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Chapter 9


It wasn’t a surprise that Ezryl’s weird psychological mind and obsession to become rich, turned her into a maniac and a serial killer who possessed a great art at carving out her targets. Her victims weren’t normal or common people. They were always people with high security, possessing higher risks, and she still managed to kill them all with a dedication and a planning. Her mind was becoming sharper and steeper in planning out murders and that’s why David couldn’t lose a woman like her, who was no less than an asset to him and his flourishing business.

‘Yeah, who’s this?’ David picked up the call from an unknown number. The location of the caller was – New York.

‘Oh, good evening Ma’am. Uh, yes she’s on it while we talk, yes she is. No, I am sure she’ll do it. Yeah, perfect.’ David hung up. Never in his life had he used such honourable words for someone, but this lady who was controlling his every action since one and a half year.

David, who was the biggest drug mafia, was also being controlled by someone and shockingly enough, that ‘someone’ was a female. Hard to believe, but money was controlling him and not anything else. His ‘female’ boss provided him with luxuries and money to buy and trade drugs. She was the bank of all his accounts and he was merely a cheque-book!

‘Liza, are you alive?’ David shouted on phone.

‘Stop shouting Dave, I’m in a hangover, not deaf.’

‘Oh you seem to be. Listen, I want you on a mission tonight, no delays, no excuses, just business, alright?’

‘Alright, who is he?’

‘His name might sound familiar to you. Mark Coleman, do you hear me?’

‘Mark? You mean, the partner of Jim Swarovski? The ‘Vicinity’ owners? Why?’

‘You are not in a position to be asking questions. Just do as I say and you’ll get your deal.’ David hung up ruthlessly.

The question kept haunting Ezryl for a while. She was being asked to kill someone who made her famous, even for a fortnight. She didn’t have the courage to face the man who made her something, and tonight, she was about to kill him, but why?

Maybe he too was a fraud or didn’t pay the bills or return the money to David like the rest of them, she thought and went for a bath.

Dressed up in a blue-black gown, she slipped in her peep-toes and left her house. Location of the target was texted by David and he was monitoring and spying on Ezryl in case she becomes emotional and screws up.

Ezryl entered the bar, charged up and cheerful. Sat besides the man, her target. Ordered herself a martini, and Mark noticed her. They greeted each other casually and Mark insisted her to join him. She pretended to be not interested, but later on joined him.

‘I knew you’d be something, you know? I had a faith in you, right from the beginning. But you destroyed yourself, even though you refuse to admit it, but you did!’ Mark’s secrets were slowly taking shape in front of Ezryl, who was not prepared to face the reality.

‘Mark, you’re drunk. Let’s take you someplace safe…’

‘This is safest, Ezryl…with you…I always wanted to confess, but I couldn’t…I loved you…right from the beginning…’

‘Mark, you’ve lost your senses I guess, let’s move…’

‘Ezryl, you’re not trying to understand here, I’m very serious. I had conflicts with my wife over you, and you say I’m not serious? Today, when I’m seeing you here after a year, I can’t control it anymore…’ Mark held her hand and felt a scar that she managed to conceal with makeup very well.

‘What’s this? Are you hurt?’

‘Mark, leave me, let’s go…’

‘Go? Where? Here is perfect Ezryl, don’t leave me again…’ he was almost in tears.

Ezryl hadn’t expect such an emotional breakdown ever before. All she planned was a brutal murder. Till now, the news of a serial killer roaming the streets of Los Angeles was widespread and people were cautious, but nobody could suspect a beautiful, mannered and well behaved woman? Besides, Ezryl’s targets were all controversial people, who were either involved in scams or were corrupt, but what had Mark done? She still wondered.

‘Let’s get you out of here, c’mon!’ Ezryl held him from his arm and dragged him out. He was too drunk to even walk properly.

After a few blocks, as she noticed an empty street without any CCTV cameras around, she stealthily slipped the cyanide dose in his vein, ‘I’m sorry Mark, but you see, money is any day more important than love…I hope you saw that too, but I’m sorry…’

Ezryl was regretting inside for killing him, and she knew that this guilt would take forever to heal. She would have to ruin one more part of her body and scar it with maybe a million cuts this time, to feel better, but she didn’t care. She knew, life without drugs would be even worse than this!

‘Damn you, God…’ she wiped off her tears and walked away.

On a distance, David’s men confirmed the murder and David got a huge crack for this deal.


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