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Chapter 9


‘You know what, Akanksha?’ Natasha said, ‘I think that friend of Shrey, that Abhinav guy? He’s not that bad…’ Natasha smiled sheepishly.

‘Stop it, girl! You’re getting married to Nitin, alright? And the name on wedding cards shouldn’t change from Nitin to Abhinav, you got it?’

‘Aah, of course, sister! I’m just saying generally…I mean, he treated me so well last night, even Nitin hasn’t done that for me, you know?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean, Abhinav respects ladies a lot, he’s just like Shrey, Casanova, but Romeo at heart! While Nitin is sometimes arrogant and chauvinist; he even told me once that he wants me to stop working and become a full time maid, I mean, housewife…’

‘Really? Natasha, tell me one thing, sweetie…’ Akanksha was worried now, ‘Are you sure, Nitin is a good guy? I mean, you know what happened last time with Jayant, right? We don’t want that mess again, are you sure Nitin is ‘The Perfect Person’ for you?’

‘Akanksha, honestly, I and Nitin are into a relationship, okay? But he has changed…’ Natasha seemed to be confessing everything truly. Her fling with Jayant, pregnancy and abortion, changed her a lot.

‘Ahan? Changed, in what way?’

‘I mean, earlier he used to impress me, he used to take me out, care for me, show me his love, but now, he’s only arrogant and rude. He doesn’t allow me to talk to guys, he has no time for me, he’s becoming this over-possessive bitch by time!’

‘See, yours is a long distance relationship, maybe it’s because you’re so far away…’

‘No! It’s not because of distance! Nitin changed shortly after we came into relationship. It’s just that he’s a very nice guy at heart, so I can’t lose him, but after meeting Abhinav, you know, I’m rethinking my decision about Nitin…I mean, entire lifetime…with such a guy? I’m doubtful, Akanksha please help me!’

‘Natasha, listen! Just take some time off, from both the guys, and think calmly. There’s no need to rush into anything, alright? It’s your life, and not a game. You’ve already had enough, not anymore, you understand? Do not ‘arrange’ your emotions, let them flow, and go for the guy who you think deserves you the best…’

Akanksha was right. Natasha needed some time off from everything. Her mind was too messed up. On one side, Abhinav’s personality attracted her, but on other side, she also had a fear that if she broke up with Nitin and went for Abhinav, what if Abhinav also changes like Nitin did? Her mind was playing weird games with her, and she chose to take a break for a while.

Akanksha left Natasha, on her own, and went to her room, where her darling husband, Shrey was playing with the kids.

‘It’s so beneficial to have kids, you see?’ Shrey smiled foolishly.

‘Why?’ Akanksha was doubtful; Shrey must be thinking something bizarre once again.

‘Because, the TV isn’t working, and they’re the perfect entertainment!’

‘Shrey! They’re your kids, and not some toys…’ Akanksha held her head, ‘When will you grow up, Shrey!’ Her husband was the most childish husband of the world!

‘I wanted to tell you something important…’ Akanksha said.

‘Go on…’

‘Natasha…she’s confused about that Nitin from Dubai and she thinks Abhinav, would be a better choice.’

‘Amazing! I’ll tell Abhinav right away…’ Shrey picked up his phone.

‘Shrey! At least try to understand something before doing some nonsense.’

‘I’m just joking, sweetheart! You’re so easily pissed. Call Natasha…’ Shrey got up, it was time for some serious talks.

‘Natasha, what do you think? Who deserves you? Nitin, a guy who accepted you after knowing everything about Jayant, your abortion, or Abhinav, who is nice to you, because he doesn’t know you properly yet? How can you even doubt Nitin when he’s the one who loves you for who you are and what you’ve been through? Many guys would simply reject you because of what happened two years back, and I’m not wrong, you also know that…’ Shrey tried to make her understand, that meanwhile, the phone rang.

‘Hey! How are you buddy?’ Shrey cheered up, it was Abhinav, ‘Sure! I’ll be there…yeah of course!’

‘Who was it?’ Natasha inquired.

‘Abhinav, who else? I’m going today, to meet him alone, and let me talk to that guy, and find out what he thinks about you, before you develop some soft corner for him, alright? Stay calm and relax! And please don’t fall in love with anyone, except for me!’ Shrey winked, kissed her head and walked away.

Natasha knew that when Shrey is involved, she would always get the best of everything!

Shrey reached a restaurant where Abhinav had called him to meet.

‘Hey boy, what happened? Why such a sudden meeting?’

‘Relax dude! It’s just a meeting, not a date…’ Abhinav loosened up his neck-tie.

‘Fine, now will you break the suspense before I break your face?’

‘What’s the matter, dude? Why are you so fucked up?’

‘Aah, nothing…you say, what’s up?’

‘Bro, I have something to confess.’

‘Oh yeah?’ Shrey was already getting weird vibes. The day wasn’t so good already!

‘Yeah, your sister-in-law…uh, Natasha? I think I like her…’ Abhinav got up, ‘Now, you can break my face! See, I had to tell you…I had to tell someone!’ Abhinav raised both his hands, he gave up on this one!

‘Fuck you, pervert! You don’t even know her…she had a bad past!’ Shrey was hesitating to tell him the truth about Natasha.

‘It’s okay, her past can’t be worse than mine!’

‘Oh really? Have you had an abusive relationship?’

‘Yeah, pretty abusive you see, the girl I loved married someone else.’

‘Give me a break, dude. Nobody is buying that load of crap, and it’s not being a victim, it’s being an asshole!’

‘Whatever you call it, it was pretty bad for me…’

‘Oh, so you think, this bullshit is worse than getting an abortion too?’

‘What?’ Abhinav jumped up.

‘Natasha was into relationship with Jayant, son of city’s MLA, they were unaware, she got pregnant, things slipped out of hand, she got abortion and was sent to Dubai as a punishment. Her aunt lives in Dubai and she kept her like a cow in the herd! Strictly supervised her whereabouts and finally, she met that Nitin guy, told her the truth about her, and he accepted her after all that!’ Shrey finished off the story with a smile at his face, ‘Now you still love her?’

Abhinav slapped his forehead and sat back, he was obviously shocked and his head started spinning. The girl he developed a soft corner for, had an unforgettable past…


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