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Chapter 7 – Unspoken Sacrifices!

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He still remembered the promise he gave to her in the third semester, of getting married to someone and not being a bachelor forever, and now it was the time to fulfill her last demand. He got married, with a girl his mother chose for him, falling in love was impossible for him, he decided to live…now when he had every luxury of life, he finally decided to live his life, though not with Anushka, but with Piya. She was so much younger than him…and she loved him with a whole heart…but Kavish cared for her like a family member, nothing more…his heart just couldn’t accept any other girl except for Anushka…

After their marriage, they held a press conference, for the most eligible bachelor got married; paparazzi needed some spice to add to their boring daily news telecast. But Kavish just thanked everyone for blessing them and left a message in the name of an unknown lady,

‘I owe this success to someone, without her, I wouldn’t have made it this far…where ever you are, I just want to thank you. Thank you for being with me, for making the biggest sacrifice of your life, your sacrifice, changed the fate of many…thank you.’

Anushka had lived her life with her husband…and she fulfilled every duty of being a good wife, mother, daughter-in-law…nobody had even a single complaint from her in her entire life…but she had an ache in her heart…of hiding her past from Ritwik. While lying on her death bed, someone came to visit her.

‘Rashmi? Oh, how are you?’ Anushka was weak and pale.

‘Anushka…long time…last I met you in school only, how are you? What happened?’

‘Nothing…just waiting for final peace…’

‘Shut up, don’t talk like that! How’s Kavish?’

‘I don’t know any Kavish, I just know Ritwik, my husband…’

‘What? You guys didn’t marry? What happened?’

Life Happened…’ Anushka said and departed into heavens.

Her eyes closed forever, and she sallied into eternal peace. Her secrets always remained safe in her ill heart, her husband cried for he lost the best wife of the world, her children cried for they lost the best mother…Kavish cried, for he lost his first love…but never did he mentioned her to Piya…

Kavish and Anushka’s love was as pure as first dew drops, as sacred as holy water…while Kavish fulfilled his duty of being a good son, provided his family their lost pride, and Anushka fulfilled her duty as a good daughter, wife, mother…and whatever role she was subjected to play, never did she mentioned anything about Kavish to anyone…a woman’s heart is full of love, it can never fall short of care and kindness, and is an ocean of secrets, never can she hurt someone who loves her…

True love is nothing, but a series of unspoken sacrifices…one doesn’t always needs to stay forever with the lover…but make sure that the relationship never gets cursed or abused. Kavish and Anushka’s decision of breakup was worth it, had they not broken up, Anushka would have ruined her relationship with her family, Kavish would have never forgiven himself for spoiling Anushka’s life…but their unspoken sacrifices made both of their lives worth living and it also served Kavish’s purpose of regaining their lost dignity and self-esteem. He had priorities above Anushka and nobody could understand him better than Anushka…so she left him for his own self…

Some people think that its holding on that makes one strong…but sometimes, it’s letting go…


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