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Chapter 10


Around two years ago

Ezryl was getting ready. It was first day of her shoot. Drake was already not feeling much elated about it, but he had no choice than supporting his wife.

‘All the best, darling. I know you’ll do your best but still…don’t be nervous!’

‘Drake, I’m the one who’s going in front of the camera, not you. Don’t teach me how it’s done!’

This was the first time, Drake had heard Ezryl talk like that. He still didn’t mind, for it was her first day. All he was worried about was, Ezryl getting close with her male colleagues and actors who were to perform intimate scenes. Actresses have to go through a lot, he knew. And the industry Ezryl was entering wasn’t too welcoming for women either. Female actresses had to go nude, kiss several men and even perform sex scenes, something which Drake couldn’t even imagine Ezryl to do, but for the sake of her dreams and wishes, he still let her pursue her passion.

Ezryl reached the set on time, and her actor was late. She didn’t say a word, for he was a superstar and she was the newcomer. Mark greeted her in the morning, who was preparing the scene with Jim.

‘So, are you ready, miss?’ Jim tried to comfort Ezryl. He knew the scene was tough and it was Ezryl’s first time.

‘Umm…kind of. Actually, I’m worried about my husband. He doesn’t know I’m doing these kind of scenes…’

‘Alright, listen up. You’re an actress, a model. Your body is our product that we have to sell. It’s the money making machine, you understand? If you don’t show this, you don’t get anything in this profession. And if you think you’ll quit, we won’t stop you. There’s a line of young and beautiful girls outside the studio who beg every morning to give them a break.’ Jim said it straight enough.

‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Mark entered, seeing Jim shout on the first day of shoot.

‘Nothing, I’m just explaining this miss nobody, how her petty concerns are too little for our multi-million dollar industry!’

‘Relax man, this is her first time and it’s natural. Ezryl, c’mon…’ Mark took her into her vanity van.

‘Alright, Ezryl you’re a talented girl and very talented, mind you. There may be millions outside this theatre, but nobody can replace you, remember that. Being a model is easy, but being a wife is toughest and you’re doing the toughest. I understand the concerns of your husband, but it’s you who has to make him understand the complexity of this profession. Not everyone can perform in front of the camera and it takes a lot of guts to shed clothes. I know you’re strong enough to do that, but your husband might not be strong enough to handle that, so you are the one who has to make him comfortable. Bring him to shoot if you can, so he can be sure that you’re only doing your job, and not cheating on him, are you getting me?’

‘Hmm…’ Ezryl was nervous and worried, but confident inside to pull this scene with utmost sizzle.

‘Sir, the actor has arrived…’ a spot-boy interrupted Mark and Ezryl and they went outside immediately.

The shoot started. Ezryl entered the scene, wearing only a towel around her bosom, hanging till the mid of her legs. She slowly unfolded the towel and turned her back towards the camera. In a seductive pose, she stood and dropped the towel, showing off her bare bottom.

‘And cut…perfect!’ the director screamed, and camera rolled.

‘Excellent, Ezryl…perfect shot!’ Mark hugged her, and she stood there…wearing nothing!

In the evening she stepped home. Drake was working on his laptop.

‘Hey, how was your day?’ Drake asked in a monotone.

‘Fine…’ Ezryl replied in same manner.

‘What happened? You seem disturbed. Is everything alright?’

‘Yes, it is…I just…I need a shower…I’ll be right back…’ Ezryl rushed to the washroom and turned on the shower. She stood beneath it all clothed and covered.

Drake followed her as he sensed that something was wrong.

‘Hey, what are you doing? Are you okay?’ Drake pulled her out of the shower and Ezryl hugged him and started crying.

‘Hey…hey…what’s wrong?’

‘Everyone saw me…’


‘Everyone at the shoot…they saw me…’

‘What are you saying?’

‘I feel so ashamed, Drake. I shouldn’t have signed up for this…I’m so sorry…’ Ezryl cried harder than ever.

‘What has happened? Will you bother to explain?’

‘The scene…I had this nude scene, which was my entry into the film…’

‘You had what?’ Drake could tolerate anything but not this. Even if Ezryl was crying or screaming, he wasn’t going to tolerate what she had to tell him.

‘I’m sorry, I said I’m very sorry, but I had to do it…’

‘You did what? Tell me?’

‘I shed the towel in front of camera and posed nude, which was my first scene in the movie, probably my introductory scene.’

‘And you knew it?’

‘Yes, I am sorry Drake, please forgive me…please…’

‘Goodbye Ezryl. I don’t think there’s anything left to talk about. Do me a favour, never show me your face in future, and good luck for your career!’

‘Drake please…’

‘Ez, you’re no kid who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. What you did maybe right according to you, but I can’t see my wife posing nude in front of the world, I’m sorry…’

Drake packed his belongings and left Ezryl alone in the newly bought bungalow. Ezryl went into depression and completed the remaining movie in critical condition. Her acting skills were destroyed till the movie reached its climax and she performed terribly. The directors completed the movie for the sake of completion. Everyone was sure of its failure, but Ezryl still had a little hope somewhere.

The movie flopped as per everyone’s expectations and Ezryl’s career finished before it started. She couldn’t take it, moved into drugs and destroyed her remaining life.


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