with a lot of courage, she managed to utter a word.


‘No explanations, Kavya…’


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