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Chapter 2

Into the College Life

‘Ashima Ma’am…!’ someone was screaming out her name from the corridor and she turned to see who it was.

Her straight, silky hair flowing in the air, her big gleaming eyes, searching for the person who was calling him, her glowing face had a natural blush. She saw him from a distance, it was a junior. Being a gorgeous senior, Ashima was so in demand. All the juniors wanted her as their mentor for their projects, and this junior was desperately after her.

‘Hey Aarav!’ Ashima spoke softly. Aarav was a cute guy with sweet looks. He had a chubby face, little beard only under his lower lip, short hair-cut, a normal physique, no six packs, no muscular biceps, but a regular guy with regular looks, and he looked decently good in his own ways. The most attractive thing about him was his sophisticated way of talking. He was so sweet in his words, that every girl melted. Even some seniors who knew him, were after him.

‘Ma’am, I wanted to talk about this project, please don’t refuse to assist me!’

‘I…I have to see, I can’t say yes right away, give me some time to make a description about what you have to offer, and let me see if it fits in my schedule. I’m very busy you see, it’s my final year.’

‘Of course, the time is all yours.’

‘I’ll revert back in a week. Thanks.’

‘You are always, welcomed!’ Aarav was staring directly into her face, Ashima blushed and moved away.

‘Who was he? What was his name? What did he say? Why was he talking to you?’ a bunch of girls fired instant questions to Ashima, as she entered her class.

‘Hold on! He was a junior, his name is Aarav, I know he’s cute, but I’m not into him. He asked me to assist him into a project.’

‘And? What did you say?’

‘Nothing! I asked him for a week’s time, in which I’ll revert back to him.’

‘Damn! You’re so boring Ashima…’

‘Boring? I don’t have time, you see!’

‘I know, Ms. Popular. But you don’t get such cute proposals every day!’


‘Project-proposal…what else?’

‘Yeah, right…excuse me.’

Ashima walked towards the chemistry lab to get some books and start working on the project that Aarav offered her. She was sure, she couldn’t refuse that cute proposal.

On the other hand, Aarav’s group had surrounded him.

‘Fucker! You talked to her? What did she say?’

‘I was damn nervous, but yeah, I talked!’ Aarav raised his hands with thumbs-up.

‘Hoorayy!’ his group cheered and some guys even opened beer bottles.

‘But she said she needs time to think if she can work with me on that project.’

‘She refused?’ said a guy. The other guy immediately closed the beer bottle.

‘No! She didn’t refuse, I’m pretty positive she’ll say yes!’

‘Hoorayy!’ the group cheered again, and the guys shook the beer bottles, and opened them with fizz!

‘It’s time Aarav, it’s time you confess your love to her.’

‘You ass, I can’t confess right away, for 3 reasons

1. I’m a junior, a year younger!

2. I’m an intern, who’s looking for project and not a girlfriend!

3. I myself am not sure about my feelings right now! Just coz I told you that I like her,  doesn’t means I’m serious for her.’

‘This mathematician is never going to make it, let’s go…’ the guys walked away, sipping beer, leaving Aarav alone. But deep inside, Aarav had faith that he won’t be rejected. She had a strange smile when he handed her over the project papers. She couldn’t refuse her, after all, he was one of the cutest guys on campus!

Ashima called Aarav by sending a message-chit via some junior’s hands that evening. He rushed to meet her. He was afraid, maybe he could witness a refusal, but maybe, in wildest of cases, she could agree?

‘Hello Ma’am…’ Aarav was panting badly.

‘Take a deep breath Aarav, because what I’m about to say, may require a lot of energy to grasp and survive!’

Aarav’s heart was pounding now. What if she was going to refuse? His all hard work will go into vain. He took some deep breaths, and stood straight in front of her.

She told him, what his ears were longing to hear now, ‘Yes! I’m ready to work with you, but only on one condition.’

‘What? Seriously? Thank God!’ He couldn’t believe his dream came true.

‘I said, on one condition.’

‘Oh, yes ma’am, what condition?’ Aarav was brought back to his senses by Ashima’s chirpy voice.

‘The condition is, you won’t call me ‘Ma’am’ from now. No more formalities, I’m Ashima for you!’

Aarav smiled in approval.

‘Thank you, Ashima….’

Yes, his dream indeed came true…


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