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Chapter 10

gudiya 10

‘The matter is more of a legal one now, than merely personal, I suggest involving some Thai Police and medical assistance.’ Anil rubbed his hands together.

‘I agree upon that. It has converted into a battle now, and we can’t win unless we have firm support. They’re the ones who are doing illegal things, dragging innocent lives into dirty business, and we’re the good ones, trying to save them. They should be afraid and not us!’ Mahi spoke out.

‘This isn’t one of Bollywood drama or teenage fiction story that you think you can pull it off with an ease! Don’t lecture me about the good and the bad things of the world, and who is right or wrong. Everyone has his own perception, and whatever they’re doing, is also not wrong according to them! So better, apply your brain on work, rather than designing some character-plot for our amusement, out of the mess we are in right now!’ Jay’s outburst made Mahi shiver, literally.

She knew he was one hell of a short tempered man and when it came to being professional, he never tolerated any kind of nonsense. Jay Parekh was a damn straight forward man with a hell of a personality. Everyone hated him for his attitude, but then, everyone loved him and appreciated him, for his work. That was what he desired, anyways!

‘What do you suggest then, Mr. Perfectionist?’ Mahi pointed out Jay, seductively.

Jay moved his sight away. He never liked distraction while working, but he couldn’t tell Mahi to go away, either.

‘Well, I guess we should talk to Dixit and get some Thai police involved. And let’s arrange for some medical assistance for Gudiya. Also, I want some surgeons, down the graveyard as soon as possible, who can remove or at least, diffuse the damn transmitter.’

Everyone made some quick notes, and rushed into different directions. Jay never liked delay in his work, and his orders, better be followed immediately! Jay, Mahi and Anil were the only three who were left in the room. Jay called up Dixit, in India.

‘Hey brother! How’s everything?’ Dixit’s voice was chirpy and he sounded merry.

‘Listen, can you arrange some legal assistance here? We’re in a deep shit.’

‘What happened?’

‘Dixit, later. Do as I say…’ Jay hung up.

Sometimes, Dixit felt as if he’s the employee and Jay is the boss, but he didn’t mind so far his business was going well. Dixit had earned millions and billions of dollars with this venture, and most of the reports or documentaries that were aired, were hosted by none other than, Jay Parekh. He was always indebted to Jay, for never leaving Channel R-News, despite of being offered higher packages by other channels and news-telecasting companies.

Within a few minutes, Dixit called back, assuring some legal assistance soon. They waited in the room for the crew to return. In the evening, probably everyone was back from their respective duties.

‘I talked to a police officer and told him that there are some pimps who are forcefully keeping some Indian girls hostage, and forcing them to sell their bodies.’ A young girl, huffed and spoke hurriedly.

‘And…?’ Jay crossed his fingers.

‘And he agreed to track them down and arrest them, provided we had a live witness and the victim who can confess it all! Because, he said that earlier also, there were reports regarding forced prostitution, but nobody came out and spoke up, so the case was dropped. They need hard evidence this time, to heat up the case again.’

‘Excellent!’ Jay patted the girl’s back. The girl was probably about to faint, as she never hoped that her work would be appreciated by Jay Parekh.

‘And you?’ Jay pointed towards a guy in his mid twenties.

‘Well, sir, I went to a surgeon and he said he can come with us, but he has to take the patient away for a surgery to remove the transmitter. She cannot be operated in the grave.’

‘Alright, we’ll see to it later, in short, at least he agreed.’

‘Yes, sir!’ the guy spoke with a broad smile on his face!

‘Good job. What about you?’ Jay pointed towards another guy.

‘Here, you can see my work.’ the guy extended his hand to offer him a video camera.

Jay connected the camera to the TV in the room so everyone could see what the guy had to offer. The video started playing, it was the graveyard and the video had something from Gudiya. The guy went there to give her food and water, and some medicines as pain killers. The guy fed her medicines, and made sure she ate the food. The video had captured everything, from the medicine intake, to her nutritious lunch. In the end, she just folded her hands to thank Jay and his team. The guy had strict instructions from Jay not to speak even a word, and Gudiya herself knew that, uttering even a single word could become life risking thing for her.

Her moist eyes were a proof enough, of how grateful she was to have her saviours with her. She still had a hope to survive.

‘This lady, she is a fucking inspiration!’ Jay got up in honour of Gudiya, who never lost hope in her life, despite seeing the worst circumstances.

‘She indeed is…’ Mahi wiped off tears from her eyes.

‘Alright, take some sleep, everyone. We got a lot to do tomorrow. Some Thailand police officials will join us tomorrow, and we’re going to end this agony for Indian women, forever!’

Everyone cheered up and took it as a mission. It was the first time that they were doing something different than just news reporting and telecasting. Everyone went to their respective rooms, and Jay got a call, it was Dixit.

‘Hey, I am flying tonight, and will reach Thailand probably tomorrow.’

‘Why? Buddy we can handle it, you keep track of the channel.’

‘Channel is not going to shut down in a week or so, it’s already been 5 days that you guys are here, and trapped down. I’m coming over with some influential personalities, and Thai police will join you tomorrow.’

‘Thanks a lot, but Dixit…’

‘Grace Evans…’


‘Name of the pimp, who does such brutal stuff with her girls, she’s the worst here, and I’m not surprised that you encountered one of her girls!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, I mean, Jay Parekh’s life can’t always be straight, there have to be some twists and turns!’ Dixit giggled across the phone, ‘and you know what? That woman, Grace, she also administers porn-websites. Her own girls, are forced into that too!’

‘What?’ Jay was now immune to shocks, this one didn’t hit that hard!’

‘Yes! So, we obviously need something more than you can arrange there, that’s the reason I’m flying tonight. See you tomorrow, good night!’

‘Night…’ Jay hung the phone.

Jay’s bed was full of gadgets and electronic devices. He moved the things a bit, made a space and lied down. He tried to sleep, but couldn’t. His mind was trapped in that grave, with Gudiya. He wanted to rescue her at any cost…


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