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Chapter 20

‘How? When? Why?’ Love was choked by his own words, seeing Sameera standing in front of him, looking like a supermodel.

‘We all made this plan to make you realize what you do, and how much it hurts other girls.’ Sameera revealed the truth.

‘What plan?’

‘The plan that started with fake-pregnancy report!’ Radhika said.

‘Fake?’ Love didn’t understand.

‘Yeah, you want to listen to the whole story?’ Sameera asked.

‘Who would not? Start right now…’ Love demanded.

Radhika, Aarush, Love and Sameera – four of them walked out of the club as it was impossible to talk inside with such a loud music. They chose a nearby spot to sit in and Sameera started.

‘So, it’s the thing of the day I went to have myself tested for pregnancy.’

‘I got a message from Koel stating that she was pregnant. I showed it to Aarush and we both were really enraged by it. We didn’t know the story behind it, but we thought that you cheated on Sameera, and that it was a horrible thing! I asked Aarush to just run inside to inform you about the same, while I waited in the car, and the first thing I did was – call Sameera who was getting her tests done inside, and told her everything in detail.’ Radhika added.

‘I cried so badly listening to all of this, but Radhika said that she had a plan to get your head in the right place! She asked me to pretend that I was pregnant too, and that the tests were positive. I didn’t know what was to be done after that, so Radhika just asked me to break this pregnancy news to you, and walk out of the hospital without saying anything more.’ Sameera said.

‘I wasn’t involved in the plan till Radhika told me once I reached home with her. We both were in the hospital discussing what to do about Koel’s pregnancy! The moment I got to know about ‘how’ actually Koel got pregnant, I thought you were not at fault and you did not willingly cheat on Sameera, and that maybe we should end the plan, but since it had started, we couldn’t end it that easily.’ Aarush pressed his lips.

‘Then started the major plan. Packing luggage and leaving you, and moving in to a friend’s place. This was just to test whether you love me at all? And to my surprise, you cried so much that night. Aarush called me later in the midnight to tell me that you broke down and were inconsolable. I thought I should be there with you and should tell you the truth that I am not pregnant, but Radhika asked me to be strong, as it was for the good of both of us!’ Sameera stuck her tongue out at Love, who was looking at the three of them one by one, with a dumbfounded expression.

‘After that I accompanied you to talk to Koel that night, where you asked her to abort the baby – that was one step up to our plan! I told Radhika about it, and she immediately informed Sameera, who knew by now that you did not cheat on her in your conscious mind. But it was important to make you realize the pain that someone goes through when he goes through a breakup!’ Aarush confessed.

‘Moreover a pregnant girlfriend leaving you is even more painful, and to intensify the pain we added the ‘Australia’ part…’ Radhika said.

‘They asked me to pretend as if I had resigned from the company and was going to Australia, and I did that too. But when you proposed to me, it was very hard to resist! I felt like I should tell you that it’s a plan going on, and kiss you right there, but I had to pretend for everyone’s sake. And then you decided to accompany me to the airport, and I showed as if I was actually leaving, but I was not. It was so difficult to make you leave from there, so that I could run back with Franky to her apartment. But I looked out for you for another twenty minutes till your car exited the airport completely, and there was no chance that you would make a U-turn or something. Then I boarded a cab and returned to Franky’s apartment, and started dressing up for the big show tonight!’ Sameera laughed.

‘And then you turn home all heartbroken and depressed, thinking that your girlfriend is aborting her baby and shifting to Australia, and I make a plan to take you out on drinks and hook you up with some college friend of mine!’ Radhika finished the whole story.

‘So this, ladies and gentlemen, is the climax, which is written by me!’ Aarush stood up and bowed down.

‘You fucker, you asshole…’ Love removed his shoe and ran after Aarush. They were behaving like kids in the middle of the street.

‘Hey, you guys!’ Radhika and Sameera laughed out loud, as they saw Love throwing his shoes and wallet at Aarush.

‘Love, baby all your credit cards are in that wallet!’ Sameera shouted.

‘I know, I have collected it!’ Love screamed back as he picked up the scattered stuff from the middle of the road.

‘Oh you both are so adorable together…’ Radhika hugged Sameera.

Four of them had dinner together, and returned home. Love wouldn’t stop kissing Sameera.

‘Someone had problem with me getting intimate with my legally wedded wife an hour ago, and look at him now!’ Aarush sarcastically pointed at Love.

‘Hey, I was a heartbroken man an hour ago, so I hated all the lovey-dovey stuff!’ Love kissed Sameera on her forehead again.

‘Stop it, Love…’

‘You are not pregnant, right?’

‘No, I am not!’

‘Do you want to be?’ Love winked at her, and Sameera slapped his arm.

‘Shut up!’

‘You might not want to be pregnant, but I am thinking about getting married…’ Love told her the truth.

‘Are you serious? What’s wrong with you, Love?’ Sameera was laughing, she couldn’t believe it was the same guy!

‘Yes! Whatever I said to you in misery or grief, I meant every single word with all my heart. I might have been an unforgivable asshole in my past but believe me, I am a changed man now. I want to settle down and have a family, and I’ve left alcohol. I want to start my mornings with you and end my nights at you…’

‘Alright, alright!’ Aarush interrupted them, ‘We are also sitting here! And don’t forget I am a married man who doesn’t say such stuff to my wife anymore. You are doing nothing here, but inviting trouble for some poor guy who has to work and take care of his pregnant wife, and also, hunt for random restaurants of best-stuff in the city!’ Aarush was reminded of his ordeal a few days back.

They all shared a laugh together. Radhika drove them all home after the dinner, and Love immediately picked up Sameera and took her to his room. Radhika looked at Aarush with her puppy eyes.

‘Alright!’ Aarush picked Radhika too, who was getting heavier now, and once inside the room, he panted heavily.

‘Am I that fat?’

‘No, you are perfectly fine, the baby is fat!’ Aarush mocked.

‘Shut up, you!’ Radhika kissed him on his cheek.

‘You know what I was thinking?’ Aarush snuggled up behind her in bed.

‘What?’ Radhika asked.

‘That the lady’s prophecy was right in a way…’

‘What? How?’ Radhika was puzzled.

‘See, according to her, Koel was my wife and I had my first baby from her, while Koel was just my partner. And according to her, my second child will die too, and Koel had her abortion yesterday! So according to her, if Koel was my wife, her second child would be mine too, doesn’t matter if it was fathered by me or not. Even if you marry a divorced lady who come with kids, you become the father of those kids legally, right?’

‘Yeah…’ Radhika was able to connect the dots now.

‘Absolutely! So mystery solved. Turns out, that lady wasn’t that stupid after all. She did predict some things rightly!’ Aarush smiled and hugged Radhika. They kissed, and made love for the first time, after the horrible and worrisome time ended.


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