He was a contract killer and she was his next target. His job started with following his target to find him alone and end the game. He initiated the day by stalking her from her home, to her office, to meeting her boyfriend in a cafeteria, to getting some grocery shopping done from local market and back to her home in late evening.

He calculated every possibility, and the secluded walk in a narrow lane from the main road to her home’s door was the best place and time to kill her. He planned everything out and decided that he will kill her on the third night from today.

He followed and stalked her for two more days to see if her course was same, and fortunately it was exactly same. 08.30 pm was the time she would enter home, and he planned out the murder at 08.25, in that secluded narrow lane. He kept the injections ready and the chloroform handy.

It was the third day and the murder was to happen today. He would be paid a million dollars after the killing and he couldn’t wait to see the money. He started following her as usual. Strangely, the girl didn’t notice him even today and walked towards the narrow lane.

The girl walked normally at first, but her speed increased after she heard footsteps behind her. The footsteps didn’t come from one pair of feet, but two. The stalker couldn’t understand why the girl was walking fast, as he tried to match her speed ‘his stalker’ knocked him down and sliced his throat. The girl smiled from the distance, she could smell 10 million dollars now…