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Chapter 17


Sameera and Love were not talking. Sameera had packed her luggage and moved to a friend’s flat, leaving Love alone in the apartment with Radhika and Aarush. Neither Radhika, nor Aarush had any say in the matter since Love was heartbroken this time.

‘Earlier I used to console your ex-girlfriends, the girls you cheated upon, and made them move on from you, and now the situation is reversed!’ Aarush sighed as he saw Love shoving one more peg down his throat.

‘It’s impossible you know. I can’t fall in love with someone – that is what I used to believe, and now see where life has thrown me at. I’m in love with a girl like Sameera, who I never thought would be with a guy like me! She always knew I was promiscuous and unfaithful, yet she stick to me, she knew I am not a man of my words, and promises are just cheap tricks for me to take girls to bed, and despite knowing all that, she agreed to give a try to a relationship. I can’t ever imagine doing that myself, she’s so brave and courageous!’ Love was getting emotional and sad about the entire thing.

‘And now she’s going to be a mother of my child, and look what I did. I cheated upon her and hurt her.’ Love put the glass aside, and started drinking from the bottle straightaway!

‘Hey, hey control you…’ Aarush held the bottle and kept it on the glass table with a thud.

‘What should I do man? Have you ever been in such a situation?’ he asked Aarush.

‘Not exactly same situation, but very similar one. Koel was pregnant with my child and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to marry her, I loved her, but she had a miscarriage, misunderstandings between us grew and she moved out, married someone else, and then I met Radhika when I thought suicide is the only option left now! I have been at my horrible as well, and all I can say is that – bad time passes too…’ Aarush tried to console Love.

‘Thanks man, but I think this bad time is going to last for long, before it passes.’ Love got up and wore his jacket.

‘Hey, where are you going?’

‘To see Koel. I need to start with cleaning my own mess, and I need to do it right now.’

‘Wait, I will come along…’ Aarush got up and accompanied him as well.

‘Radhika, we will be back. You keep your phone in your hand, and latch all the doors, don’t let anyone inside the apartment!’

‘Aarush, who will come at tenth floor anyways?’

‘Still, you be alert and take care, we will be back as soon as possible!’ Aarush kissed her forehead, and walked out with Love.

In thirty minutes, they reached under Koel’s building. Love called Koel outside, and she came downstairs veiling her face with a black shawl. She didn’t let her boyfriend know anything about her, and sat in the backseat of their car stealthily.

‘Hey Aarush, how are you?’ Koel shook hands with Aarush who was sitting on the driving seat while Love was sitting next to him.

‘I’m good…’ Aarush couldn’t say anything more. Memories from his past were surfacing his mind.

‘Love…’ Koel placed her hand on his shoulder, and Love immediately shrugged it off.

‘Let’s go to some place, where we can sit and talk, right?’ Aarush started driving and in another few minutes, they reached Bandstand. The three of them got out of the car and found a secluded place to sit.

‘So…what’s up?’ Koel broke the ice, rubbing her palms together.

‘You tell Koel, what is up with you?’ Love was drunk, angry and frustrated.

‘Are you drunk?’

‘Yes he is, that is why I didn’t let him meet you alone.’ Aarush pointed.

‘Thank You!’ Koel smiled at Aarush and got back to talking with Love, ‘What can be the latest news? I am pregnant with our child…’

‘Don’t call it ours! It’s not our. It’s yours. You must have seduced me that night, I don’t even remember what happened.’

‘You were behaving just like this that night, drunk, angry and completely lost!’

‘And you took the advantage of that?’

‘No, Love! I know we had some past unfinished business, you always had a crush on me, I knew that since I was dating Aarush, the way you used to look at me when I and Aarush were together…I remember that look even now!’

‘It’s not called a ‘crush’, but it’s called disgust. I always hated you, you know? I never wanted Aarush to date you because I knew what kind of person you were, and I knew you will break his heart one day and leave him in his worst position. And guess what – you proved my fears right!’ Love accused her, Aarush pinched his hand to stop him, because too many accusations could turn the girl against them and right now, she was at an advantageous stage.

‘I understand I was immature back then, but things have changed since I got married…’

‘And divorced too!’ Love added.

‘Right. I don’t run from my past, I have learnt to accept it, and embrace it. I know I did mistakes but I am not that woman anymore. I have changed.’

‘So what do you want now?’ Love asked.

‘What do you want Love?’ Koel placed a counter question.

‘Why are you asking me what do I want? Decision is yours! You are the king here…’ Love knew that he had nothing in his hands right now.

‘No, Love. Whatever you decide will be okay with me.’

‘Abort this child.’ Love said emotionlessly and with a straight-face.

‘What?’ Koel did not expect this.

‘Yes. Kill it!’ Love had rage in his eyes, Aarush tried to control him.

‘Are you sure?’ Koel developed tears in her eyes.

‘This child was not conceived with passion or love or even a mutual will. I do not even remember that night, and I don’t want such a child to come into this world, whose parents did not want him in the first place. When the first thought that comes in a parent’s mind after knowing about their pregnancy is ‘abortion’, it should be done! A child is someone who deserves love, respect and affection, and I am sorry I will not be able to give that to him. And I don’t want him to have such a father. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining someone’s entire life.’ Love tried to be sensible and mature for the first time even in a drunk state. Aarush couldn’t believe that it was Love talking!

‘I was thinking the same you know, but I thought asking you first would be better since it is half your child as well. Even I am not ready for pregnancy and having a baby right now. We both don’t even know each other to get married or think about settling down, or even having a relationship. I agree with you. If I give birth to this baby, someday I might have to tell him that you are the father, and that will fill him with hate and desolation. I don’t want that to happen. I will not bring it in this world, when his own father does not want it. Thank you for a closure Love, I think we all are mature enough to handle things now. This is life…’ Koel got up, and called a cab. She went away assuring Love that she will get the child aborted, while Love cried. Aarush tried to console him but could not. The night was dark. Love blamed himself for being such a horrible person. First he broke the heart of the woman he loved, and now he was responsible for killing a life. But what other choice did he have?

‘Come on, let’s go home. It’s getting really late…’ Aarush picked up Love who was not even able to stand on his feet. Somehow he dragged him to the car and drove them both back to Love’s apartment. Once outside the door, he rang the bell and Radhika opened it.

‘Hey, what happened?’ she was shocked to see Love’s condition.

‘Nothing, long story…’ Aarush signalled her that he will tell her everything later, so Radhika didn’t press it anymore.

‘Come on dude…’ Aarush put Love on his shoulder, took him to his room and covered him with blankets. Love was still crying and sobbing. Aarush switched the lights off, and came out of the room.

‘Should I put the dinner for you?’ Radhika asked.

‘No, I am not hungry…’

‘Aarush, don’t do this.’ Radhika made a sad face.

‘Fine…’ Aarush agreed to have some food. Radhika set the plate for both of them, and sat on the couch in the living room.

‘What happened?’ she asked.

‘Nothing, we met Koel and Love asked her to abort the baby.’


‘She agreed…’

‘I knew that.’


‘She’s a changed woman, Aarush. I couldn’t believe she’s the one who left you and miscarried your child, when I met her during our wedding days.’ Radhika explained.

‘Even I couldn’t believe that the woman I saw today was the same Koel…’ Aarush looked at Radhika, ‘And I am glad she came into my life, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you…’ he kissed her forehead.

They talked for a while embracing each other in the living room only, and slept on the couch, the same way. Aarush couldn’t thank his Gods enough, for having a girl like Radhika in his life.


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