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Chapter 14


Mary, Ezryl and David were sitting face to face in the police investigation room with three policemen surrounding them and a camera video-recording everything going inside that room.

After a lot of drama, tantrums and screams, finally Mary agreed to tell her side of the story, why she did what she did.

‘I am Mary Wisconsin, ex-wife of Mark Coleman, the owner of Vicinity, and ex-partner in Vicinity production house. I met Mark twenty five years ago in high school, and since that day I’ve loved him like anything. We have two sons, who are living with Mark’s mother now, as he won their custody last year.

Mark and I shared a loving and healthy relationship ‘until’ a woman, and that too a married woman named Ezryl entered our lives and our production house. I, Mark and Jim were school time friends, and since that time we had dreamed of our own production house. When everything was good and on track, this woman comes and destroys my home. Mark and Ezryl came closer on the movie sets. I was never in favour of taking up this woman, we had a lot of choices, but Mark was stuck with his decision. I don’t know what sorcery she performed on my husband’s mind. Being a partner in the production house, my decision mattered a lot, but this time Mark wouldn’t let me make a move. He solely confirmed everything and called up Ezryl for shoot.

One night while I was making love to him, he said ‘I love you so much, Ezryl…’ That was the time I knew that his likeness for Ezryl has entered into our bedroom from the movie sets. I was not happy with it. I got up and slapped him hard across his face. He abused me and slammed me in the cupboard. Our kids got up from sleep and we kept on arguing with each other till 4 in the morning. It was then that I called my mother from New York, who tried to negotiate the matter with Mark but he wouldn’t listen. After the entire episode of abuses and betrayal, he finally filed a divorce against me.

Then the shooting with Ezryl started and Mark changed the first scene of the movie too. The opening scene had no nudity in it, but Mark changed it all according to his will, such a pervert he was! People at the sets informed me about the first day of the shoot, how Ezryl performed the nude scene with nervousness and Mark hugged her while she wore nothing. I couldn’t believe how a man, a father of two could do such a thing? How could he forget about his family and wife and start loving another woman out of the blues? Even Ezryl was married, but her deeds made me knit this entire cobweb of murders.

I was denied the custody of my kids, as Mark’s lawyers proved me a drunkard in the court. His mother kept our sons, as Mark had bought a new home. Rumours had it that Ezryl was also going through a rough patch in her relationship. Her husband was also fighting with her and she was depressed on the movie sets. I thought she would leave the movie for her husband’s sake, but she did the opposite. She left her husband for the movie’s sake. I wasn’t happy with Drake simply leaving Ezryl, and Ezryl doing fine with her life. I wanted her to feel the pain and trauma, I wanted her to see her husband going away from her. I wanted her to feel what I felt when I saw my husband with someone else.

I didn’t plan murders right away, I obviously needed a well-knit plan, a lot of money and of course a solid reason above all, and Mark gave me that reason when the shoot came to an end and on the last day of the shoot, Mark took Ezryl at his newly bought house and they left the house in the morning. Anybody could guess what would have happened there. I was deprived of my husband, my kids and above all my production house too. Vicinity was my idea, but after the divorce, Mark and Jim threw me out as they knew I wouldn’t let them make this movie at any cost. Being majority share-holders, they had the power to overthrow me. I was literally left alone, but I had one thing in abundance and that was money. My lawyer got me billions of dollars from the Vicinity breakup, and I wanted to put it to some good use.

That’s when I hired an actress who was selected for Ezryl’s movie earlier, but Mark and his obsession with Ezryl left her with no options. Her name was Smantha and I offered her half a million dollars to woo and marry Drake. She too wanted a revenge from Ezryl who snatched her big break and being an actress, she did her job perfectly, and we sent the divorce notice to Ezryl just before the release of the movie, which acted as icing on the cake. Ezryl’s insanity had no dimensions now. Her movie flopped and so did her life as a wife. Her husband had moved on, and now she was feeling exactly what I felt a year ago. She attacked Drake, but Samantha being a good actress helped him get to the hospital. It was during Drake’s recovery that he overheard Samantha over the phone one day and came to know about her reality and our plan of destroying Ezryl. That’s when we had to add Drake in the list of the targets too, and we made him top priority to save the plan. Ezryl’s hatred was on its peak and she succeeded in killing Drake.

Meanwhile we introduced her to David, the drug mafia and introduced drugs and booze in her life. A failure’s perfect abode is sub-consciousness and we were providing that in abundance to Ezryl. Heavily doped and drugged, she could never understand the connection between all the murders that were happening through her hands. She was killing all the people associated to Vicinity one by one. I had made the plan of murdering fifteen people. Five of them are still alive. I wanted to destroy Vicinity. If I couldn’t enjoy the fruits of it, I couldn’t let anyone else enjoy them either!

First one was her husband, Drake. Second, third and fourth were Vicinity’s creative assistants, small role in the company but big role in finances, and they were the ones who agreed to take up Ezryl for the movie. Fifth and sixth were the men who organized the talent hunt in Pittsburgh, through which Ezryl was selected and seventh was Elizabeth, the woman who favoured Ezryl throughout. Eighth was Steve Ruth, the golden tooth fairy, the main producer and financer of the company, who gave Mark the idea of throwing me out of the production house, ninth and tenth were Mark and Jim, my disloyal husband and my fake friend.

About the five remaining people, two are Vicinity’s camera-men who shot Ezryl’s nude scenes for the movie. Two are her personal spot-boys who took care of her needs while she was shooting. And the last one, the fifth target, was Ezryl herself. I wanted to kill each and every person, who came in the way of me and my kids, who ruined my life and my career and who was responsible for my tears.

Being a woman, I know what jealousy is, and I know what it means to pick up remains of your crushed dreams. I couldn’t tolerate my failure as a wife, but more than that, I couldn’t tolerate her success for winning Mark. Mark is mine, only MINE!’

Mary finished off her entire story, leaving Ezryl shocked and into trauma for what she did to her. Ezryl’s life could be perfect, but she ruined it because of choosing her career over her relationship which claimed everything. Her husband, her family, her skills and even her health, everything was ruined and into ashes now. She couldn’t reverse it, she couldn’t go back or mend it. All she could do was, deal with it. Ezryl knew, she was always a sucker when it came to taking rejections, but this time, she admitted her own fault and asked the police-officers to lock her up, after all, she was the one who committed all those murders with her own hands.

After trials and prosecutions which lasted for three weeks, Ezryl and Mary, both were charged with first degree murders and sentenced over thirty years in jail, rest depending upon their behaviour inside. David was fined with hundred million dollars and charged with ten years sentence for assisting and being involved into murders and dealing and supplying illegal drugs.

Ezryl thought Drake was cheating on her, or moving on in his life without her, but she could never understand his dreams and his happiness. She was always lost in the charm of her own dreams and wishes which were being fulfilled faster than anything. She was blinded by success and money, and so blinded that she forgot the true essence of happiness and joy in life, she stopped feeling the little things and she stopped caring about anything else. She became so obsessed with drugs and dope that she couldn’t judge her own actions. On the other hand, Mary’s obsession for Mark led her to become a mastermind in all the murders she had planned over time. Her depression cost her and people around her heavily, and both of them were responsible for being ‘WASTED’ souls…


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