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Chapter 17


‘I knew it! Congratulations, sweetheart…’ Akanksha was elated, listening to the good news right in the morning that, Natasha and Abhinav were getting married in two months. Her babies were also turning one, on the same day. It was a double celebration for them.

‘I tell you, we will cut the cake of the babies’ birthday first, and then I and Abhinav will exchange the garlands, because a wedding happens after midnight you see? We can easily cut the cake for my babies…’ Natasha made a mental note to get the best cake ever for Akshan and Nirvaan.

‘What are you discussing in such a morning?’ Shrey stretched his arms.

‘Ugh! Shrey, go have a bath first.’ Akanksha placed a hand on the phone and talked to Shrey, ‘And Natasha and Abhinav are getting married on Akshan and Nirvaan’s birthday!’

‘Really? Give my blessings to Natasha and give some consolations to that ass. Tell him his freedom is over and welcome to hell!’ Shrey made sure his words were clear.

‘Shut up, Shrey…’ Akanksha walked towards the balcony. She knew if Shrey would be near her, he wouldn’t let her talk to anyone.

After she hung the phone, Akanksha had tears in her eyes.

‘What happened? You should be happy finally she’ll be settled!’ Shrey wiped her tears.

‘I don’t know, but I’m feeling very happy today, the day she was waiting for, finally arrived and with a right man this time. I know my sister has suffered a lot, she never deserved any of that, still she had to go through that mess, thank God things are ok now…’ Akanksha hugged Shrey.

‘Of course, not everyone gets a masterpiece like me in the first attempt?’ Shrey teased her and stick his tongue out, Akanksha kissed his tongue.

‘Ahan, so you’re in a mood right now?’ Shrey started unbuttoning his shirt, Akanksha held his hand.

‘No, I’m not, Mr Husband, at least sometimes, hide your excitement! I have to go check the babies…’ Akanksha showed him her tongue and ran away.

‘Yeah, the babies! I almost forgot I’m a screwed up father after all, oh wait, I’m a father who never gets to screw the mother…’ Shrey threw a punch in the air and lied down on the bed.

After a few minutes, entered Akanksha with both the babies in her arms.

‘Look who’s here?’ Akanksha was cuddling with the boys.

‘Oh yeah, welcome! I was missing you boys, so badly anyways…’ Shrey was sarcastic, he started peeping into his phone while Akanksha placed the babies on the bed.

Akshan crawled towards Shrey and bit on his arm. He had stopped scratching now, as biting was more painful, he knew that. Both the babies developed a pair of teeth around a week back, and since Akshan made the nanny cry in pain by biting her finger, he knew it was a more pleasurable scene to watch, than scratching. He tried to bite Nirvaan also sometimes, but the nannies took care of their fights.

‘You…son of a…argh! Shrey couldn’t abuse his own wife or himself, he felt so sorry and showed the baby his angry bloodshot eyes.

Slowly, with the support of the back-wall, Akshan stood up on his own, and took his first step on the bed. Both Shrey and Akanksha were gaping at each other. Their baby had learnt walking. Shrey immediately took a photograph of the moment.

‘C’mon, you walk too…’ Shrey picked up Nirvaan but he refused to even stand up.

‘Lazy ass!’ Shrey placed him back on the bed, and he was busy playing with his toys.

Both Akanksha and Shrey ran downstairs with the babies, to share their happy moment with Shrey’s parents. Akshan walked a few more steps and fell again and again, but his adamant nature didn’t let him rest, he would always get up and walk, no matter how many times he’d fall down.

‘That’s my boy!’ Shrey picked him up and kissed him.

‘What about Nirvaan? He didn’t walk?’ Shrey’s mother asked.

‘Nah, he’s Akanksha’s son, he’ll walk when he’ll be in his teenage!’ Shrey mocked, and Akanksha stared at him with you-are-so-gone-this-time smirk.

As everyone was busy chatting, even Nirvaan took his first step, they all clapped.

‘See, he was born ten minutes late, so he walked ten minutes late as well!’ Akanksha cheerfully explained.

‘Akanskha, in two months the boys will turn one, I’m planning to host a grand party…’ Shrey’s mother put forward her idea of celebrating the birthday that she was suddenly interrupted by Akanksha.

‘No, mom. That day is Natasha’s wedding, I’m sorry we can’t hold a party, it’s a wedding!’

‘Oh, congratulations! It’s alright, I planned a tonsuring-ceremony for the boys on their first birthday. We have talked to a ‘pundit-jee’ who agreed for the ceremony. How about, we have the tonsuring ceremony in the morning and in the evening, we attend the wedding?’

‘Perfect! It sounds good, but I’d need a lot of dresses.’ Akanksha looked at Shrey from the corner of her eye.

‘Don’t look at my pocket…no!’ Shrey turned 360 degrees and Akanksha hugged him from behind.

‘You sick miser, you earn millions and you can’t get me a few dresses?’

‘Here…’ Shrey took out his credit card and handed it over to Akanksha, ‘Enjoy! But don’t you spend more than the limit. I was charged heavily last time…’

‘I love you!’ Akanksha winked, Shrey walked away and she turned towards her mother, ‘Mom, how about some shopping for the boys and both of us?’

‘Of course, c’mon, let’s go…’

After a few hours, Akanksha was back.

‘Shrey, look!’ Akanksha rushed into her room with three man-servants following her with huge bags full of clothes and accessories.

Shrey was playing GTA-V on his PS-3.

‘Get away, Akanksha, I’m on a mission.’

‘At least see what I’ve bought.’

‘Later.’ Shrey wasn’t even listening to her. To grab his attention, Akanksha stood tall in front of the TV screen.

‘No, get away…Akanksha…it’s a time-mission, I’m running out of time, get aside…grrr…fuck!’

Shrey lost and Akanksha jumped on the bed and hugged him.

‘You lose the game, but you won me.’ She winked.

‘This trick is not going to work this time, last time you lured me the same way, and we ended up sleeping at 9 without making out, huh! This isn’t going to happen today.’

‘Who said we’re sleeping at 9 today?’

‘What are your plans, naughty woman?’

‘I’m planning a hot, making-out session, where I can fulfil all your fantasies…’

‘Can I see the bills of the shopping you went with mom, today? Because my fantasies usually charge me a lot.’

‘Oh, Shrey…how materialistic you are…’ Akanksha made a face.

‘C’mon, show me the bill and my credit card?’

‘Huh, here you go. I…I’ll be back.’ Akanksha tried to get up, while Shrey criss-crossed her legs between his.

‘No, you’re not going anywhere, let me see it first.’

‘Shrey, the babies are waiting for me, let me go…’

‘Holy fuck! Six lacs and forty seven thousand? What? You bought an entire shopping mall?’

‘Shrey, I have to feed Akshan and Nirvaan.’

‘I’ll tell you what you have to do.’

Shrey tossed her on the bed and came on top of her, he kissed her harder while she was trying to explain about the shopping. He kissed her again and again, ignoring her pleas and moans, he made sure his money was worth it all, tonight!


Akshan and Nirvaan had their tonsuring-ceremony in the morning, and Natasha wed Abhinav in the night. Shrey and Akanksha managed the arrangements at the wedding and each function was successful.

At night, after the wedding, Shrey hugged Akanksha and told her how much he loved her, she reciprocated his feelings with a warm, deep kiss on his lips. They both were married since four years now, but their love increased a million times over for each other. They were the perfect couple and the perfect parents.


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