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Chapter 4

Wasted 4

The doorbell rang and Ezryl got up from her bed. She was wearing only a top which covered her till her knees. She opened the door and found a parcel. She took it inside, there were vials of LSD and packs of coke, and there were a three bottles of vodka and tequila, and a note which said that remaining items will be dispatched soon.

‘Hello? Dave? Did you send all this?’

‘You asked for it sweetie, I guess you forgot coz you were in a hangover, but you did!’ the heavy voice responded.

‘No, I remember it asshole, but I asked for a six-month supply. What you’ve sent me won’t last even six days!’ Ezryl barked.

‘There are rules, and then there are road checks. Do I own your fucking neighbourhood that I will send you million-dollar material in one go? You will get your supplies, bitch! Keep the tone down now…’ David smashed the receiver on the telephone.

Ezryl’s head was aching terribly. She opened the drawer and found some sedatives.

‘Thank God!’ she flushed down the sedatives with some water into her system, and lied down in couch. She opened the pack of coke while lying down, and took a light sniff.

‘Strong shit!’ she coughed.

As she dug her finger into the packet to pick out a pinch of the powder, she dozed off. After a few hours of deep sleep, she woke up in the evening. Her head was better now and she felt lighter. She picked up her phone and called up David.

‘Hey Dave! Ezryl here, you bastard! Don’t you know these shitty drugs are doing no good? I’m telling you, these are all fake stuff, I simply don’t get intoxicated!’ she was shouting.

‘It’s not my fault if your body is immune to each and every drug on this planet. If even LSD can’t intoxicate you, then probably, you are God!’ David hung up again. He was pissed off by her daily tantrums. But he needed her for his missions which seemed almost impossible without her.

His missions involved murdering people, and Ezryl seemed harmless to his targets, so his task was accomplished simply. He would supply Ezryl with some drugs worth few thousand dollars, while he would earn millions in one deal. Underworld was incomplete without Ezryl in one sense.

In a clingy basement, there was a table and the dim-lit surrounding made the scenario all the more frightening. A huge, fat, bald black guy, wearing a lot of gold around his neck and only a black vest on his chest, was counting the currency notes frivolously. The man seemed scary in the red light, which was the only bulb in his dirty little chamber. It was none other than – David Wince, the mafia and most powerful drug-lord. Entire Hollywood was in debts to him for his drug-supply and rave parties.

‘What is that woman?’ one of David’s men put forward this sensible question.

They were supplying her with drugs and she was killing people. She had two names, Ezryl and Liza. He didn’t know that even serial killers had ‘ghost-names’ these days!

‘You stay away from all this, just do as I say!’ David gave him an intense look and shut him up.

‘But Dave, do you think she’s normal? I mean, she’s sick I guess, she behaves terribly at times…’

‘I told you to stay away from all this, don’t you understand me?’ David pointed a gun at Matthew. The man left with some unanswered questions.

‘Matthew!’ David screamed.

The man came out of his thoughts and walked towards David.

‘Deliver this parcel over to her place, right now, okay?’ David handed him a bag which he wasn’t allowed to open. As instructed he set off to Ezryl’s place and placed the parcel outside her door and rang the bell thrice.

After sometime, Ezryl opened the door, wearing that white sleeveless long top, and picked up the parcel. She opened it and it had a few packets of drugs and a map. She opened the map, it had the coded address for her next target tonight. There was a pin pointed at an amusement park for children and there was a note attached with it, which read – Golden Tooth Fairy.

She understood what she had to do and she dressed up for the night. A blue tank top and a skinny pair of jeans seemed to be the best choice. She applied a little makeup, only to hide the visible scars of her body, for the scars on her heart and mind were anyways concealed from the world, and as she was about to lock the door of her house, she recalled the day she told Drake about her contract with ‘Vicinity’.

Around a Year Ago

‘Drake, baby I won it! I gave the auditions for the new movie of Vicinity film-makers, and I’m selected from over thirty contestants! Jim said I was flawless and he gave me this contract of a million dollars for their new movie series which is going to be a trilogy, Drake are you listening?’ Ezryl was dancing around with the contract papers clutched tightly in her fist.

‘I have some work, we’ll talk about this at night.’

‘Why? I need to do so many things, I need to appoint an assistant, a secretary, I need to get a new car, a new vanity van as well, and we need to shift to a new house in a new city. I’m not living in this Pittsburgh anymore, let’s move to Beverly Hills? It’s like a dream world, I also have a house on my mind that Jim showed to me, so when are you planning to shift, Drake?’

‘Listen, I told you Ez I’m not in a mood right now, please let’s talk about this some other time!’

‘I never expected such a cold reaction Drake, are you not happy of my success?’ Ezryl shut the door of bathroom on his face, held the shower faucet in one of her hands and placed it straight on her head. Her blue tank top was wet with running water and her skinny jeans was dripping.

The wetness of that day brought her back to present, she shut the door, locked it and moved out.


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