Walking down the rough lane, he witnesses shutters of shops being shut down roughly, lights of houses being switched off, and darkness seeping it’s way into the streets of his small hometown. This was his daily routine. Leaving home, before sunrise and coming back after sunset, it seemed as if darkness was his only solace.

The voices were lowering down, and the path narrowed into dirty lanes of a filthy slum. His home was near. The repugnant smell of sewage became stronger as he took a few more steps. He knew tonight again he would be questioned about the amount of money he earned. Although he managed an amount of Rs. 79.25, but he knew it wasn’t enough for survival of his family, which had a wife and a 7 years old daughter.

His wife pleaded him everyday to allow her to make their daughter work. But he never agreed. His wife told him that by becoming a home-servant, her daughter could earn a lot. But he wanted her to study, gain knowledge and education, something he missed in his life. His inner sense knew that he was right, and it gained him respect in his entire locality.

He opened the door of his home, to his daughter, waiting for him with eyes full of hope, and his wife, sitting beside her, trying to understand the new lessons that the teachers taught her at school.

‘What did you earn today?’ asked the wife with glittering eyes.

‘Respect, faith, and Smiles…’ he rushed in and hugged his daughter.

Life is not about ‘how-much’ you earn, but ‘what’ you earn!