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Chapter 8


‘Aah, finally alone!’ Shrey entered his room, after the long and tiring day. All the guests at his home went back and he finally got some time to spend with his newlywed bride.

Akanksha entered the room carrying a water bottle and a glass. Shrey hid behind the door watching her enter.

‘I need to sleep, I’m too tired.’ Akanksha whispered and stretched her arms, and Shrey hugged her from behind.

‘Not tonight, sweetheart…’ Shrey gave her a warm kiss on her cheek.

Akanksha gently loosened his grip and turned to face him. She hugged him and whispered in his ears, ‘Baby please try to understand, I’ve had a long and hectic day…’

Shrey neared his face and their lips brushed. Akanksha tightly shut down her eyes in nervousness. Shrey held her face and gave her a long, erotic kiss. He sucked her lips, bit on them, he made her feel like no one else did till today. She was lost in him and Shrey picked her up in his arms, and carried her to the bed.

‘Open your eyes, sweetheart…’ Shrey kissed her forehead.

Akanksha gently opened her eyes to see Shrey lying on her. He explored his pyjama’s pocket and took out an envelope. He gave that envelope to his wife.

‘What is this?’

‘It’s a surprise. A gift for my wife on our first night…’

Akanksha opened the envelope and found out a honeymoon package to New Zealand. The air tickets were of next evening, and the tour was of 3 weeks. Her happiness had no boundaries that day, her heart jumped with joy, and she kissed Shrey wildly on his lips. She remember having told Shrey about visiting New Zealand sometime, as it was her dream destination, but little did she know that Shrey would fulfill this wish of hers in barely a week!

‘What now? Aren’t you tired, sweetheart?’

‘Shut up, and come here…’ Akanksha embraced him tightly in her arms and Shrey just lied on her, hugging her and submerging his head in her bosom. Akanksha gently patted his head and being exhausted, they both fell asleep soon after.

The next morning they both were busy packing. There was a lot of stuff to be carried and Akanksha was constantly tick marking the things in her list which were packed. Shrey was lying on the couch, watching TV.

‘Don’t you have any work, Shrey? What are you doing since morning? You haven’t even brushed your teeth…’

‘Stop it, maa…’

‘I’m Akanksha, your wife, and not your maa!’

‘Then why do you act like one?’

Akanksha always lost in arguments with him. She found it better to call Anjali and tell her whatever her son was up to. Hearing Anjali approaching their room, Shrey immediately rushed to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth.

‘Shrey…when will you grow up? You’re married now, beta you have a flight at 6 and you haven’t even brushed your teeth?’

‘Who said that, maa? I’ve packed all the stuff, see…’ Shrey pointed towards Akanksha’s luggage and spoke with toothpaste foam in his mouth, ‘she’s the one who has done nothing till now!’

Anjali opened one big suitcase, and took out a red coloured mini skirt.

‘Wow, Shrey! You’ve really packed your stuff well. So, you’re going to wear all this in New Zealand? Your father will be so proud!’

Shrey spat out the toothpaste foam and washed and gargled his mouth. He came running into the room.

‘Where’s my stuff? You put your stuff in my bags?’ Shrey’s explanations fell on dumb ears.

‘No more excuses, Akanksha, you rest. Everything else is now Shrey’s responsibility. If he doesn’t listens to you, just call his father, here’s the number…’

‘This is cheating, maa!’ Shrey spoke and Anjali left their room.

Akanksha teased him with her tongue out. Shrey was busted. He worked tirelessly for hours to come, packing everything, and arranging for the resorts and hotels to stay in New Zealand. The whole trip was finalized.

They left the home for airport at 4 in the evening.

‘God bless you, beta…have fun!’ Anjali blessed both of them, and saw them off.

They boarded the flight at 8 and reached New Zealand in 24 hours. The journey wore them both off and they immediately slept in their resort.

In the evening, Shrey called his father’s business colleague who arranged their trip, and talked to him about best places, that couldn’t be missed.

He noted down few important places and talked to the man about the transport. They ordered the dinner in the room that night, and decided to stay in the resort only. After dinner, Shrey went to have a bath, and Akanksha ordered a few flowers and some vanilla candles and decorated the room. Shrey came out to find the room smelling sweet and he couldn’t resist. He lifted up Akanksha in his arms and gave her a warm kiss on her lips.

Akanksha played some music on her phone, and placed Shrey’s hand on her waist. Shrey lightly fondled her back and made her dance along. They danced, and kissed, and danced and made love…


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