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Chapter 16


After knowing about the real side of Nitin, Natasha’s parents were happy that their daughter was saved from getting ruined once again.

‘I don’t know why it always happens with my daughter…’ Natasha’s mother was crying.

‘Mom! Be happy that it’s over now…’ Natasha was dancing with joy as her wedding was finalized with Abhinav.

Abhinav’s mother met Natasha’s mother and they were happy with their children’s choice. Both the families finally agreed for a wedding, in coming months, while the Abrahim aka Nitin guy was rotting in jail.

‘It’s okay, mother, stop weeping now…’ Natasha consoled her. Her mother couldn’t be anymore happy today.

‘Natasha, we’re going to our guru-ji today, so that you’re saved from all the bad-sights of the world.’

‘God! No, mom…please no! I don’t trust all these guruji’s or anyone else, switch on the TV and you’ll find so many cases of how fraud and cheats these people are!’

‘What did you say?’

‘They’re all fake, don’t you see their scams? Where do I start, Mom?’

‘Stop it, he’s one of the most honest men I’ve ever met. Once you get his blessings, no evil soul can even touch you.’

‘Mother! Stop!’ Natasha couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away from there and called up Abhinav.

Their stupid talks and gossips were endless, they almost lost track of time, and slept in the morning, after chatting whole night about anything, and everything. It was a wonderful phase Natasha was going through. After whatever happened with her in her past, Abhinav made sure she was never taken back into any of those horrible memories.

‘I don’t understand, why do all guys talk about sex, and only sex in the late night? Is it why you talk to me mostly in the night time, and not in day? Ahan?’ Natasha was teasing Abhinav over phone.

‘No, that’s not true, who do you think I am? Shrey Chauhan?’ they both laughed for a good five minutes.

‘Don’t talk like that, Shrey is not only my brother-in-law, and the love of my life too, I always wanted a husband like him, you know? He’s so sincere and intelligent.’

‘Oh, and you think I’m a fool? Ma’am, I was the one who decoded your Nitin-guy and…’ Abhinav realized that he took Natasha into the past again.

‘I…I am sorry, Natasha, I actually…’ Abhinav was trying to find the right words to apologize that he heard Natasha laugh.

‘It’s okay, don’t be silly, I never really liked Nitin, it’s just that I casually told mom one day that there was this guy, and I showed his photograph, mom also knew that he knows everything about me, and still he has accepted me, so she immediately talked to him, and confirmed the wedding, without asking me!’


‘Yes, and the story has more to it. Nitin, the type of guy he was, never took me out, on a date, neither on a movie, we met in university once, and then at a friend’s birthday the second time, he never bought me anything, rather asked for a thousand dollars to pay his apartment rent, which I never gave him, as that week I was to return to India. I barely had enough to book my flights and get some presents for everyone as I was returning after over a year.’

‘Whoa! You never told this other side of the story to anyone, why?’

‘Because I don’t want my life to become a reality show. It’s already not-less controversial, and luckily, I’m the only one who gets into the traps of goons every time.’

‘Don’t worry, bad things happen, and sometimes, they happen for a reason.’

‘Yeah, even I believe so, sometimes, they happen to teach you that you can’t go on trying people, because the one, who’s truly meant for you, will come to you on his own, eventually, and when you will least expect him to. Like both of us, we met in Nirvana that night, when I was partying for my return to India, and you were the manager, co-incidentally you were Shrey’s friend and we met some more times, otherwise the story would have ended at the door of the club.’ Natasha smiled.

‘Yeah, right…and even I came to India, after my girlfriend married someone else, and lost in her memories, I joined this club, where I dreamt of boozing my entire life, and becoming a doped-Romeo, but girl, you saved me!’ Abhinav chuckled.

‘Haha, stop it, you! What about, we go on a date tomorrow? Are you free?’

‘My job is a date itself, baby! See you tomorrow, at 10, Nirvana…’ Abhinav hung up after exchange of a few meticulous words like ‘I love you’, and ‘I love you too’.

Natasha was ready sharp at 09.30 and Abhinav honked his car horn a few times, till he saw Natasha coming out. Wearing bright red dress and a red-hot lipstick, she ran her fingers through her open hair that swayed freely in the air.

‘Wow, you look gorgeous!’ Abhinav was smiling like fools, he had mentally undressed her.

‘Shall we go?’ Natasha brought him back to present.

‘Oh, yeah…’ Abhinav pressed hard the accelerator to hide the excitement he felt in his pants.

They reached the club in no time, danced and boozed like crazy. It was their first date, after the official announcement of their alliance, and they both were celebrating it in a different way. Usually a guy would take his girl out for a silent, and decent dinner, but they both were boozing and abusing, enjoying like they were childhood friends. That’s what partners should be doing, anyways!

Abhinav gave Natasha all the space she required, and Natasha understood Abhinav like no one else. Abhinav knew one thing, that Natasha is a broken girl, and it’s his job to mend her, piece by piece, and make her perfect. Everyone has imperfections, but you’re a good partner only if you understand those imperfections, help your partner to improve so you both can have a happy life. Fighting is never a solution, understanding, and giving time, is.

‘Have you told Shrey and Akanksha?’ Abhinav was drunk, and he was reminded of Shrey suddenly, out of the blues.

‘Hell! I forgot…’ Natasha took out her phone and was about to dial Shrey’s number that Abhinav stopped her.

‘See the time, lady. It’s 02.00am, talk to them tomorrow, come, let me drop you home.’

‘It’s not right to drive in such a condition, I’ll call the driver and go by myself, you take care of yourself.’

Natasha saw him off and went home, fell on her bed and slept.


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