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Chapter 4 – The Proposal!


Kavish’s phone was buzzing since morning. He was busy preparing everything. He was the one, organizing a party especially for Anushka, under Arun’s name. Everyone knew it, apart from Anushka. Arun enacted as if he’s the organizer, in front of Anushka. But it was Kavish who was all stuck up.

‘Listen dude, red roses means red roses, any fault and I’ll rip your head apart!’ Kavish was furiously shouting on the phone.

Relax Kavish…chill, have some water!’ Rashmi passed a bottle to Kavish who was going red in anger and frustration.

‘Just few more hours left, and they haven’t even got the roses, what am I supposed to do now?’

‘Chill, you just go and get ready, everything will sort out. Wait let me have a check on Anushka, whether she’s coming or not!’

‘Hell NO! She can’t CANCEL it. Go GET HER, RASHMI!’ Kavish screamed.

Rashmi drove to Anushka’s place. Anushka was dressed up like a princess. A red frock ending just above her knees, with shining red metallic stilettos and a pair of nice silver earrings.

GORGEOUS!’ exclaimed Rashmi. They both moved out, and headed for the party.

As they entered the hall, it was all dark, Anushka was sad and disheartened, as she expected Kavish to be with his girlfriend today. Even Rashmi had a boyfriend now. She was the only one who felt so alone.

‘Listen, Rashmi. I really don’t feel like going in, please, can I go? You guys enjoy!’

‘Hell no, Anushka. Please, If you’ll not come, I’m also not going. Let Namit find some other girlfriend’

‘No! What are you doing? Fine, let’s go…’

They moved in. The lights started increasing, and their whole class was present in the hall. Kavish was nowhere to be spotted. Neither did Anushka asked about him, for she expected him to be with his girl.

‘Hey, you look adorable! Where’s your valentine?’ Namit asked Anushka in a teasing manner.

Anushka just smiled faintly. She was in no mood to answer him. While Namit and Rashmi were cuddling, Anushka felt so helpless and lonely. She missed Kavish so much at that moment.

The lights suddenly blackened out. Nobody had any hint, why? There was a spotlight, and Kavish entered. Wearing black tuxedos, and black shining leather shoes, his hair styled up, he looked drop-dead handsome. For a moment, even Anushka was spell bound. She couldn’t believe that it was the same old Kavish who used to tease her in class.

‘Ladies, and all the gorgeous ladies…oh…the gentlemen too! Well, this party, is for someone special. Someone who means a lot to me, someone I love…’ Kavish took a pause, and everyone started hooting and clapping.

Anushka started to leave, but was stopped by Rashmi, who held her arm tightly.

‘That special girl, is here only, But before I tell you, who my lady is, I want you to know how much she means to me. She is the one, who has known me the best. The one who has always been there for me, as a friend, as a guide, and as a lover too, but she herself is unaware of how much she loves me! That is why today I’m here, to make her realize it. She is the only person with whom I’ve shared all my deep-dark secrets, and the even the most embarrassing moments. She thinks she’ll find another girlfriend for me, and that will make me happy? But what she doesn’t thinks, is that only one person can make me happy, in this entire world…and that is her…that is ANUSHKA…My Anushka…’ Kavish smiled and extended out a hand towards Anushka.

Anushka was mesmerized and totally shocked. She couldn’t digest anything at all. Tears were flowing out of her eyes, and she was standing still, as if someone gave her some punishment. Rashmi pinched her, and she was brought back into her senses. She couldn’t think of anything at that moment. Rashmi pushed her forward, towards Kavish, who held her hand tightly, and brought her closer to him. With one hand on her waist, and other hand holding her hand, Kavish gently kissed her on her forehead. Anushka cried and hugged him tightly. Everyone clapped and hooted for the new formed couple.

Kavish stepped back, and bent on his knee, took out a small bunch of red roses from the inner pocket of his blazer. Anushka accepted it, with wet eyes, and a big smile on her face. Then, he again searched his second pocket for something, he took out a small box, which had the white chocolate bar, with ANUSHKA written on it. She held it in her hands and kept looking at it, smiling and crying, it was the happiest day of her life! Then Arun stepped in, he had the big pink teddy in his hands, Kavish took the teddy from Arun and gave it to Anushka. The series of surprises was endless that day. Kavish got up and moved closer towards Anushka.

The time when everyone thought it was over, and that they could dance and enjoy the party, Kavish suddenly bent down again and pulled out a gold ring from his pocket. Everyone clapped and hooted, Anushka started screaming, and she hugged Kavish tightly. It was the best anyone could ever expect! Kavish proposed her to be his girlfriend, and she immediately said YES!

‘I am a good boyfriend, right?’ Kavish winked at Anushka.

‘Yea, RIGHT. Mr. Boyfriend!’ Anushka gave her best smile.

‘See, I did everything one can do in a Valentine’s Week, I gave you a rose, chocolate, teddy, a hug, a kiss, a proposal, a promise to be with you forever, and made your Valentine’s Day special!’

Anushka kissed him on his cheek and smiled back. She had no words, for any words would be less to define how happy she was.

Everyone started dancing with their partners, Kavish and Anushka were lost in themselves. Anushka still thought she was dreaming and gestured Kavish again and again to pinch her, and check if it was real or a dream!

Kavish was happy, for he finally had his girl.

Anushka was happier, for she finally realized her love.

And they had the most beautiful Valentine’s Day Ever…



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