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Chapter 9 – The Wedding Bells Ring!

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A month got over in a blink of eye. Kavya and Ishan didn’t even realise how fast time passed by. They were so busy in shopping that they almost forgot that they had their own wedding on 12th April, 2013. It was 10th now, and Ishan’s whole family, and relatives, everyone reached Chandigarh. Kavya’s family gave them all a warm welcome, and they all were staying in hotels. Finally the wedding day arrived.

Kavita kissed Kavya’s forehead, while the beautician was doing makeup and touch-up on Kavya’s face.

‘Mother, please! You’ll make me cry and I don’t want to ruin my makeup!’

‘Don’t worry, mam. It’s waterproof!’ the beautician smiled, and Kavya gave her the dirtiest expression. She, on one hand, was preventing her mother to burst out the water tanks in her eyes, while the beautician was provoking her to cry out.

‘Listen, mom! Please, go out and attend the guests for some time, I don’t want you to cry and make me cry too, please!’

Kavita wiped off a tear that managed to leave her water line, and stepped out of the room. The pandal was set up and the decorators had done their job fantastically. The wedding hall was also ready, all arrangements were being supervised by Kavya’s father himself.

‘Kavita?’ Kavya’s father saw his wife standing at a corner in the hall and weeping.

‘Excuse me…’ she stepped aside, but Kavya’s father held her hand.

‘Listen, Kavita. I know this day is very tough, for both of us. Maybe my army discipline has made my heart strong as a rock, but when it comes to Kavya, it is still soft and full of emotions. I know you want her to stay back, I want that too, but somewhere deep inside our hearts, we want our daughter to be happy. We want to see her settle down and have her own family, don’t we?’

Kavita smiled.

‘So, we have to be strong today, not for ourselves, but for Kavya. She needs us more than anything else, today. I hope you understand? If we’ll end up crying, then who’ll handle that silly little baby of ours? It is the most special day in Kavya’s life, and we can’t spoil it. We have to support her, and we have to make her depart from this house, with a smiling face! You understand?’

Kavita gathered her courage and hugged her husband. The retired colonel was sounding sensible first time in her life!

Within few more hours, Kavya and Ishan got married, and left Chandigarh. Their flight reached Bangalore on 13th April at 2pm, and Ishan’s mother made all the arrangements to welcome their new daughter-in-law. After all the rituals, Kavya and Ishan were finally free. Kavya removed her heavy accessories, and designer dress, that weighed more than her, and slipped into a comfortable pair of jeans and top. She couldn’t believe, that she had now become Mrs. Kavya Rao.

It was just a few months ago that she was a carefree brat, and now she was a responsible daughter-in-law and a dutiful wife. She couldn’t believe her sudden transformation, lead her from Chandigarh to Bangalore. The new city intrigued her in many ways, and with Ishan by her side, she felt so comfortable, protected, loved and adored. She felt as if she was the luckiest woman in the world, whose love was complete.

‘Finally!’ Ishan jumped in his bedroom, late at night. Kavya was standing near the balcony, and reading a book. Ishan came and hugged her from behind.

‘What is my sweetheart doing?’

‘Reading Harry Potter…’

‘You’re such a kid! You’re married now, Mrs. Rao. Do something, different!’ Ishan winked at her.

‘Different? Like what?’

‘Something that’s not childish, like reading Harry Potter books! Hunh! Please your husband, tonight’

Kavya was blushing. Ishan kissed her forehead, and they both hugged tightly. Ishan picked her up in his arms, and took her inside. Their first night, was devoted to love!


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