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Chapter 11


‘I don’t know mom, she went to the restroom and when I went to check on her, she was lying unconscious on the floor. I don’t know what happened to her!’ Akanksha narrated the whole story to her mother who was there at the hospital with Natasha’s parents and Shrey’s family.

‘Maybe food poisoning?’ Natasha’s mother stated her viewpoint.

‘But we ate the same food too, Maasi!’ Akanksha said.

‘Was she sick before you took her along?’

‘Na, Maasi! She was totally fit and fine, rather she chose that place for dinner.’

‘God! What has happened to my girl?’

‘Don’t worry aunty, she’ll be fine! Sometimes it’s nothing but exertion.’ Shrey consoled Natasha’s mother.

‘I hope that’s the only thing, son! Thank you for bringing her here on time…’

‘Aunty! Don’t say that…Natasha is like my own daughter! My youngest sister-in-law, and we all love her, have patience.’

With their conversations going on, the doctor arrived with Natasha’s health report.

‘I want the girl’s parents to assist me to my office.’ The doctor said and walked away. Natasha’s parents followed him.

‘Sir, Ma’am…please have a seat…’ the doctor was increasing their anticipation every moment, and they were getting more nervous with each passing second.

Natasha’s mother held her husband’s hand tightly.

‘Your daughter is pregnant. But I don’t think she’s married, right? This is a very sensitive piece of news, that’s why I wanted to break it to you in person…’ The doctor said the words, they were least hoping to hear.

Natasha’s parents were shocked beyond they could handle. Her father almost had a panic attack, and her mother started crying. They didn’t know anything about her personal life, they were totally unaware of the guys she was dating and they had no idea about her pregnancy.

‘But doctor, she’s only 19! Maybe there’s an error in examination, I request you to please check her again, she can’t be pregnant!’ Natasha’s mother pleaded.

‘See, a pregnancy exam can’t be wrong when the patient is two months pregnant!’

‘Two months?’ her mother had no words now. Her father was also silent. Inside he vowed to just kill Natasha whenever she’ll be discharged. This news was such a shame, not only to their family, but to Akanksha’s family and her in-laws too!

‘Should we break this news to them?’ Natasha’s mother asked her husband.

‘Of course! They have a right to know. I’ll tell them all myself, and then we’ll decide what we have to do with this girl!’

Natasha’s father got up in aggression and walked out of the Doctor’s cabin. Outside, where everyone was waiting for them in the corridor, he rushed towards Akanksha’s father, and told him everything. Soon the news spread, and Akanksha was petrified to the core. This was something she never wanted to happen, because after this, things were no more in their control now. She looked at Shrey with confused and sad sight. Shrey held her hand gently and told her to be calm right now.

‘Shrey, son, tell me, did you know about this? You knew about her pregnancy, did you?’ Natasha’s father was literally shaking Shrey’s shoulders. Shrey could witness the pain and shame in a loving father’s eyes!

‘Uncle, calm down, please! Come aside…’ Shrey took Natasha’s father to a corner.

‘Uncle, she was dating Jayant…’

‘Who Jayant?’

‘Jayant Sahni…’

‘Sahni? Son of that MLA?’


‘Jesus! He’s a bloody criminal, scoundrel, rapist, he raped my daughter, I’ll kill that bastard!’

‘Uncle, uncle…uncle please…listen…listen to me first, uncle…please!’ Shrey tried to hold him to one place. His blood red eyes had a vow to kill both, whoever did this to his daughter, and his daughter!

‘She was in a relationship with him, he didn’t rape her or anything! Maybe if you try to talk to Jayant about it, or his family…only if you want things to sort out, because killing someone isn’t a solution.’

‘If you knew everything, why didn’t you tell us?’

‘Uncle, we knew about her relationship, and Akanksha and I, both were trying to make her understand that the guy isn’t worth it. We both were trying so hard since last one month, to make them both split apart, but Natasha was so stubborn that despite our opposition, she wasn’t ready to leave him!’

‘You should have told us!’

‘We didn’t want to! Uncle, there was a purpose behind everything. We wanted to break them apart first and mend her life with love and care. If we would have told you, your strictness and restrictions would have made her cross her limits!’

‘So, what do you think she did now? She’s pregnant! Is this within her limits and boundaries…?’

‘I know…she crossed all the limits, but believe me, we had no idea about her pregnancy, before tonight! I swear!’ Shrey’s eyes were speaking the truth. Natasha’s father believed him.

‘What should we do now? Let her wake up and I’ll make sure she doesn’t see tomorrow morning!’

‘No! Uncle! This isn’t the solution, please try to understand! That’s the only thing I’m trying to make you understand, we have to deal with love and affection, she needs it the most right now! Imagine what would she be feeling right now? Try to be supportive…’

Both Shrey and Natasha’s father returned to the corridor, where everyone was waiting for them.

‘Why are you crying now? There’s no use of crying over a dead soul!’ Natasha’s father screamed at his wife.

Shrey slapped his forehead. His lectures went all in vain. The man was stubborn to kill his daughter instead of finding a solution. Shrey knew that if things will be in their hands, nothing will change. He himself called up Jayant, and called to meet him at a coffee shop.


‘Now what, Shrey?’ Akanksha was strolling in the corridor with her hand on her forehead. Her wrinkled forehead depicted her tension, while Shrey’s mind was entirely somewhere else.

‘Nothing, even I don’t know what will happen next…’ Shrey held her hand and took her inside, in their room.

‘What do you think?’ Akanksha was still worried.

‘Nothing, come here…’ Shrey started undressing her.

‘GOD! What are you doing Shrey? I’m so tensed, and all you can think about is, sex?’

‘Yes! It’s the best way to divert your mind, so that I can come up with some solution. Come’on now sweetheart, divert my mind…’ Shrey pulled her towards him.

Akanksha was reluctant at first, but a few kisses made her lose herself in his arms.

‘Come…’ Shrey took her to the bathroom and switched the showers on.

‘What are you doing, Shrey? This dress is designer!’ Akanksha was still wearing the same clothes she went in to have dinner last night. Shrey undressed her completely, and they both were standing naked in a few moments, under the shower, getting drenched.

Shrey hugged Akanksha’s wet and slippery body tightly.

‘I’ll not leave him…I’ll not leave that bastard, I swear…’ Shrey whispered and kissed Akanksha.


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