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This fictional story focuses on the life of a couple who are on the verge of divorce. A small misunderstanding leads Ashima and Aarav to part their ways. Aarav who suspects her to be unfaithful, refuses to stay with her, and Ashima starts living separately on her own. Meanwhile, she discovers that she’s pregnant. Will her pregnancy change Aarav’s mind and will they come back together? Read more to know…

Chapter 1

The Present Scenario

She remembered the first time she met him, the first time they were intimate, the first time they kissed, the first time they made out, the college canteen fights, the stupid hang-outs and all those memories, which had faded with time. All the best moments of her life were related and intertwined to him. He was entangled in her life as strands of threads in a woven cloth!

She had clutched her hand tightly, that had some tranquilizing pills. In her other hand, she had a glass of water and she was about to swallow those dozen pills. Not because she was sick or something, but because she wanted to end her life tonight. She wanted to make sure that it was her last night on earth and that she would erase her existence from this world. But what she didn’t know was, she could never erase ‘herself’, from HIS mind…

‘Are you sure you want to end this life? You’re earning a decent salary, you can live a wonderful life on your own, and you don’t need a man to support you all the time. Are you really going to commit suicide? Does he know that you’ve decided to end your life? Will he ever get to know? At least tell him? Or simply, don’t die…’ her inner voice was screaming inside her head and she had developed second thoughts about her suicide already. She dropped the pills, ran inside the bathroom and broke down.

On the other hand, he was sorely busy tonight. His desk, as usually, overloaded with files and folders. There wasn’t any space for even a pin to be placed on his desk, and he was so busy that he almost forgot that he skipped the dinner. His stomach was aching, and he thought it’s some kind of sickness, totally ignoring the fact that he came home from office to sit down on his desk and work. He had submerged himself in his professional life, after she went. She was no more with him to serve him food on time. He was frequently missing his meds also, but he was too careless to even notice. He felt, as if his life was empty, there was no reason to be happy, no reason to smile, and no reason to feel anything.

The rainfalls, which were his silent abode to remember his love during his college days, were now just water droplets, hailing down, creating irritating noise. He shut down all the windows and doors that let in the sweet fragrance of wet-mud, and sprinkles of rain. He hated everything, he hated his life, without her, this life was nothing. All he was left with was his work, his office, and his incomplete dream of having a baby. He knew she was the only one with whom he had seen this dream, and without her, there was no meaning of this dream, or this life. So he drowned himself in work so much that her memories, barely annoyed him.

Sometimes when the weather was unkind, he was forced to remember the love of his life. But he never cried, not even when she told him that she was not happy with him. Not even when he slapped her and accused her for sleeping with men outside their marriage. He couldn’t believe how time ran. His life from college, to marriage, and then his business, had changed several phases, and this was by far the worst phase…

He was constantly blaming himself for whatever was going on.

‘I shouldn’t have doubted upon her. She was a pure woman, with good morale. It’s all just my fault. But what can I do now? She said she’s happy without me!’ he thought, wiped off the sweat droplets that had accumulated on his forehead, and got back to work.

On the other hand, she was cursing herself for her life. She had forced him into divorce and he also agreed.

‘What a foolish man! Can’t he see how much I still loved him?’ she thought, and again cursed herself for loving him so much.

She stepped out of the bathroom, and ignored the leakage in the sink. The apartment was old, and needed furnishing and renovation, but she didn’t care until today, as her plans of suicide were annulled by her own heart, that betrayed her and was still faithful to him.

‘I should call the plumber and the electrician too.’ She mentally made a list of the people, who needed to visit her apartment urgently. It was around one month now that she had shifted here. She was missing her office and often locked herself in her rusty apartment in search of solace and peace, but instead, she drowned herself more in him, and his memories.

Although she collected all their photographs together with a vow to burn them, but instead, she ended up putting them on the walls of her apartment. Their old times together, made her regret her stupid decision of taking a divorce. But nothing could be changed now. As according to her, he was stubborn upon the decision, and she had displayed herself, as an unfaithful wife in front of him! A sin, which could never be forgiven…


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