A relationship always starts between two people, but when it ends, there are always more than two people involved!

Try to maintain your relationship among yourself and your partner only, because, someone else hasn’t experienced your situation, and so, has no right to give his/her ‘expert advice’. Every relationship has different dimensions, different situations, hence, similar solutions can’t work..

Always try to think before taking any decision, as many couples are hasty and take quick and brainless decisions!

Stay faithful, stay happy!


#2 Transparency and Communication!

May it be any relationship, lovers or a married couple, or even simply friends, transparency is most important, because the more you are clear and open, the better the relationship will work. Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life, we need someone to share our happiness and sorrow, and someone to understand us when we’re feeling low, without communication, a relationship starts dying out.
The most common reason of increasing Divorce rates is lack of communication. Couples are so busy that they hardly have any time for their better halves, they don’t care about their partner, and s/he feels left out. Hence, the relationship breaks.
Similar things happen with friends, you lose contacts, you drift apart, and things are no longer same. So, always try to take out some time for your loved ones! Life is not that hectic as people claim it to be, it’s all about priorities…


#3 Freedom and independence!

Every individual demands certain amount of independence in his life, a liberty to be the incharge of his own decision, and to make his own mistakes! Dominance above a certain limit is always suffocating and is not healthy for your relationship.

If you keep on nagging your partner and spying on him, or you always keep a check on him, he’ll surely start lying and hiding things and these things can drift you apart!

Stay faithful, stay happy!


#4 Trust!

If any relationship breaks it’s because of lack of trust, or no trust at all. If your partner is lying to you, it’s not his/her fault, it’s your fault, because something from your side is preventing him/her to be truthful!

Maybe you are too dominating, or you’re too strict with your partner, or maybe you don’t give them enough freedom, and so, s/he lies to you. Analyze your relationship yourself, as every relationship is different, same solutions can’t be applied on different problems!

Stay truthful, trust your partner for a long, healthy relationship!


#5 Taking out Time!

You liked, you loved, and now you are partners! Seems like your dream came true, but then, don’t let that beautiful dream shatter down by the shards of unfaithfulness and mistrust! You claim you were friends, way before your relationship started, but, once you are committed, things change, and you also have to change accordingly!

Sacrifice and Compromise are two essential elements of a healthy relationship. For that, you need a deep and proper understanding of your partner. Even if you know him/her before you came into a relationship, there will always be certain things that you didn’t know, that surfaced up, after you became a couple! So, take some time out for your partner, meet frequently, go on dates, give each other time to settle down and understand your better half, for a better life!


#6 Respect!

More than love what a woman seeks, is respect! Insulting or abusing your partner can’t guarantee you a healthy relationship. You need to be respectful and always try to involve your better half in big or small decisions of your life to make him/her feel important.

It’s absolutely necessary that your partner feels that s/he is important for you! Unless, he’ll feel like a piece of trash in your life, and won’t mind an untimely and early exit!

Respect your better half for a worthy relationship!


#7 Proper management!

This may sound crazy, but as any other job of the world, a relationship, is also not easy to maintain! It’s also a job, but we don’t feel it a burden because we love every minute we spend in it.

A proper planning is very important when your relationship matures. You need to discuss things like marriage, getting settled, family etc. Sometimes, relationships break just before marriage, as the partner says, things were not discussed, or s/he wasn’t ready for marriage! So, it’s important that you stay clear from the beginning to avoid any trouble in future!


#8 Fighting!

Yes, you read absolutely right! Fighting is very important in a relationship. Not the WWE wrestle mania style, but a healthy fight, that can ensure better understanding. Moreover, fighting helps you know your partner so much deeper than you can know in a normal relationship. Fighting helps you discover his/her honest side and viewpoints on a particular situation.

Fighting also helps you understand how can you tame your partner, how can you control their anger. And lastly, you can always make up with lots of love!!


#9 Maintaining your Friendships!

Its very common that when a couple comes into a relationship, their friends feel left out and subsequently their friendship breaks.

First, friends should try to understand that things cannot remain the same after a relationship starts, they should try to respect the new changes and try to adjust accordingly instead of demanding equal time as before!

Secondly, the partners should respect each other’s friends and try to hang out together to keep the friendship going. You cannot just keep talking to one person for the rest of your life, everyone needs friends. Instead of cutting out contacts completely, try to take out a little time to keep things going!


#10 Family Bonding!

A relationship is not between two people, but between two families. It’s very important that you always leave a good impression on your partner’s family members, after all, you may also join the force in near future!

We can choose our friends, but not our relatives, and that’s why we always need extra-special efforts to keep them happy. Meeting your spouses’ family for the first time, is a special thing in it’s own way. Try ‘not’ to screw it up! Try to adjust according to the new family, and show them that you love them just like your own family!