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Chapter 15


‘And that’s it…now see for yourself what hell of a guy is he.’ Shrey folded his hands, and finished his narration to Abhinav, who didn’t seem much shocked.

‘And this is how you react? Are you seriously serious for Natasha, bro?’ Shrey was puzzled.

‘Yes, I am. But one thing I don’t understand is, in the picture of the letter that Akanksha sent you, he mentioned that he’ll leak their photos on internet, while you won’t believe something, Shrey. See this for yourself…’ Abhinav handed him over his phone in which all the seven pictures that Nitin and Natasha got clicked were present. Natasha had told Abhinav exactly what kind of relationship she shared with Nitin, they were never intimate physically, they never kissed, not even a single time, and there were only seven photos of both of them together since the time Natasha started dating Nitin. The same thing she told Akanksha as well, who forgot about it as it was the same day that Nirvaan was scratched by Akshan. If there were hardly any photos of them together, then what was Nitin trying to leak on internet?

Even Shrey’s sharp mind was blunt on this one, that suddenly he saw a portrait on the wall.

‘Fuck, now I understand!’


‘Editing…he must have used Natasha’s face in some derogatory images, that son of a bitch, I swear I’m going to kill him!’ Shrey immediately ran away.

He reached home and yelled for Akanksha.

‘Oh god, what has happened? Calm down…’ Akanksha tried to calm Shrey.

‘Show me the images that were there in that envelope, right now!’ Shrey almost screamed.

‘Wait…’ Akanksha knew she had no time to negotiate, she showed him the photos, ‘These are really bad ones, Shrey believe me, you don’t want to see them.’

‘Hand them over, Akanksha.’ Shrey was angry now.

He called her by her name this time, and not ‘sweetheart’, he sure was seriously angry! Akanksha handed him over the photos, and Shrey started examining each photo. His doubts were clarified, the photos were fake and forged up. He could see a very fine line at Natasha’s neck-line and the body of some nude girl.

‘What are you seeing? She’s my sister for-heaven’s sake!’ Akanksha tried to snatch the photos back.

‘No, she’s not! You think it’s Natasha’s body? See here…’ Shrey showed her the fine line of discolouration on the neck and the rest of the body, the difference was hard to point, but Shrey had the eye to see it.

‘I’m going to find that bastard, he left for Dubai or not?’

‘No, he’s staying in a hotel in the city and he will stay till the weekend, Natasha told me. He had called her again today, to meet her up, I told her not to go.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Because that guy is threatening her, Shrey. He can harm her, don’t you understand?’

‘Akanksha, call Natasha, and tell her to meet him, and inform us the place, we’ll be backing her up in case anything happens. You just call her and tell her to meet him, I’m going and don’t call me! Only text me informing Natasha’s location as soon as you get to her, alright?’

‘Yeah, fine…’ Akanksha smiled.

Shrey kissed her forehead and ran away. The driver zoomed him off and he met Abhinav, who was doing the task of tracing all the information about that guy Nitin, since over two hours now.

‘Got some clue?’

‘Some? Many, come sit…’ Abhinav pulled a chair for Shrey. Abhinav was a master in computers, so he knew hacking and all other tricks, first he hacked Nitin’s facebook account, then he started grabbing information of the gmail-ID he used for that particular account and the IP address of the computer. Location was Dubai, as expected, but many things were false about that guy.

‘Okay, Shrey. This guy is one hell of a cheat, just go through his facebook chats. He dates girls for money, he has multiple accounts on facebook, and his real name isn’t Nitin, his ID on gmail says that his name is some – Abrahim Junaid, so that confirms that he’s not even a Hindu. Moreover, on the actual ID of Abrahim Junaid, this guy has posted pictures of his wife and son.’

‘Holy mother…’ Shrey was shocked beyond limits this time.

‘Natasha always finds masterpieces of the world! First Jayant, and now this Nitin aka Abrahim, what a loser!’

‘And see, his appearance is totally fake too. In the account named Nitin, he is wearing a heavy black framed-spectacles and supports a clean shaved look, while in his profile with the name Abrahim, he is having heavy beard and thick moustache with traditional clothing. This guy is a con-star!’

‘Should we report it to the police?’ Shrey suggested.

‘I was exactly going to say the same thing. We have all the proofs, and this guy is also staying in India with a fake personality. C’mon, without wasting any more time, let’s end his game.’ Abhinav said.

Shrey’s phone beeped. It was the text from Akanksha. She had messaged him the location where Nitin was going to meet Natasha within thirty minutes.

Both Abhinav and Shrey went to the police commissioner and within no time, Nitin was arrested. As expected, his passport was fake too. He carried a passport that had an image of a bearded man, named Abrahim, while he was clean shaved, and acted to be Nitin. His personal laptop revealed even more secrets. His wife and son lived in Lebanon, while he worked in Dubai. He had flings with many girls for money and to manage his expenses. Natasha came in touch with him via her university where she was doing cooking diploma. Nitin faked to be a student as well, and met her only on weekends. That’s why he never kissed her, or was intimate with her, because he was already married to someone else! The images he posed as a threat were also edited ones and fake.

‘Oh my God…I was so worried…’ Natasha ran into Abhinav’s arms and Abhinav hugged her tight.

‘You think I’d have let anything bad happen to you? This guy was fake, and thank god you broke up with him!’

‘Darling tell me one thing.’ Shrey intervened, ‘How do you manage to find the most royal and divine assholes of the world? I mean, the guys you date, are all so special in one or the other way, right? Both the guys you’ve dated, are in jail now. I just hope Nitin doesn’t share a room with rapist Jayant!’ Shrey mocked.

‘Shut up, Shrey…’ Natasha slapped him lightly, and they all shared a hearty laugh!

‘All’s well that ends well, c’mon, let’s get you guys a room!’ Shrey winked.

‘Hell, no! I’m not like that, first marriage, then honeymoon, then babies. Everything, in right order, this time!’ Natasha exclaimed.

‘C’mon now, let me drop you home.’ Abhinav said.

‘What about me, dude? I came here with you, asshole!’

‘You don’t have your car parked in my office?’

‘No, I came from home with driver, Akanksha knows my temper, I would have had an accident if I was driving in rage, and my sweetheart takes a good care of that.’ Shrey smiled.

‘Oh, yeah, c’mon then, Shrey I’ll drop you first.’

‘But Natasha’s home is just on the way.’

‘It’s okay, it’s my car, and my choice on whoever I drop first, now hop-in!’ Abhinav said.

‘Hey, let the lady sit in the front.’ Abhinav interrupted Shrey who was just about to sit on the front seat.

‘Bastard…’ Shrey slid into the back-seat while Natasha came in the front.

Abhinav dropped Shrey home and then Natasha and Abhinav were alone in the car. Abhinav stopped the car in a lonely, deserted place.

‘Can I ask you something, Natasha?’


‘Do you love me?’

‘Should I lie?’ Natasha smiled coyly.

‘Ummm…not this time, the effect will straight be here.’ Abhinav pointed at his heart.

‘Haha, yes, I love you…and I’m not lying!’ Natasha confessed. Abhinav leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She was lost into the eternal bliss of the moment. When Abhinav opened his eyes and looked at Natasha, his eyes spoke more than him at that time. Natasha now understood why it couldn’t work with anyone else…


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