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Chapter 2

Wasted 7

Ezryl was standing in front of the tombstone, on which the engravings stated:

Drake Jones


(A Loving Son and Husband)

Instead of gently placing them, she threw some flowers from a distance at his grave, shed a few tears, drank some liquor from the bottle she was holding in her hand, and walked away after stumbling on a few stones. She remembered that night faintly, when Drake was promoted as a senior executive officer in his company. It was the first time they went out together, the night, which arrived shortly after their wedding.

Around Two Years Ago

‘Ezryl…sweetheart we’re getting late! Hurry up!’ Drake, a man in his late twenties, with silky tuft of hair, over six feet frame and impeccably sharp features, was constantly noticing the moving needles of his brand new Rolex watch.

His newly wed wife, Ezryl was getting ready for the dinner party, they were invited on. Tonight, Drake was getting promoted in his company and it was a big night for both of them. Ezryl was confused upon her choice of clothing. She wanted to wear something seductive, but it was an official party, so she chose decent attire.

Dressed up in a glimmering black one piece falling to her ankles, with 6-inches silver stilettoes, Ezryl looked glamorous! Drake’s eyes were stuck upon Ezryl as he saw her tread down the stairs. He stepped on the first stair, held her hand, and helped her hail down. She was looking like a teenage girl, ready for Prom, no less than some Disney princess! That’s what Drake used to call her every time when she looked beautiful, and there were many such moments, for Ezryl to be called ‘Princess’, and tonight, was one of them!

‘Hey! Princess, ready for the big night?’

‘Ready as ever, my charming prince!’ Ezryl kissed him on lips and Drake held her from the waist. They both walked down the stairs, and locked the home.

Drake drove the car to the venue, and as they reached, he opened the door for Ezryl. He held her hand gently, and helped her step down. As she stood on her feet, he kissed her hand, held her from her waist, and walked her inside. They were literally behaving like high-school sweethearts.

Everyone clapped as they both entered the hall. Distant cheers and hoots could be heard and people were congratulating Drake for his professional success.

‘Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Jones’ Drake’s boss took the initiative to start with the promotions of prominent people in the company and he started with Drake.

‘What a perfect timing!’ Drake said to Ezryl and she chuckled.

Drake stepped up the stage to receive his promotion letter and to address the crowd. After a few minutes of speech, he was back with Ezryl, and in his speech, in every sentence, he thanked his wife for supporting him, he was such a loving husband!

Drake knew all the tricks to impress the ladies, and the women in his office were often jealous of Ezryl for having Drake as a husband. Ezryl rejoiced every moment of being with him, and instead of being jealous, she used to laugh off such things.

‘Sweetie, let’s make love tonight!’ Drake spoke it straight to Ezryl’s face, as they both entered their home, after the long party at 2 am.


‘You heard me, didn’t you? Let’s make love tonight…’

Ezryl blushed and smiled. She hugged him tight, and he began kissing her on her lips, and her neck. The anticipation was increasing as it was a first time for both of them after wedding! They had made out many times in college, but Ezryl wanted it to be special, although tonight she didn’t make any preparations. No candles to make the room smell good, no flowers to set up a romantic mood, nothing at all, just plain house, as usual. She was wondering whether it was okay to do it that night?

‘What? Aren’t you comfortable?’

‘Oh! No, I totally am, I mean, I never thought our first time after wedding would be like this…’

‘Why?’ Drake kissed her on her lips again.

‘Only if you let me speak?’ Ezryl laughed again, ‘Well, because I thought it to be special, as in a decorated room, a romantic background set up, some light music, flowers, candles, unlike the college time, where a hurried quickie in the library was enough for both of us…’

‘Sweetheart, that all is a formality! In the end, what matters is not which flowers you used for decorations, or which candles set up the romantic mood, or which song was playing at the background, but what matters the most is, how much you loved your partner, how intense is your love for your better half…’ Drake looked into her deep eyes.

Ezryl understood what he wanted to say, she hugged him tight, and they made love in that simple room, without any fancy decorations.

After making love, Drake lighted up a cigarette. Ezryl snatched the lit cigarette from his hand and took a deep puff.

‘You never told me you liked smoking?’ Drake was surprized.

‘No, I don’t like smoking, I’m just enacting, you know?’

‘Enacting? For what?’ Drake took the cigarette back from her. He didn’t like his wife to smoke or drink.

‘I was to tell you, Drake. I got an offer from ‘Vicinity’ the film-making company. They’re asking me to audition for their upcoming movie.’

Drake didn’t quite like the ring that the sentence had to it. He immediately got up from the bed and went to the washroom.

‘What? At least listen to me, Drake!’ Ezryl’s voice faded as Drake shut the door close on her.


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