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Chapter 6 – Tables Have Turned!



They graduated and Kavish started a job in a Multi-National Company, while Anushka’s father started receiving matrimonial proposals for his daughter. Though now they never talked, but they both knew that their love will always remain the same and would never die. Anushka got married to a rich wealthy business-man, but she never talked about her past. She could never hurt someone who wasn’t at fault. Her husband accepted her, loved her, gave her all the happiness of the world, and soon she also settled down in her new life, she knew that all the wait was worthless now, Kavish was her past and Ritwik was her present and future. She broke all contacts with Kavish and was a happy lady in front of the world, the new CEO in front of his husband’s employees, and a cheerful bride in front of her in-laws. Nobody could read her heart…and she buried all her past and her secrets deep inside…her heart was a deep ocean of secrets and emotions that no one could read…

25 years later…

Anushka was now the mother of two lovely kids, a son and a daughter. Ritwik loved her more than anyone else…on one side, she had guilt of hiding her past from him, but on the other side, she was happy for she could never hurt him. She loved him with whatever she had…

‘Am I wrong for what I did?’ she was talking to herself. ‘No, I’m not wrong, what if I would have told Ritwik about Kavish, what difference would it had made? Nothing…in fact Ritwik could just drift apart from me and we would have had problems in our married life…if I’m making him happy by hiding my past, it’s not cheating…I don’t love Kavish now, it’s been 25 years since I last saw him…after all, one cannot achieve anything by unearthing the dead.’

On the other side, Kavish had now started a huge multimillion dollar chemical industry and was the owner of several Audi’s and BMW’s. The tables had turned, but he lacked one thing…a girl in his life…he was still a bachelor, the most desirable one though…and his family never pushed him for marriage, they knew about Anushka and his decision that time.

‘Son, now we have everything, why don’t you think about settling down?’

‘I am well settled mom!’

‘I’m talking about marriage Son…’

‘I don’t want to…but I know I have to…Anushka took it as a promise from me 25 years back…I haven’t heard her or saw her since then, but I still remember our last talk…in our 3rd semester of our engineering. Rest 5 semesters, we didn’t talked even. Life changed after that…’

25 Years Ago…

3rd Semester…

‘Anushka…are you listening? Promise me you’ll never hurt yourself, and you’ll never even think of doing anything to yourself understand? No suicide, no cuts, nothing…PROMISE ME! You’ll always take care of yourself and you’ll never cry because of me.’

‘I promise Kavish…’ She couldn’t even speak properly; her tears and her continuous crying of 5 hours choked her badly.

‘Please, don’t cry Anu, God will never forgive me, I made you cry, I am the culprit, God will punish me, please don’t cry…you are already doing so much for me, you know it’s my fault, still you decided to break up, for me, for my dreams and my priorities, that are now above any relationship…I’m sorry but it’s the truth…’

‘You promise me one thing too…’


‘That you will not spend your life as a bachelor…you will get married with a girl of your choice or your parent’s choice…promise me. Whenever you settle down, whenever you fall in love again…’

He said nothing…he could only remember his once said words, ‘I love you so much Anushka, it’s either you, or nobody…and if something happens to you, I’ll die!’

‘Kavish…where are you lost? What are you thinking? Promise me…’

Life had already done so much…then what could happen with one more compromise?

‘Fine…I Promise…’



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