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Chapter 5

College went by, just like the blink of an eye. Aarav and Ashima spent their remaining college years, as a loving couple. Aarav would skip his classes to take Ashima out. Ashima, being a senior, would always help him in his studies and projects. Aarav did well and excelled with a good GPA from college, but he had something else in his mind. He knew Ashima belonged to a wealthy and prosperous family. Her habits, her way of living was exceptionally different from his own, and to keep her happy in future, he needed something more than a precisely counted salary.

‘I want to start my own business!’

‘What? Are you mad? It’s so risky! Don’t you know how the market is fluctuating? What will you do?’

‘Cloth. Manufacture cloth. Cloth is something which will never outdate, not in decades to come! Everyone had to, and everyone will wear clothes.’

‘See, I don’t want to see you in any deep mess. Besides, our college is over now. It’s better if you settle down fast if you really want to marry me, Aarav!’

‘That’s the reason I’m starting with it now!’

‘Now? What do you mean?’

‘I had an investment of Rs. 15 lacs that I can start with. I have clients, and I managed to get contacts from the textile department from college. The companies and manufacturers and the buyers too. I’ve been doing it from months, and I think I’m now ready to go!’

‘Really? Well, if you really think you’re ready, I’m with you! You go, baby!’ Ashima kissed his forehead.

Within few more months, Aarav’s business expanded. He had a lot more clients and also hired workers to manufacture cloth from thread. Everything was going good. Meanwhile, he also talked to Ashima’s parents who agreed to get their daughter married to Aarav.

‘I never forced any decision upon Ashima. I always wanted her to choose the right man, and I’m not disappointed by her choice. I wanted an honest and hardworking son-in-law, and Aarav hasn’t proved me wrong! I bless both my kids, so, let’s schedule the wedding, then?’ Ashima’s father was talking to Aarav’s father.

Within two more months, the wedding was complete with all the rites and rituals, and Aarav and Ashima were now officially, husband and wife!

‘I have a surprise for you!’ Aarav’s father extended a little red box towards Aarav.

He opened it, and found keys.

‘What is this?’

‘Keys, of your new house! Please don’t refuse, son. You’ve done enough for me and your mother, this is just a little present, for you and our daughter, Ashima! God bless you both!’ Aarav’s father gifted them with their own house. Aarav accepted this huge gift with dignity.

Aarav and Ashima stayed with Aarav’s parents for initial one month, then shifted to their own home, which was gifted by Aarav’s father.

Ashima went for some shopping and brought scented candles, and some interior decoration material for her new home. In the evening, when Aarav was back from work, he found the whole home lighted up with vanilla flavoured candles. The home was smelling delicious. Ashima was in the kitchen, baking a cake. She had already prepared the dinner.

‘Hey! You’re back?’ Ashima ran to hug Aarav, and kissed him on his lips.

‘Sweetheart, what’s all this about?’

‘Well, this is our first night in our new home, don’t you like it?’

‘I love it, baby!’ Aarav again kissed her.

‘Go, have a bath first, I’ll set up the table for dinner.’

Aarav went to the bathroom and saw the bath-tub filled with rose petals, and some cherry flavoured candles surrounding the tub. He had a relaxing bath and till the time he was back, Ashima had already set up the table for dinner.

‘I made your favourite, chicken Mexican wraps with some salad, vegetarian curry, some Spanish rice and red wine, and for the dessert, we have chocolate cake!’

‘Hmmm…that’s too much for tonight, Ma’am!’ Aarav winked, and his sudden mention of ‘Ma’am’ reminded Ashima of their college days. She could never think that they’ll be married in future. The junior in college will become her senior in life.

‘Sir, how’s the food?’

‘Just like you…delicious!’ Aarav winked again, Ashima blushed, and they had their dinner peacefully.

After the dinner, Aarav went to his room and found the bed full of rose petals.

‘Is it just me or you actually uprooted an entire garden to decorate our home tonight?’

‘Haha, nothing of that sort. I just thought to make it a little romantic…’

Aarav hugged her and they kissed for a minute or so.

‘But I got nothing!’

‘I need nothing…’ Ashima kissed him on his forehead, and they both slid in the sheets.

‘Are you sure you don’t need anything?’ Aarav placed his leg over Ashima’s legs and hugged her from behind.

‘Stop it, Aarav…’

‘Mmmm…come here!’ he kissed in her head. She turned to face him, they kissed.

‘I love you, Ashima!’

And they made love…


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