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Chapter 2

gudiya night club 2

Stepping on the land of Thailand, shook Jay a bit. People come over to celebrate and spend their vacations in the best possible way, and he was going to explore one of the dirtiest and hidden businesses of the world.

‘Where’s the cab?’ Jay asked a crew member.

‘I’m calling sir, they’re on their way.’

‘They better be fast, my back is paining like hell with this tedious journey!’

‘Sorry sir, give us five minutes.’

The cab arrived and they all headed to their hotel. After few hours of rest and dinner, they set on the streets of Thailand.

‘Where should we start off, sir? I guess this is the right place…’ a crew member showed Jay, a map of Bangkok, in which the suspected areas were highlighted with red.

‘Have you worked with me before?’

‘No sir.’

‘Then shut the fuck up and just do as I say, instead of giving me some stupid advices.’

‘Sorry sir.’ The man was horrified at Jay’s blunt behaviour. This is going to be a long, horrible tour, he thought!

‘Where is that journalist? That person from Bangkok who was going to assist us? Dixit told me there was someone from Bangkok only who was to join us.’

‘He’s here, sir.’ The man pointed towards a chubby, short and fair man, who was wearing flower-printed shirt, as if he was celebrating!

‘Ola, Indians! Your boss Dixit told me you were coming, welcome to Thailand!’ he giggled.

‘You think this is a joke?’ Jay was holding his head now, ‘With this stupid crew, and a moron like you, I don’t think this assignment will ever come to an end.’

‘You are one grumpy old man. Your wife must be annoyed with you…hahaha!’ that Thai-man laughed out loud.

‘Listen, you better stay out of my personal life, and tell me the most vulnerable area.’

‘Every area is vulnerable, you should only have an eye to search for the candy!’ the man winked.

Jay didn’t like this strange person. Dixit had assigned him, which meant he must be useful, but till now, the man displayed all qualities of being totally stupid and useless.

‘Listen up, everyone!’ Jay addressed the crowd around him.

‘First, tell me your name.’ Jay pointed towards that Thai man.

‘I’m Anil.’

‘Better, let’s keep it short only, Anil. So, tell me what plan you got, or whatever you discussed with Dixit.’

‘First of all, I’m helping you here, because you are Indians, and so am I. Thai police won’t ever help you because many of the times they have accounts and settlements with the pimps, who control all the prostitutes. You can’t expect a nice behaviour or any type of co-operation from them, once you are in mess. Stay away from any kind of dispute, just interview the girls, and finish off your documentary, as soon as possible.’

‘I know my work, and we are here to simply finish it off. I have no intentions of getting myself into any mess.’

‘Let’s first go to that club.’ Anil pointed towards a club, that showed some signs of their native language.

On the entrance, there was a huge poster of a girl in bikini, they knew that it was the right place. They all entered the club and they were not searching the wrong place. The club was full of girls, and seeing their gestures only, they knew they had found their targets, but searching Indian girls, was the real challenge. The Thai girls, barely understood English, and any Indian girl, was hard to locate.

‘Look, there!’ a crew member pointed towards a dancer, who was leaning on the pole, showing some seductive moves to the audiences. She was an Indian; the only girl with big eyes and brownish skin tone. Yes, she was an Indian.

Jay moved forward to confront her, and offered her hundred Baht. She took it, and walked down the ramp.

‘Here or somewhere else?’ she asked sliding her finger across his face.

‘Come out.’ He held her hand, and brought her out.

They all went to a nearby hotel and started the shoot. Jay told her that they wanted to make a documentary and needed some strong evidences about Indian girls, who are into this dirty business, abroad. That girl, clearly disagreed to co-operate.

‘Listen mister, if I agree to speak up, my owners will kill me, or worse, won’t give me any food and I’ll starve to death. I don’t want that to happen, so better, fuck off, and here, take your money.’ She threw the note across Jay’s face.

Jay got up in repulse, but the other members stopped him.

‘Hey, don’t force yourself into some mess. Hold it man…it happens!’ Anil advised.

‘I don’t think anything is possible tonight, everyone, just leave from here, and head towards the hotel, I’ll be back shortly.’

‘But Jay, you can’t stay here alone…’

‘I said, I’ll be back shortly, now get yourself down the street, right now!’

Everyone rushed towards the street as they knew, Jay never tolerates anything, apart from his orders. Jay also left the hotel and started walking on the street. He knew the way back to his hotel, but he chose to walk in a completely opposite direction. On his way, he saw a lady, standing alone, her hands on her stomach, maybe she was in pain?

‘Hello, are you alright?’

‘Get lost!’ the lady screamed.

‘Hey, I’m an Indian, and you also seem to be an Indian. I’m trying to help. What’s the matter, lady?’ Jay tried to calm her down.

‘Gudiya, my name is Gudiya…’


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