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Chapter 11

gudiya last

Sun shined and the morning rays entered the huge blue coloured building, which had huge banners fixated on the front wall, and the whole building appeared to be an old, rusty one. There was a tiny name plate, probably too old and tarnished that only the name ‘Evans’ was visible on it. From the outer appearance, it looked like a weak building, but who knew that life begged to survive inside it. The girls were in bondage and tortured so brutally!

‘Are you sure this is the place?’ Dixit examined the building from top to bottom.

‘Well, outer appearance really can’t explain the things happening inside!’ Jay pointed out.

‘What are we waiting for? Let’s break in!’ Dixit along with some Thai police officials broke in the house of Grace Evans where she was supposed to live.

She had no knowledge about this sudden raid, and she was sitting comfortably on her couch, but was startled as she saw some cops entering.

‘Are you Grace Evans?’ Jay asked.

‘Yes, I am!’ the woman spoke.

She was barely in her mid-forties, fair skin, short in height, merely reached Jay’s shoulder, freckles on her face, and a heavy pair of spectacles that looked like a burden on her nose. At first, Jay couldn’t believe that she was the woman who made life miserable for Gudiya and Sana.

Where on one side, Jay and Dixit with some police officials, broke in at Evans’ place, on the other side, Mahi, Sana and the remaining crew, with surgeons, went to the graveyard, rescued Gudiya and took her to the hospital for medical assistance.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll be alright!’ Mahi was wiping off the sweat from Gudiya’s forehead.

‘Who are you?’ Gudiya spoke in a weak voice.

‘I am Mahi, Jay’s…’ Mahi suddenly stopped. She had no relation to Jay, at least not till today!

Gudiya smiled feebly and they all placed her on stretcher, keeping in mind her four months pregnancy, and moved her to the hospital.

‘Where is the transmitter, do you have any idea?’ the Doctor asked.

Gudiya turned over, and pointed towards her right leg. The doctor detected it with a metal detector, they operated on her, and took it out. It was still working, Grace Evans must’ve known about her movement, but they didn’t care anymore as Jay was there to handle the rest.

‘Will I be alright?’ Gudiya asked the Doctor.

‘You are completely alright! What has happened to you? Nothing! We have examined you; even your child is healthy!’ Doctor smiled.

Gudiya was filled with a new hope, of living a new life, with a new energy. She thanked Mahi and the rest of the crew. She couldn’t thank them more. She hugged Sana.

‘Ma’am, the passports are done.’ A crew member rushed in with two passports of Sana and Gudiya. They had talked to the Indian Embassy in Thailand and arranged for emergency passports for the girls. The embassy agreed upon providing an emergency passport, and even a visa on such a short note.

Mahi looked at the passports, and handed it over to Gudiya. She couldn’t believe it! She kissed her ticket to freedom, and folded her hands to thank them all.

‘You don’t need to do this, Gudiya. Relax! You are four months pregnant, and you need rest…’

‘Without you, I would have died, and you talk about taking rest? If I’m alive, and if my child is alive today, it’s all because of you!’ Gudiya smiled with a tear in her eye.

On the other hand, Jay and Dixit were both focused upon Grace Evans.

‘They are lying, sick bitches!’ the woman was screaming.

‘Yeah, right!’ the police official dragged her from her hand-cuffs in the van.

‘Leave me, I’m not doing anything illegal!’

‘We have a warrant, the victim is alive, we have the video, if you do not co-operate, we have the order to shoot you too!’ the official pointed a gun at her forehead. The woman shut up immediately!

‘Mission Accomplished!’ Dixit hugged Jay.

‘You know, Jay? Without you, I wouldn’t have done this. And I came here, not to get most shocking story of the history, but to rescue that innocent girl. I couldn’t help myself…and I really want to meet her now. Mahi informed me that they’re in hospital and she’s alright.’

‘Let’s go then…’ Jay hopped in the back seat of the car and they all went to the hospital.

They reached hospital within minutes. The car came to a screeching halt in front of the hospital. Jay and Dixit ran towards the room. They opened the door and found a smiling, happy woman, lying on bed. It was Gudiya. Nothing satisfied Jay anymore, he looked up and thanked God for making his wish come true. Gudiya flashed her passport and Jay smiled back. She folded her hands to thank him, he came rushing in, and held her hands.

‘You don’t need to, Gudiya. You don’t know how worried I was when I was told that you died…’

Gudiya said nothing, but she held Mahi’s hand, and placed it over Jay’s hand. She did something that gathered her claps and cheers from all around. The crew members could never gather enough courage to do such a thing ever! But Gudiya did it.

Jay got up, and everyone expected an outburst, but they all were shocked as he hugged Mahi and kissed her on her forehead.

‘I love you…Will you marry me?’ Jay proposed to her in front of everyone. They all clapped and cheered. Such an unusual proposal it was, in a hospital. But nevertheless, love never sees a place.

‘I will!’ Mahi said and jumped to hug Jay. They kissed, and everyone clapped!

‘Quick, everyone, we need to rush in. Our flight is in few hours!’ Jay signalled everyone to move outside the hospital. The Doctors discharged Gudiya, and they said she could travel.

‘But don’t we have a flight day after tomorrow?’ Mahi said.

‘No! Dixit hired a chartered plane, and we’re flying today. We’ll be in India in a few hours…’ Jay said and left the hospital room.

‘India…’ Gudiya sighed. She heard the name after ages, and it was a long time since she visited her country the last time! She couldn’t be happier today.

They all boarded the flight and returned to India. Gudiya was famous, as the story had already been on heights in India, and with a few more interviews with Jay on Channel ‘R-News’, her story came into limelight. People cried and sobbed and everyone felt sympathy for her. They all were connected to her, and her story.

After Six Months

Gudiya returned with Sana, to Sana’s hometown, Agra, where she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She named it Mahi, to honour Jay and his sacrifices and struggle to take her out of that mess. They decided to visit the Taj-Mahal in evening. Sitting in front of Taj Mahal, Gudiya asked Sana:

‘Is it true that Shah Jahan got it constructed for Mumtaz? He loved her so much, really?’

‘Yes! Not only this, he also planned to construct a black Taj Mahal, just in front of this one, where his body was supposed to be buried, but it never happened, as his cruel son Aurangzeb imprisoned his own father, and so, Shah Jahan was buried in this Taj Mahal only, along with Mumtaz. And till today, they are together…’

‘Love exists…it does!’ Gudiya kissed little baby Mahi’s forehead.


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