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Chapter 11

‘Congratulations! I knew she’d do it…’ a female voice spoke up.

‘Oh, yes indeed…’ David sounded equally cheerful.

‘Now there’s one more target, and you know who. I want him finished by tonight, and its much more easier than Mark!’

David hung up and called Ezryl. He gave her instructions and she was all set for a new mission. As he sent her the photo and location of the person, Ezryl was shocked again. It was Jim Swarovski.

‘What? Why?’ again a similar reaction entertained David’s ears but he wasn’t in a mood to answer.

‘David? Why are you forcing me to kill people who meant something to me?’

‘To make you strong! So that you are practical in every decision, and not emotional.’

‘Damn it, I killed my own husband, how much more practical you want me to be?’

‘Just do as I say, Liza, don’t argue!’ David hung up. He didn’t like womanly gossips and lingering phone calls.

Ezryl killed him within a few minutes of meeting him and was crossing a street that cop-cars surrounded her from all sides.

‘Put your hands where I can see them!’ shouted an officer who was pointing a gun at her.

‘What? What have I done officer?’

‘That, you’ll know very soon, right now, just move…’ he handcuffed Ezryl and dragged her to prison.

‘Murders? Ten dead people? Oh my God! Who killed them all?’

‘A pretty woman wearing gowns, last seen with every target of hers, probably in a bar or restaurant where the suspect hangs out, isn’t difficult to find is it?’

‘Officer, there might be some grave misunderstanding…’

‘We are absolutely sure of you lady, now stop showing your fake emotions and spit up the fucking truth!’ the officer banged his wrist on the table.

‘Believe me officer, I’m a model and I do tiny assignments to pay my bills, that’s why I so lavishly dressed up. You might have confused me with someone else, who is killing them all, and maybe the killer is on loose even as we speak?’

‘No, the killer is perfectly tied up and handcuffed, and we are not mistaken. It would be easier if you start by confessing your crimes and murders, than forcing us to make you commit things you didn’t even do!’

Ezryl swallowed a lump. She was frightened this time as the matter was too serious, plus she wasn’t even drugged or doped to take things lightly.

‘Officer…I’m not lying, but I’m actually innocent…’

‘Miss, you might be thinking we’re foolish enough to grab a dressed up woman crossing a road in the midnight, with a dead body lying few blocks away from her? No, we didn’t catch you just on the base of our suspicion. You may not admit, but we have been successful in connecting the dots. The ten murders, starting from your ex-husband Drake, to the latest one – Jim, you’re killing all those associated with Vicinity in one way or another, except your ex-husband.’

‘What?’ even Ezryl had been too drugged to notice this thing in the entire year, but the officer made it clear.

‘Yes. From the business man from Boston that you murdered, to that property dealer Steve Ruth, both were major financers of Vicinity, who produced most of the films and their money was involved in a big way in many other vicinity productions. Mark and Jim, are of course famous enough be recognized and after Mark’s murder, we knew the next one on the list was Jim, and so we followed his every move to catch you. We weren’t sure if the killer was actually a woman, as the people said, or some dangerous cross-dressed man, so we didn’t make any move to save Jim.’

‘I don’t know what you’re saying, officer.’

‘Not only this, you also killed Elizabeth, the woman who had organized the big-break for Vicinity, through which you got selected to work for them, and the reason you murdered them all is pretty clear – your failure and your inability to handle it! Now, sign on these documents and get ready for a recording. We’re going to get your statement very soon, bitch…’ the officer left in anger.

Ezryl was shocked. She had been killing people all this time, but was too blind to notice that it was all a well-knitted plan. David or anyone, could never save her when everything fell against her. Even her loving husband was dead now.

‘Oh my God…who is behind this? I never planned a revenge against Vicinity, or Drake? I just wanted my drugs. Who the fuck is doing all this?’ Ezryl was talking to herself, but found herself unable to answer the questions, rather the doubts got deeper as she thought about each person and his connection with Vicinity. She hadn’t killed only the people linked to Vicinity, but the people linked to her. The common links between all the deaths wasn’t just Vicinity, but herself too!


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