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Chapter 5

Wasted 5

‘What do you mean, Matthew is missing?’ David was shouting on the top of his voice.

‘This is true, Sir! Nobody has seen him since last evening.’ A skinny white boy courageously stepped forward as a witness.

‘Where was he last evening?’

‘He was at some place to deliver a parcel, you sent him, don’t you remember?’

‘Oh! I remember now, Liza…’ David walked away and picked up his phone which lied on a rusted old chair.

He spent most of his time in that worn out and secluded ware house which was now his silent abode. For all the illegal activities went on openly in that place. Drugs were openly bought and sold, and even consumed. Along with trading, David also had underground bars, which were a heaven to many. Not much people knew about the place, but those who knew considered them to be truly grateful, as just with an entry pass of $200, anyone was allowed and they could do anything they wanted. Girls were served openly, along with drugs, just like any other commodity. Sex, drugs and booze, there is no greater combination to define heaven!

David was their master and someone, who earned and played in billions. His secretive club now had a membership of over 500 people, and that meant around a million dollars, per month was a fixed income, out of which maximum was shipped to the local police. That was the reason of safety and discretion of his place. That man did have a thing for ‘customer satisfaction’. Apart from this, he had many other side businesses, smuggling and killing were some of them, and supplying a few drugs to Ezryl did no harm to him, but definitely his work got easier.

‘Ezryl…have you seen Matthew around?’ David was tensed. Matthew was his important man and he couldn’t afford to lose him. Sending him over to her place was a foolish decision, he knew, but he had no choice now.

‘No, Dave. Why?’

‘Because he’s missing since last evening.’

‘I can’t recall the Matthew you’re talking about, can you send a picture of him so I can be of more help?’

‘Of course, hold on.’ David pressed several keys on the laptop, dragged and scrolled his mouse pointer a bit on the screen, and that was it. Soon enough, Ezryl’s laptop beeped and she received a new photograph in her mail. She opened the mail, it was Matthew’s photo. At first she felt something ringing in her mind, but then she thought she might be hallucinating.

‘Uh, Dave?’

‘Yes, you saw him anywhere?’

‘Ummm, no…but I think I’ve seen him before!’

‘That can’t be possible because you never met him before yesterday!’


‘Yes, he came to deliver a parcel, don’t you remember?’

‘Oh! I do now, fine! He was here, yeah. He’s that fine white lad. What happened to him?’

‘I don’t know what happened. Where is he now, Ez?’

‘He…might have returned, Dave. How am I supposed to know anyways?’

‘Leave the useless guy, what about the Golden Tooth Fairy?’ David was serious now.

‘Yes, the operation is on. I am meeting him tonight, and let’s see if I can develop some sweet tooth myself?’

Ezryl disconnected the call, she had a lot of work to do. David knew Ezryl wouldn’t do it. She was his loyal and trusted employee, she wouldn’t abduct or kill one of his men.

She was to murder a target tonight, the golden tooth fairy, and she had his photo in her phone. Wearing green dress and five inches pump-heels, she looked seductive and her big eyes shined with green-glittering eye-shadow which complimented her look. Her face was glowing and she looked happier than she might have ever looked. This woman was definitely not the one, mourning for her husband’s loss. Rather she looked like she was in search of a new one!

She reached the bar which was opposite to the amusement park, the one she got a map of.

‘A glass of red wine, please…’ a man in his mid-forties, leaned over the large marble slab, and ordered a drink. The bartender, juggled a few glasses and presented him with finest red wine in the city.

Liza seductively came and sat beside him with folded bare legs, showing off her cleavage and a lip-gloss in her hand, applying it on her lips, slowly and erotically. The man couldn’t help but notice her again. She was here last evening too, but she wore a top and jeans. Today she was dressed differently though.

‘You’re looking beautiful today, lady!’ he said, and took a small sip from the crystal glass.

‘Anything for you, ma’am?’ he asked Liza.

‘Anything for the lady is on the house…’ the man leaned forward and announced it to the bartender. Liza smiled lightly and ordered a virgin cocktail. She was balancing her speech and her words to make an ever-lasting impression.

‘Don’t you like hard liquor, lady?’

‘I’m soft, very soft…inside out…’ she winked.

The man smiled and grinned. She could see his teeth and confirmed, that he was her target, as the man had a golden tooth, as shown in the picture sent to her by David. She was now ready to move on to her step, as she had located her Golden Tooth Fairy!

‘Thank you…’

‘For what?’

‘The drink!’ she said, collected her drink, clutched her purse in her armpit and walked away seductively. The man followed her, and they both sat on a couch nearby.

‘So, what do you do?’

‘Nothing much, I’m alone, in need of a company, mind you accompany me for tonight, Mister…?’ Liza sounded desperate and asked the man his name.

‘Steve…I’m Steve Ruth.’ The man asked for Liza’s hand, she placed it gently in his palm and he kissed it. This plan never fails, she knew that!

She got up and walked out of the bar. She called a taxi and sat inside, the man followed her and both headed to her apartment. She told the driver to stop the cab at a distance.

‘I’ll prefer to walk!’ she got down and started walking. It was 2 am, the man followed her steps and they both soon reached an apartment. It wasn’t Liza’s lavish house, but someplace else.

The man came closer to her and kissed her on her neck. She didn’t resist. The man held her from her waist and brought her face closer to his. She was motionless and as he was about to kiss her, a faint cry was heard and the man laid in the middle of the street, unconscious. Liza bended down and placed his wrist in her hands.

‘Dead’. She announced and walked away. She got herself a cab on the next crossroad and went home. Next she texted David about a successful mission, and he promised her twenty thousand dollars as her reward for killing the most powerful real-estate businessman in the city.

At night, she watched Tom and Jerry on cartoon-network and drank some vodka to flush down the memories of the seven murders she had committed till now. A new cut on her wrist marked the seventh dead body that was in her account!


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