Day 31, Call 1

She – Why don’t you talk to me? What’s wrong with you? Do I not deserve an answer? You can’t do this!

Day 31, Call 9

She – If you think you’ll break me by doing this, then listen very firmly, it’s not going to happen. It’s been one month, and I won’t let go of ‘us’ that easily, you get me?

Day 31, Call 43

She – Fine, don’t speak, every time I call you, this moronic silence is what I have to endure. You think I’ll give up? You’re wrong here, so damn wrong!

Day 31, Call 86

She – I have had my dinner and I am about to sleep. Another day has ended, but don’t think it’s the end of us too, I’ll be trying again tomorrow, and day after, and a day after that too, and for eternity!

Day 31, Call 97

She – You thought I’m a strong woman who can handle all this alone? Did you think about me even a single time, before doing this? What do you think you are? God? You have no right to play with someone’s feelings like this.

Day 31, Call 101

She – Tell you what, I’m tired, exhausted, pissed and fed up – of everything lately! I can’t take it anymore. Either you come back, or everything’s going to end for better.

Day 31, Call 109

She dialed his number for 109th time that day and an automated voice said – Please record your message after beep. It was 31st day that she called him over hundred times in a row. It was one full month that she was living without him. She looked at the wall, and smiled at the portrait that beautifully showed them both happily married. He proposed to her a year ago and they had married six months later. Then she opened the drawer to end the illusion and face the dark reality. The obituary photos of her husband were still fresh on that crumpled yellow newspaper…