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Chapter 3

Mission Project!

‘You’re late!’ Ashima was standing in front of Chemistry lab, with some books tightly held to her chest and Aarav was running through the corridor to reach Ashima.

‘Yeah….I…know…actually…I…missed…the bus!’

‘Take a deep breath, will you?’

Aarav looked into the sky, the morning was beautiful, sun shining brightly, birds chirping. He had never visited college so early, as this morning. He again looked back at Ashima, who was holding a heavy-looking huge pile of books in her hands. He kept gazing at her, she gently pushed a flick of her hair, behind her ear. Aarav was ogling at her with his mouth wide open.

‘Are you okay now? Shall we move in?’ Ashima interrupted him and brought him from heavens, back to the glorious planet earth!

‘Oh, sorry Ma’am. I wasted a lot of time already!’

‘And you’ll be wasting more, by calling me Ma’am. Remember we had an agreement yesterday?’

‘Oops! Forgot! After you…’ Aarav signalled Ashima to walk inside. She stepped into the chemistry lab and the strong smell of Ammonia suffocated her.

She started coughing violently. Aarav held her from her shoulders and dragged her out immediately. He opened his bag, took out a water bottle, and poured some water in the cup. She drank it immediately and felt some relief.

‘Assholes!’ Aarav screamed.

‘I…I’m sorry!’ he apologized for using irreligious words in front of a beautiful lady.

Ashima placed her angelic hand on his shoulder and said, ‘Thank you! I’m allergic to ammonia! That’s why I don’t even bleach my skin, unlike other girls!’

‘You anyways don’t need to bleach your skin…’ Aarav admired her fair and glowing face, which needed no external aids for beautification.

‘Excuse me?’ Ashima was startled. The junior was falling for her.

‘Umm…nothing, so, I was thinking, we can start from tomorrow? If you don’t mind, I have something in mind, which can change your mood!’

‘Ahan? Right now, I just need some sleep, my head is aching!’

‘No! Not sleep, I mean, a place. Only if you agree to come along…’


‘I bet, you won’t forget it ever!’

‘Well, I anyways don’t have much to do today. So, alright! Let’s check out your place then…’ Ashima smiled.

Aarav told her to wait near the college gate. He borrowed a bicycle from a hostel guy and came cycling towards her.


‘I’m sorry, if you really want to enjoy it, this is the only way we have to adopt! Roaming in a car can’t give you that real pleasure.’

‘I…have never actually tried riding a bicycle myself!’

‘Who said you’re riding it? You just sit behind me and enjoy the nature!’

‘Whoa! Where’s all this going junior?’

‘To mend your mood, and give you a lifetime memory, Ashima!’ Aarav dusted the back seat of his bicycle. Ashima hopped and sat behind him. She clutched the carrier of the cycle, while Aarav insisted her to hold him, instead of the cycle.

‘I’m so not going to do this! Everyone knows me in this college…’

‘Aashi, do you really care about what others think?’

For a moment, Ashima was fascinated. Aarav took her name so beautifully. Deep inside, she was also falling for him. Despite all the measures she took to control her heart, and following her strict rules of not making any boyfriend in college, Aarav was becoming an exception.

‘Well, NO! I don’t care about anyone now. Let’s move, partner!’ Ashima clutched his waist tightly. For a moment, Aarav got goose-bumps, as if his entire internal software was infected with a virus!

‘What happened? Are we moving?’ Ashima patted Aarav’s back.

‘God!’ Aarav whispered, looked at the sky, and winked. His story was definitely written by God!

He pedalled off and they crossed the college campus, and exited through the main gate. Many students saw them together. The news spread like forest fire. Ashima and Aarav were a couple!

Aarav rode towards a slightly rough boulevard. The bicycle was jumping off, and Ashima was scared. She tightly held Aarav from his waist. Soon, the road was smooth and Aarav told her to look at the sides. It was a hilly region and they were climbing up a fascinating area. On their left was a deep forest filled with trees with yellow leaves, and on their right was a river flowing down.

‘Oh my God! What is this place?’ Ashima was mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

‘The real place is yet to come, hold me tight Ashima, we are going down!’

Aarav lifted his feet up in the air, the cycle was riding on it’s own, it was a downfall. Instead of being scared, Ashima was admiring the beautiful valley. In few more seconds, they reached to Aarav’s place.

‘This is it!’ Aarav jumped off the cycle, and Ashima followed him.


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