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Chapter 3

Wasted 3

‘Are you supplying me fake material?’ Ezryl was blabbering on phone. Because of excessive drug intake, she couldn’t be understood properly, but the man on the other side of the phone knew what she was talking about.

‘Ez, you think I’ll supply you with fake drugs? Darling you’re dealing with one of the most sought after criminals in entire LA and you don’t believe me?’

‘That’s exactly the reason why I don’t believe you!’ Ezryl sniffed hard. Her pale skin was showing the underlying blood-vessels.

‘Sweetheart, everything that is supplied from my surveillance, is 100% authentic. You can’t challenge the quality, and the coke I sent you yesterday was purer than holy water from church, so don’t waste my time, and focus on your own life!’

‘I think it’s killing me, Dave!’ Ezryl gurgled.

‘Drugs kill you, Ez. Wake up! This is Coke and it will never heal you…’David put down the receiver hard and Ezryl’s connection was cut.

‘Bastard…’ Ezryl spoke, and she clutched the side-arm of her couch to stand up, she couldn’t balance herself, everything around her was spinning and dizzy, she somehow managed to stand for good 2 minutes, before she fell down on her face.

The doorbell rang, Ezryl knew that it would be Mrs. Wilkinson again, who may have heard her screams, and come to console the poor soul. She shouted, ‘The door’s open! Push yourself in…’

She was right, it was Mrs. Wilkinson again.

‘Daughter, please don’t do this to yourself; please! I have seen Jessica fading away from me, just the same way that you are going away now. I have lost one girl; I don’t want to lose another. Your mother and I were friends since school time, you were 2 years old, when I was married, and shifted to LA, I’ve seen you as a baby, held you in my arms, and now when I see you like this, I’m scared! Drake has left you so much money, use it on some purposeful life dear…don’t waste…’

‘What did you say? You said Drake? Did you? You took his name? Tell me, did you?’ Ezryl picked up a beer bottle in her hand, and she gestured to smash it on Mrs. Wilkinson’s head. The old woman got terrified.

‘Ezryl, listen to me…’

‘You took his name? You said Drake? Didn’t you? Speak up!’

‘Yes, he was a good man. And I’m sorry for your loss, but this is not the solution. What you are doing to yourself, this is not the way, sweetie!’

Ezryl smashed the bottle on the floor. Mrs. Wilkinson was petrified. Her heartbeat rose and she almost shivered to the core. She took a few steps behind, and walked away silently. She knew, talking anymore to Ezryl could be dangerous at this moment. She saw the time, it was evening, and it was about time that Ezryl’s madness would begin any moment. She approached the main door of Ezryl’s house and as she was about to lock it, Ezryl came and clutched the knob from inside.

‘Don’t you dare call the police, or any paramedics. Understood? There are some secrets to be kept…’ she gulped the remaining vodka from the bottle she held in her other hand.

‘Yes, I-I won’t…don’t worry!’ Mrs. Wilkinson was still trembling.

Ezryl’s eyes were blood red. Her hairs were messed up, not brushed since weeks, and her body smelled strongly of drugs and liquor she was taking. She hardly took a bath, unless it was some important occasion.

The phone was beeping. It wasn’t her landline phone, but her private mobile. She walked inside, bumping into the walls and doors, she reached the phone, and picked it up. It was David.

‘Liza, we got a target, I’m mailing you all details, subject’s name is Michael, and it is scheduled for tonight.’

‘Consider it done. What about my payment?’

‘How do you wish to receive it? Hard cash or material?’

‘Of course, material! Get me some LSD, coke and unlimited supply of vodka and tequila for next 6 months. My private bar is missing them all since a long time!’ she chuckled.

‘Anything else?

‘Nothing I can remember of now, but it’s a long time, since I took LSD, I miss the trips!’ Liza disconnected the phone.

Ezryl had decided to name herself Liza for professional tasks. Just like the actors have stage names, Ezryl had hers.

She removed her bathrobe and once again admired her cuts on her wrist, and opened a cupboard in which sweet smelling perfumed soap bars were held. She chose the cherry flavour for tonight. She opened her laptop and checked the mail, transferred the data into her private comm. and picked up some towels.

She stepped inside the washroom and rotated the shower knob. She took a refreshing bath for good twenty to thirty minutes, and stepped out. The time was crucial, and her bathing time was most important, for she planned everything while in shower. The steam vapours on the glass door of her shower-cabin had the plan for tonight!

She walked inside her dressing room and chose a gorgeous red gown. She dressed herself up in barely 10 minutes. She picked up the car keys, and looked at her watch. It was 01:00 am, perfect time to leave the home, she thought.

She walked to the door, and saw Drake and her wedding picture, which was hanging on the opposite wall. She spat at Drake’s photo from a distance, abused him, locked the house and drove off. Tonight was an important night, and she couldn’t leave without paying her gratitude to her deceased husband!


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