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Chapter 13


‘Speak up, mother Mary, or else you have no idea how we can make you speak!’ the police officer was forcing a fine, decent lady in her late thirties to confess to things she didn’t even know she had done!

‘But I’m a socialite, I help orphans and poor, how can I kill someone?’

‘Exactly! That’s how you kill someone, by deceit and masking your face with charity and donations, now spill the truth.’

‘Officer, you don’t believe me, you can have a background check, my phone details, whatever you want! I was Ezryl’s best friend in college, I admit that, but after she got married to Drake, I lost touch with her, and today I’m seeing her after ten years!’

‘Your phone call details are being examined miss, meanwhile let’s hear the truth from you so we can move on with the investigation. How did you come in touch with David Wince?’’

‘Who is David Wince?’

‘My maternal uncle who rears sheep! Do I look a fucking retard?’

‘Please Sir, don’t use such derogatory words, I beg you. I don’t even know who are the men you’re talking about and neither do I know on what base you’ve arrested me.’

‘We had a warrant against you, a recorded statement of convicts David Wince and Ezryl Jones, the team of two involved in murder of ten people linked to Vicinity production house.’

‘Sir…can I talk to you for a moment?’ a junior officer called the investigating police-man outside the room.

‘What’s the issue?’

‘Sir, look at these. These are her phone call details of all the three phones she owns, her personal mobile, her landline and her office phone. All the calls made are local and none of them matches the number that David Wince had on his mobile. We also had a background check, she visits her office and an orphanage and she has never even left Pittsburgh in last five years. The guy is lying and this woman is innocent.’

‘What the hell?’

The police-officer was confused beyond imaginations. If this Mary was clean, who was the real Mary involved in murdering or planning the murders? The officer ordered David Wince to be interrogated thoroughly once again. The man had no idea about the location or address of the lady who was providing him with unlimited amount of money for murdering people.

‘How can I make you understand? This is how we roll in mafia and drug business. We ain’t do no meetings in coffee shops or restaurants. We have phone-deals and the money is wired immediately. We don’t make mistakes and neither do we need to see the person we’re dealing with. This is how it’s done! It’s not some fucking pizza-delivery job that you need to know the address of your customer!’

‘Fine, give us the number from where you got the calls.’

‘There is no one number, she called me from different number every time and I don’t have all her numbers saved. I just have the latest one, the one she used for passing on information about mission ‘Jim’.’

‘Alright, let’s see then.’ The junior officer noted down the number from David’s mobile and made several calls on all the unknown and unregistered numbers. All the numbers were switched off. He didn’t understand what was going on, until one call was picked up by a soft spoken woman.

‘Hello?’ she spoke up. The police-officer immediately asked the department officials to trace the number’s location.

‘Hi, am I talking to Mrs Jonathan?’

‘Mrs Jonathan? No, I guess you dialled a wrong number mister.’

‘Oh, wait, aren’t you Tory Jonathan? Wife of Jacob Jonathan?’

‘Excuse me? I told you, you dialled wrong number probably. This is no Jonathan, and no Missus for sure!’

The officer was wasting time for his officials to trace the number’s location, and as his team gave him a thumbs up, he apologized to the woman for wasting her time and disconnected the call. They had the exact location of the number now. It was a residence, probably a huge palatial house in New York. No doubt David got heaps of money from this woman!

The next morning, the woman was arrested from her home in New York. She had no idea she’d be busted so easily, and neither did she had any idea that David would have the number of her first call over eight months ago. The number she was currently using, was the one from which Drake’s murder was planned, her first kill. She made this tiny mistake of having one of the ten numbers she used for planning murders.

‘What have I done? You can’t arrest me on the base of suspicion? I’m a single woman, I have not offended!’ the woman kept on screaming but nobody listened. She was immediately moved to Beverly Hills police-station for investigation and a face-to-face trial.

As the woman was brought in front of David and Ezryl, the first reaction came from Ezryl.

‘Oh my God, you?’ Ezryl was shocked to see her. She could never believe that this woman was behind all this.

‘You know her?’ David said, ‘See officer? I told you, they both be best friends from school maybe!’

‘You shut your drug-hole!’ the officer shouted, ‘Do you know her? Who is she?’

‘She is Mary…’ Ezryl slapped her forehead, how could she miss out on this woman?


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