Sometimes little kids can be so scary. I was just carrying my niece in my arms a few months back in a mall, she’s around two so she’s not much grown up and pretty skinny, so very light to carry.

And all of a sudden she asked me to drop her down. I followed the order and she started running towards a kid who was eating ice cream. Before I could know what was she up to, she snatched his ice cream and threw it on the floor! The poor kid was horrified and had no option but to cry at his ice cream’s puddle-grave. He couldn’t understand what just happened!!

I grabbed her arm and growled and asked her why did she do it to which she said – She really liked the pink color of the ice cream but boys shouldn’t be eating pink ice creams, so she snatched his ice cream and destroyed it.

When I asked her who put this color categorization in her mind, she said her nursery teacher. Crazy and stupid. Even teachers behave weird sometimes. I got the poor crying baby a new pink ice cream and taught my niece that any color can be loved by anyone, it’s not your gender that decides the color you should be loving…

So next time if your little niece or nephew or child asks you which color is for boys and which for girls, show them all a complete color chart and let them decide for themselves

We shouldn’t be putting a discrimination in their tiny brains and teaching them to be selective. Life is a beautiful gift of God and all colors are beautiful, it’s a whole wide world and you can choose whatever you like.