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Chapter 12


Sometimes things are too hazy to understand, and then at times, they’re so clear that they shine right into your eyes and you turn blind to everything else. Same thing was happening with Ezryl. Earlier, things were dizzy to her and now, so clear that she was still unable to decode the person behind all of this.

She never planned on taking drugs, it was someone who met her in prison, who lured her into all of this and introduced her to David.

‘David…’ she knew it. Answers of every question were with David, the man who monitored and ordered her to kill.

‘Officer…Officer, I know who is behind all of it…Officer?’ she was shouting from her cell.

‘What’s your problem?’

‘I know who did it. I know it…it’s a man named David Wince, he lives in downtown. He owns all the underground bars there. I have seen him and I can recognize him too…’

‘David Wince, alright…’ the officer walked away jotting down a few details on his pad.

The same evening, cops did a thorough interrogation and searched the entire area. The underground bars were there, and so was David.

‘Nobody moves or I’ll shoot each person here…’ the officer raided the bar.

‘Hey, hey officer, hold on, what’s the problem? We got a licence for this place…’

‘Yeah, licence for drugs? Who provides that? Satan?’ officer mocked and handcuffed David.

He knew Ezryl had spilled beans against him, as he was aware of her arrest the other day. He was ready to be caught, but he knew he would be bailed out within minutes. His network was too strong and so was the money he had!

‘So, mister David, it would be better if you agree to what this lady is saying. We would have to undergo a lot less drama…’

‘You’re an entertaining officer, don’t you have televisions in police stations?’ David made a poor joke, the officer looked grimly at him.

‘Alright, listen. I gave her orders, but in code language and frankly, I don’t even know what those codes meant.’

‘Did he used codes?’ officer fired questions at Ezryl.

‘Yes, every time.’

‘Did he ever mention that you need to murder someone?’

‘No, he usually called it ‘mission’.’

‘Alright…’ officer noted down few details.

He knew he had to bail out David without any charges as he was a regular offender and many of his department officials were corrupt and supported his illegal businesses. Even if he’d lock him up, his seniors would order him to bail him out in no time. Moreover, David was a famous drug mafia and not a killer, everyone knew that. Even the officer was confused in this case.

‘See? I told’ya. I gave her orders which were passed on to me by someone else. She was the one who asked me to become a communication link between both of them.’

‘She? Who is she?’

‘Mary, her best friend. She said Ezryl needs a lot of strength to cope up from the devastation going on in her life and the so called missions are for some healing purpose. I got my money from her just for passing on the messages!’

‘What the hell? Who the fuck is this Mary now?’ the officer slammed his wrist on the table and Ezryl was shocked!

‘Oh my God!’ Ezryl spoke up after minutes of silence.

‘What? You know her? Who is she?’ officer was restless.

‘Yes, she’s from my college and she was fucking rich from the beginning. I never knew she would turn out to be a serial killer!’

‘You are the killer, miss. She just planned out everything…’

‘But she’s a mastermind behind all of this, I could never believe…’

‘You can be amazed later, do you know her address?’

‘Yes, she lives in Pittsburgh, near my old home.’

‘What the freaking hell? Pittsburgh? You think she monitored everything from there?’

‘Where ten millions are involved, anything is possible officer.’ David came up with his expert advice.

‘You shut up…’ officer shouted and walked out.

He prepared a team to fly to Pittsburgh tonight, meanwhile he informed the Pittsburgh police about the crime and the offender. He didn’t want any risk or even a second’s delay in anything. This case was far deeper than he thought it might be. There was no just a frustrated and depressed woman killing for a revenge, but someone else masterminding the whole thing. He couldn’t wait to know who Mary was, and what did she actually want?


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