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Chapter 12

‘Mr. Aarav, your blood pressure is constantly high, your kidneys are weak and you’re getting sicker. You don’t want to die at such an early age, do you? I’m not being a doctor at this moment, but a friend.’ said a doctor, to Aarav who was sitting in front of him with weak body and pale skin.

‘What should I do, doctor?’

‘Well, first and foremost, you should STOP drinking! The excessive amount of alcohol in your system is causing chronic damage to your organs, and I’m afraid, if you keep drinking at this rate, you won’t live any longer than 5 years. Anything above which, will be a matter of luck, entirely.’

‘Thank you for your advice, doctor. Anyways I don’t intend to live any longer…’

‘What are you saying Mr. Aarav? A person like you is an asset.’

‘But I don’t have any reason to live…’ Aarav spoke and tried to get up from his chair with his hands pressing his knees, and forcing the rest of the body to stand straight.

‘Mr. Aarav, I’m sure life is sometimes rough and unpleasant, but that doesn’t means you should lose hope and subject yourself to death. There are always people, who wish your happiness and health, you cannot disappoint them by making such a tragic decision…’

‘Doctor, I’m sure you heal many patients, and many of them with suicidal tendencies but my case is different. I’m not saying I’ll kill myself right now, or commit suicide, but yeah, subjecting my life to a slow poison would be pleasant for a hopeless man like me. Thanks for your time and advice, my attention is needed elsewhere, and I’m afraid I can’t stay here for longer. Thank you, anyways!’

Aarav walked himself slowly out of the doctor’s cabin. The doctor was Aarav’s family friend. Knowing his condition, he called Aarav’s mother, who was shocked to hear Aarav’s condition.

She had visited him 2 weeks ago, but he was fine back then, just in 2 weeks, how can someone waste himself so much? She thought, and rushed to Aarav’s apartment. On the other side, Ashima was calling her to talk about an abortion, but Aarav’s mother felt justice in talking to Aarav first and telling him the truth about Jatin.

At Aarav’s Home

‘What do you think you’re doing to yourself? You think you’ll waste yourself and we won’t care? Bless Doctor Shekhar for telling us about you, otherwise your old parents would have died without their only son…’ Aarav’s mother started crying.

‘Mom, please. I don’t want any advices or your emotional, motherly touch. Please, leave me alone.’

‘That’s all you want. That’s the only think you kids want. You don’t have any tolerance, or patience. Without even listening to Ashima, you blamed and accused her for being unfaithful to you? You are a disgrace to this family, Aarav. I also had many male friends, but your father was never like you. Are you listening to me? Why don’t you look into my eyes? Look up, Aarav…’

‘Stop it Mom! I know about that Jatin guy, I know he’s a gay, I know I was wrong and I know it’s all my fault. That’s the reason I’m punishing myself, because I know, Ashima would never punish me, ever. She loves me way too much, to ignore my faults and mistakes, I know once again she’ll accept me, but I don’t want her favour this time. I want to kill myself, just end this bullshit!’

‘Ending your life is not a solution, Aarav. If you’re truly guilty, you should think about what to do, and how to bring the love of your life back to where she actually belongs. You didn’t even inquire about her, you’re not even worried whether she’s alive or not.’

‘I know everything about Ashima, mom. I know she’s living in an apartment that you and dad managed for her, I know she has joined another company, and I also know that she’s skipping work since one week. I watch her every move, mom. I love her too much to just leave her and move on in my own life…’
‘Son, you still don’t know one thing.’


‘That she’s pregnant…’

Aarav was about to fall. He somehow held the adjacent chair tightly to maintain his balance. The sudden news made the ground slip beneath his feet.


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