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Chapter 10


It was the last day of their honeymoon and tomorrow they would be flying back to India. Shrey and Akanksha had the best time of their lives. Living together, eating together, bathing together, fighting and beating each other, making up by long kisses and love making sessions. It was something that they could never forget in their lives.

‘What’s the plan for today?’

‘One thing, that we have missed.’

‘What? I guess we’ve explored the entire country! I feel like going back now…I miss our food!’

‘Of course, sweetheart. Me too! But we have missed this, ‘Auckland’s West-Coast Beaches’ and this one, named ‘Piha’, it’s a paradise! People go for surfing there…’

‘Wow! This looks beautiful…’ Akanksha gazed into the laptop, admiring the beauty of the place.

‘Carry your bikini along!’ Shrey winked at her.

‘What? I’m not going to wear that, at any cost!’

‘Oh come on! Ladies roam topless on that beach, and you’re cribbing about a bikini? Okay fine, carry a sarong and something more to cover up, fine now?’

‘We’ll see which ladies roam topless and we’ll come back if there would be any…’

‘Jealousy!’ Shrey mocked her and laughed.

‘Whatever…’ Akanksha walked towards the bathroom with an angry face and packed her bag for the evening.

They reached the Piha beach, and it seemed to be a serene place. Full of relaxation. The water was crystal clear. The sound of the ocean tides was calming their minds. The natural flora was mesmerizing them with its charm. The small water streams were beautiful and a fall was pouring down like diamonds from the horizon. There were hardly any people on the beach. It was a calm place and a truly fascinating one. Shrey was right, it was another name of paradise!

‘I don’t think I need a bikini…’ Akanksha was obsessed with Shrey’s demand.

‘Fine! As you wish…but just look at this place, sweetheart…’ Shrey took a deep breath.

Shrey held her hand, and ran away into the waters.

‘Shrey…no! Please, Shrey! Stop it…I don’t want to get wet…Shrey, please!’ Akanksha’s voice fell on dumb ears, and Shrey picked her up and tossed her into the water. She drowned down and came floating up like a cork.

‘Are you mad, Shrey?’ Akanksha coughed and then laughed, Shrey was still a child. Water entered in her nose and ears.

‘It’s okay, sweetheart! I’m here, why do you worry? Just enjoy…it’s our last day here!’

Akanksha came near Shrey and hugged him tight.

‘I want one promise, Shrey…’


‘A promise, of always staying like this. You’re the best, Shrey! Never change, for anyone, or anything. Even if we become parents ourselves, don’t let the naughty kid in you die out…’

‘I promise, sweetheart. You also make a promise to me then!’


‘Promise, that you’ll never hide anything from me. If I’m wrong, you’ll come and say it to me, and not anyone else! Being a simple and homely girl, you accepted a brat like me, you know I was a Casanova before marriage, still you accepted me with a full heart, no one has a heart to do that, sweetheart. If you ever think I’m wrong, or anything about me or my past that bothers you ever, feel free to say it to me, but never let the misunderstandings in your mind spoil our relationship…’

‘I promise…’


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