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Chapter 8

‘She’s out of danger, but still unconscious, Sir. She lost a lot of blood from her way to hospital, but still you brought her on time. By the way, what exactly happened? Can you tell us?’ the doctor at the hospital was talking to Aarav, who brought injured Ashima in emergency.

‘I pushed her into a lamp and her head hit the bulb, it burst and she started bleeding.’

‘What? That is a police case. But still we operated your wife because of your good reputation in the city. Sorry, Mr. Aarav, but we can’t go against the judiciary, we have to call the police.’

The doctor talked to the receptionist, and she made a few phone calls. Aarav was ready to even go to jail, because he knew, that he deserved it after what he did tonight in wrath of his jealousy.

‘She is conscious, Mr. Aarav…’ the nurse gave the news to Aarav, who was strolling in the hospital corridor with a tensed face.

‘Can I meet her?’

‘Sorry Sir, but before you, police has to take a few notes of the incident. We can’t allow you in.’

It was now solely upon Ashima and her statement that could decide Aarav’s fate and future. Aarav didn’t wish for anything, but Ashima, to speak the truth. He wanted Ashima to give him punishment, he deserved.

On the other hand, a few constables along with a senior inspector entered the emergency ward. They started investigating Ashima on doctor’s orders.

‘How are you feeling now, Mrs. Ashima?’

‘Fine…doctor. Where is my husband? Can I…can I please meet him?’

‘Sorry Ma’am, we can’t allow that. You have to answer a few questions first.’

‘Excuse me? What’s going on, sir?’ Ashima held her head in both her hands. She couldn’t even speak properly.

‘Nothing, it’s just a casual investigation. Usually the cases involving an injured wife are of domestic violence. We want to know the story behind your injury, and it would be convenient for both of us, if you speak the truth.’

Ashima was startled. She knew that Aarav would always wish for her to be true and honest. He was a straight forward man, and whatever happened, was completely unintentional. Aarav never wanted to hurt her, it was an accident. But the police won’t believe her anyway.

‘Sir, I…I don’t remember everything clearly.’

‘Then we may have to question your husband. And police investigation is never a smooth road! Anyways, just tell us what you remember, even faintly…’

‘I just remember one thing…he was feeding me dinner with his own hands. Suddenly, a painting fell on my head, and Aarav screamed. After that, I don’t know what happened, how I landed here, nothing.’

‘Are you sure this is what that happened?’

‘Yes, sir…’

‘Thank you for your time, Mrs. Ashima. Take rest.’

‘She loves you more than you can ever imagine!’  The inspector said and left the ward, eying Aarav with hatred.

Aarav broke down. Ashima saved his life, and his reputation.

‘Why did you do this to me? I deserved a punishment, then why?’

‘Because I love you, Aarav…do I need a reason beyond that?’

Aarav’s life was restored back to normal within few days. He took great care of Ashima, took off from his work and made meals for her, took care of her meds and vaccination, took her to hospital for check-ups. In few weeks, Ashima was completely fine.

‘Hey, you can’t skip your meds, I’m watching you!’ Aarav mockingly signalled Ashima, who was keeping some pills away from Aarav’s sight.

‘I’m fine, they taste like shit!’

‘Shut up and eat them.’ Aarav forcefully pushed the pills into Ashima’s mouth.

The doorbell rang, and Aarav went to see who was on the door. He couldn’t see who it was, he could only see the black leather shoes from beneath the gate.

‘Hey, is Ashima home?’

‘Uh, yes? May I know who are you?’

‘Well, I’m Jatin. Ashima’s colleague, she hasn’t been on work since 3 weeks…’


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