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Chapter 6

Wasted 6

David relied upon Ezryl because he knew that she was always perfect in her job. She would not only kill people, but also walk out so nicely and without leaving any traces behind. Over 7 were murdered till now, and the rate was increasing till today. Her non-humane characteristics and low respect for human life, made her suitable for the job!

Targets of David were majorly the Drug Lords and the rich class, who betrayed him, or who didn’t pay him his share. They were already on the most wanted list of police, and even if some of them got missing, the cops hardly cared. They would carry out an investigation for a day or two, and the matter would cool down in few days. Without lack of hard evidence and without any people or family members pushing them to find out the murderers, the case was dropped and file would be closed. The real estate guy – Steve Ruth – the one Ezryl murdered last night was also a gone case by the next morning. His body was found in one of the streets and the post-mortem revealed drug-overdose. Cyanide had this tremendously quick effect when it came to an instant kill. Ezryl made sure her victims were drunk, and then she would inject a sufficient amount of Cyanide in their bodies for their departure.

‘Excellent work, Liza.’ David called Ezryl up and congratulated her for the success of the mission.

‘Where are my supplies?’ Liza asked restlessly.

‘Impatient lady, they’ll be at your door, any moment! I’m not a pizza delivery guy who can guarantee you a thirty minute timeline. Just wait for it…’

Ezryl disconnected the phone and flushed some freezing cold water down her throat. Drugs and alcohol had burnt her insides and she needed water to cool down her system every other hour. Meanwhile the doorbell rang and Ezryl opened the door to a stinky and unwelcoming guy.

‘Here…’ he placed the parcel at her doorstep and walked out. Neither did Ezryl mind asking him anything. She got her things. She moved inside and minded her business. She opened the parcel and found packets of drugs and underneath the packets there were gold bars, which were a special treat from David for the successful mission. Ezryl would stack up gold bars into her locker which was securely built in the deep ends of her bedroom, a place that she visited hardly once a week, and that too, just to stack up the gold piles. She was getting free drugs, she hardly ate any food. She knew her life is no more than a few more years down the line, and still she was saving money. For her medical insurance? Her health? Nobody knew, but she sure was saving money, and had saved a lot of it by now.

Around an year ago

Ezryl and Drake had shifted to their new home in Beverly Hills. While Ezryl was loving every bit of it, Drake was hating it, as he had to leave his job and his city for her dreams. He thought it would be worth it, as he may have new job opportunities but it was a week since they had shifted, and Drake’s lucky coin wasn’t bringing him much luck anyways!

‘What do you keep thinking about?’ Ezryl took a tray with two cups of brewing hot coffee and some snack bars, to Drake, who was sitting in the lawn with his head in his hands on a bright sunny day.

‘About a job! I don’t think I can do like this anymore. If I don’t get a job by the end of next week, I will head back to Pittsburgh, you got me?’ Drake looked into her deep dark eyes, which were full of dreams, and Ezryl stared back in hollowness.

‘Fine, but first try for this week at least…’ she handed him over his cup of coffee. He liked it dark and without milk.

After having the coffee, they went to their room. A bedroom which was designed as per Ezryl’s wishes. She opened the cupboard and showed the secret locker to Drake.

‘Here, see this. I got this made so we can keep some money handy and so we can put all our memories here. All the photos, videos, everything will be securely locked in this locker, so that whenever we are angry at each other, all we have to do is, take a trip to the bedroom, open this locker, and know why we love each other so much…’ Ezryl explained to him that how his life and his memories with her, were of prime importance to her than money and jewellery. Drake knew she was lying, because if that was the case, she would have never shifted here and stripped him off his only job in his hometown. For Drake, it was a matter of utter shame that he was surviving on his wife’s money.

‘What say, Drake? Let’s make a baby…’ Ezryl came closer to him and kissed him on his lips.

‘What? No! Back off!’ Drake pushed her hard, ‘I don’t have a job, I’ll be bankrupt if I go down like this for a month more, the house in Pittsburgh was registered in my name, and I’m the one who has to pay the loans of that home, still! And you ask me to plan a baby when I don’t see a future of my own?’

‘Why are you so selfish? I am earning and I’m earning enough…’

‘Keep that money! I don’t need you to pay my bills.’

‘Don’t shout at me, tomorrow I have first day of my shoot and I don’t want it ruined because of some stupid issue. I’m going to sleep!’ Ezryl slammed the door and slept in her soft and comfy bed, while Drake slept in the couch that night.

Things were changing between them, and they were changing faster than Drake or Ezryl could take hold of them.


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