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Chapter 9

‘Hey, Jatin! Heard a lot about you, come in…’ Aarav faked his emotions, and happily called Jatin in, while inside he was fuming on the audacity of the person to step at his gate, despite flirting with a married woman.

‘Hey…oh my god! Are you alright?’ Jatin asked Ashima.

‘I’m fine, Jatin. This is my husband, Aarav…’

‘Oh, I’ve met him already, you tell me what happened to you?’

‘Nothing, just a trip over the stairs, and a head injury, I can’t come to work for…’

‘It’s completely okay, I’ve talked to boss. He sent me here to ask about your health. You can be at off for as long as you want to, no worries.’ Jatin placed an assuring hand on Ashima’s shoulder.

Aarav held Jatin from his shoulder immediately.

‘She’s not well, so kindly, stay away from her…’ Aarav’s words sounded like a two faced sword.

‘Hey buddy, relax. I was just trying to comfort her.’

‘You don’t need to. I’m taking a leave from my business to take care of her, I love her, and I can guarantee you her well-being.’

‘Cool bro. No offence taken. I…I shall be leaving then.’

‘Why not, there’s the gate.’ Aarav pointed towards the main door.

‘Okay Ashima, bye. Take care of yourself and…’

‘I guess you were leaving?’ Aarav interrupted Jatin again.

‘Yes, I…I am leaving.’

Jatin walked towards the main door. Aarav didn’t even bother to bid him a goodbye, rather shut the door on his face, saying, ‘I love her, and she loves me too!’

‘What kind of absurd behaviour was that, Aarav?’ Ashima said, holding her head.

‘You take rest, don’t take any kind of mental pressure. I’m warning you!’

‘But he was a guest…’

‘I said you shut up and sleep!’

Ashima stealthily slid inside her sheets and pretended to sleep. Aarav, thinking of Ashima to be asleep, picked up her phone and started scrolling and stalking.

‘What the hell, give me my phone back, Aarav. Right now!’

‘Why? Scared that I’ll read your love-chats with that Jatin? I won’t…’

‘Shut up, Aarav. Do you have any idea what are you speaking?’

‘Well, you can do all that, but I can’t even speak?’

‘Listen, I wanted to tell you about him, but you simply never understand anything.’

‘I don’t want to, because you’re cheating on me, Ashima!’ Aarav shouted.

Ashima had no explanation after that. She didn’t even bother to talk to him about anything. A man, who cannot trust her, don’t deserve any explanation, she thought, and decided to stay shut.

‘What do you want now?’

‘Medicines. I’m unable to sleep.’

‘Your meds are in the kitchen, feel free…’

‘What’s your problem Aarav? Don’t you have time to even listen what I wanna say?’

‘No, because I’m allergic to bullshit!’

Aarav threw her phone on the bed, it tossed and hit the adjacent pillow. Ashima couldn’t understand Aarav’s selfish behaviour. He didn’t even care for his own wife. Being so badly injured, she had to take care of herself.

She took the meds and laid down on her bed. She was desperately trying to sleep but could not. Aarav’s anger wasn’t allowing her to. She was worried about their relationship, their marriage, which was falling apart because of no reason. Ashima always wanted to tell him the truth, but he seemed to be indifferent towards her. She always wanted to tell him that Jatin is her only friend at work, but he never had time to listen to her. She always wanted to tell him that befriending a gay man, meant no harm to their marriage, but Aarav was always sceptical and suspected Jatin to be after his wife, Ashima…


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