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Chapter 9


The next morning, Shrey and Akanksha were ready. The driver was on the gate with the car and they went to some old churches. Then they explored Wellington and attended a bird concert in Zealandia. Some old and exotic species of birds were especially trained for the concert and it was one of the major attractions of the place.

In the evening, they returned to their resort.

‘I can’t believe it, Shrey!’

‘What, sweetheart?’

‘The birds…they were so charming! What a beautiful thing that was…isn’t it?’

‘Yeah, but not more than you…’ Shrey kissed her lips.

‘I was just looking at you, you know?’ Shrey said, and Akanksha blushed.

‘What? Why are you blushing?’ Shrey teased her as she was looking at the ground.

‘Stop it, please!’ Akanksha turned her back towards him, but he hugged her from behind.

‘There’s no curtain between us now, after the last night. Then why are you feeling so shy? I’ve seen you, you’ve seen me, then what’s there to blush? You should be confidently seducing me by now, walking in the room just in a two piece bikini…’ Shrey laughed.

Akanksha hit him lightly in his stomach with her elbow and ran away covering her face, blushing red.

They rested for a few hours, as the next place was the most beautiful of all. Shrey knew that Akanksha would love it. That’s why he didn’t tell her his plans.

Next destination was Lake Tekapo. They packed their bags, and Shrey hired a vintage bike.

‘Aren’t we going in a car, or a cab?’

‘No, sweetheart…the journey is the most interesting thing…’

‘Shrey, are you sure we won’t be lost?’

‘You trust me?’

‘Of course…’

‘Then jump on!’

Akanksha hopped in the backseat and they both went to explore the lake.

‘The best thing one can do here, is star gazing…’ Shrey spread a sheet on the ground, placed the food basket nearby and they both made their little picnic there. Soon, the sun set and the night followed. The place was dark and both of them lied down in one sheet in the ground, facing upwards, towards the night-sky.

‘This is just like a dream…’ Akanksha gently held Shrey’s hand.

‘A dream, that came true…’


‘Yes, sweetheart…’

‘I love you…’

‘I love you too…’

They both kissed and gazed the stars…


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