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Chapter 5


6 Months Later

The babies were learning to crawl, and Shrey was forcing them to speak, ‘Dad’, something he was desperate to hear from the boys. But they were adamant and none of them spoke anything at all, they just babbled. They now recognized Akanksha and always giggled and smiled when she was around. The babies were much more attracted towards their mother, and Shrey felt immense jealousy.

‘I don’t like it…’ Shrey folded his arms, as he was sipping coffee on his giant comfy-chair in his room.

‘Like what?’ Akanksha was folding the nappies of babies. And the babies were playing around her.

‘Whenever I’m playing with the boys, and you enter, they totally forget me! This kind of attitude isn’t acceptable…’

‘Oh God, Shrey! You’re even younger than them in the mind, especially when it comes to me! Stop being jealous, they’re your babies.’ Akanksha smiled, and the boys smiled back.

‘Yeah, but why are they so biased? Just because I don’t feed them milk, doesn’t mean I don’t love them? They are using you, Akanksha. I’m telling you, they are considering you a milk machine, and so they’re always happy when you are around.’

‘Enough, Shrey! They are little angels, they don’t even know what actually they’re doing here. We have to take care of them and make them good human beings. You’re a kid yourself, Shrey!’

Shrey got up and wrapped his arms around her waist, ‘Sweetheart, when it comes to you, I can’t tolerate anyone grabbing your attention, more than me, not even my own sperms, I mean, babies…’

He kissed her on her lips, and the babies watched with utmost interest and attention.

‘Mmm…Shrey stop!’ Akanksha pushed him, as she saw the boys staring at them with weird expressions. As Shrey backed a few steps, one baby started crying.

‘Ohh..come here Nirvaan, baby what happened?’ Akanksha picked him up. Seeing this, the other boy also started crying.

‘See, even they don’t like that you pushed me away. Hey…you cry like girls, be a man son!’ Shrey picked the other baby up, Akanksha looked at him with a weird expression. She knew he was and will always remain a child himself!

In the evening, Natasha called Akanksha.

‘Hey, Akanksha! Congratulations, sister! I’m so sorry I couldn’t visit you and my gorgeous babies. How are they? How is Shrey? Are you home? Can I come today to meet you guys?’

‘Hey hey, girl, relax! So many questions at once? I’m fine, the babies are fine, and so is Shrey.’

‘Ahan? What is he doing?’

‘Nothing, teaching the babies how to become a man!’

‘Oh, already pushing all the testosterone in their little bodies?’

They both giggled over the phone.

‘Who are you talking to?’ Shrey intervened.

‘It’s Natasha…wanna talk?’ Akanksha passed the receiver to Shrey, Shrey asked her to put the call on loud-speaker, so they both could talk to her.

‘Hey gorgeous, how have you been and how was Dubai?’ Shrey asked.

‘I’m fine Shrey, and Dubai was amazing! Guess what, I’ve got a piece of candid news for you, mom and dad have fixed my wedding.’ Natasha sounded so cheerful.

‘Aah, really? You’re also going for arranged marriage like us?’ Shrey raised a brow.

‘No! I met him in Dubai, but didn’t want things to mess up like last time. He asked me out, but I told him my story, I told him everything, even the abortion thing, but he was okay with it. So, I asked him to talk to my parents, and he did! His family is settled in Dubai only, and after marriage I’ll have to shift too, that’s the worst part, but yeah, I’m happy that everything is coming back on track once again!’

‘Natasha, sweetie, don’t you think it’s too early for marriage thing?’ Akanksha asked her in a serious tone.

‘Akanksha, I have been in Dubai for over two years, I’m 22 now, you got married around the same age, didn’t you? Besides, I’ve completed my diploma in bakery and I’ll be joining as a chef in a restaurant, specifically for cakes and sweet-dishes, in Dubai, I even have applied for job. There’s so much that I want to tell you…god!’ Natasha couldn’t hold back her excitement.

‘Okay, then, what about a party tonight? Don’t refuse now, I’ll get the entry-passes, you both girls be ready. Nirvana it is, and we’ll have a rocking night, okay?’ Shrey asked both, Akanksha and Natasha. Akanksha nodded, and Natasha screamed, which clarified her answer.

‘Okay then, Natasha, be ready, we both are coming to pick you up in two hours.’

‘Shrey, I wanna see the babies too! Let’s do one thing, I’ll ask my dad to drop me at your place, I’ll meet the babies, and then we’ll go for party, cool?’

‘Superb, genius! Go, get ready now, and reach here by 9, bye!’ Shrey hung up.

Akanksha called the nannies who picked up the boys and shifted them, and their toys to their own room; while Akanksha and Shrey started getting ready for the party.

Within an hour, Natasha arrived. She wore a brown one piece dress, and had her hair coloured brown as well. She looked totally different; Akanksha was also meeting her after over two years now. Last she met her only when she got her abortion, after that, Natasha shifted to Dubai to pursue a cooking course, which finished off after 1.5 years, and had returned to India, only recently.

‘Oh my God! You look like a Diva, sweetheart!’ Akanksha hugged her.

‘Sister, I will meet you later, first tell me where are my boys?’

‘Haha, they’re upstairs, third room to the right, a room with a giant posters of WWE wrestlers on the door.’ Akanksha instructed her.

‘WWE wrestlers?’ Natasha asked in astonishment.

‘Shrey…’ Akanksha sighed. Only one name cleared all her doubts, Natasha laughed and started climbing the stairs. She immediately recognized the poster specified by Akanksha, and knocked on the door. Akshan’s caretaker nanny opened the door, and welcomed Natasha.

‘Oh…my gorgeous, little honey-buns!’ Natasha cuddled with the boys, and played with them for over twenty minutes. The boys liked her presence, and were immediately friendly with her.

‘Natasha…come down, we’re leaving!’ Shrey shouted.

Natasha immediately kissed both the babies’ cheeks, and walked away.

‘Hello, handsome!’ Natasha ran downstairs and hugged Shrey.

‘How are you darling?’

‘I’m fabulous, and you look, way younger, ahan!’ Natasha winked. Shrey looked towards Akanksha and smiled.

‘Thank you, nobody else appreciates me nowadays, huh!’ Shrey was pointing out Akanksha indirectly.

‘First you deserve, then you desire, right?’ Akanksha laughed, and walked away with her shiny black Louis-Vuitton bag, bought as a present by Natasha.

‘I must tell you, your babies are world’s best babies! I’ve never seen such cheerful bundles of joy in my life. They’re so friendly and happy, I love them!’ Natasha said, and they all sat down in Shrey’s Audi.

‘Of course they are, Natasha! I’ve taught them, whenever you see a beautiful, gorgeous girl, always smile and be happy. Put a fantastic impression, so the girl can’t resist herself from kissing you!’ Shrey winked and smiled with all his teeth out!

‘Stop it Shrey, don’t start with your Macho-class-Gyan here!’

Natasha laughed. They all shared some more past memories, Natasha told them, how she overcame Jayant, and moved on in her life, to find her actual prince charming. Within a few more minutes, they reached the pub…


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